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Skordallos served for six consecutive years as president of the Clergy Association of the Metropolis of Atlanta and also served on the board of the National Presbyters Council.

He is currently serving on the Metropolis of Atlanta and Archdiocesan Councils and on the Archdiocesan board of Outreach and Evangelism. We pray for the fruitful diakonia in Christ of Fr. Sevastianos from this most responsible office of Chief Secretary of the Holy Eparchial Synod, for the unobstructed continuation of the work of our Holy Archdiocese and the glory of the Triune God. Skordallos will assume his duties on June 1, The Archons of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in the United States under the leadership of Archbishop Demetrios continue to bring the issue of religious freedom for the spiritual center of world Orthodoxy to the decision makers and power brokers of the European Union, while simultaneously advocating Turkey's integration into the EU Community.

As Turkey continues negotiating its possible admission to the EU, Archons urged that EU leaders require the Turkish government to live up to democratic standards by reforming its religious discriminatory policies. Since the formation of the modern Turkish state in , systemic discrimination has severely repressed the Ecumenical Patriarchate and decimated the Orthodox Christian community in that country. The delegation was guided throughout the week of meetings by the Ecumenical Patriarchate's representative to the European Union Metropolitan Emmanuel of France and while in Vienna, by Metropolitan Michael of Austria.

Anthony Limberakis. Limberakis and Archon spiritual adviser Fr. In Brussels, the headquarters of the. EU, the delegation, which included Fr. Boyden Gray venues to pray for the nation, govof the U.

Mission to the EU; Margaritis ernmental leaders, media, churches, Schinas, head of cabinet families and schools. Bush, who kos Kyprianou; Christian led the ceremony, warmly acknowlDanielsson, head of unit responsible for Turkey's integration into the EU and Ambassador Dr. Michael Weninger, group of policy advisers, European Commission.

The contribution was made possible in Turkey while the Archon delegation through the pledges of its original memwas in Europe. While in Strasbourg, France, where bers. April 5 and 6 were spent in Vienna, of providing financial support and serwhere the delegation met with Austrian vices to the national ministries of the government officials, including President Archdiocese.

A successful result Farhat; and representatives from Greece of this effort will ensure the planned and the U. Alex G. The website includes articles by noted theologians, clergy and educators that address the issues and themes of the publications from an Orthodox Christian perspective. Links to other useful sites and resources concerning the Da Vinci Code can also be found on the website.

According to Fr. The observance was attended by religious leaders, members of the Cabinet, government officials and lay leaders from throughout the United States. FAITH are critical to the future of the Orthodox Church in America to provide, among other things, the necessary resources for the spiritual nurture and professional development of effective clergy to serve the growing number of parishes in America. Nicholas Triantafilou, president of Holy Cross School of Theology, noted that the deans and professors of Hellenic College and Holy Cross have exercised exemplary stewardship in preparing our young men for the holy priesthood, as well as young women and men for church service.

They have also prepared students of Hellenic College for meaningful professions in society. Argyros of Newport, Calif. Behrakis of Boston; Nicholas J.

Bouras of Summit, N. Moshovitis of Washington, John G. Payiavlas of Warren, Ohio, Alex K. Spanos of Stockton, Calif. Tsakopoulos of Sacramento, and Kyriakos Tsakopoulos, also of Sacramento. The host committee is under the chairmanship of Fr. Stephen Kyriacou of the Annunciation Cathedral. Presbytera Margaret Orfanakos is the Archdiocese co-chairwoman.

They and their families will then be welcomed by the Rev. Frank Marangos, the Archdiocesan executive director of communications and acting director of Religious Education, which sponsors the Oratorical Festival. It is expected that many faithful will attend this exciting annual event. The results of the Oratorical Festival will be announced at the Awards Luncheon that will be held immediately after the presentation of the speeches at the Cathedral.

Basil the Great in Houston and St. John the Theologian in Webster. The Houston celebration was the final and largest celebration. It featured four days of activities with participation from each of the four local parishes.

Metropolitan Isaiah participated in a luncheon for the senior citizens on April Archbishop Demetrios arrived in Houston on April 29 for his second visit to Houston since being enthroned. His Eminence held a Bible study that afternoon with more than people participating.

The Grand Banquet that evening attrac ted more than people. It included a special tribute to Archbishop Demetrios. The Archbishop and Metropolitan Isaiah concelebrated a hierarchal Divine Liturgy the next day, April 30, with more than faithful attending. Radio station KSBJ the most successful non-denominational Christian radio station in the country held an interview with Archbishop Demetrios, who spoke on the gnostic gospels.

The Very Reverend Archimandrite J. The day concluded with a luncheon hosted by the Cathedral under the direction of Fr. Karambis and attended by parents, school and church board trustees, and faculty.

Following a reception hosted by Mark Kelly, head of the school; trustees Chairman Cindy Lucia, school administrators, faculty, students and many parents participated in a special chapel service lead by Fr. George Gartelos of Annunciation Cathedral and eighth grade religious education teacher. Archimandrite Rev. Gabriel Karambis, cathedral dean, hosted the special guests and joined in the chapel celebration.

The service was held in the Steve G. Greek poetry offered by student Elena Skaribas, musical performances, and patriotic offerings culminated in the presentation of gifts to the Archbishop. Following the service and presentation, the Archbishop toured the school, visiting preschool classrooms with newly hatched chicks and middle school science labs where students were embroiled in physics.

His Eminence addressed the gathering and encouraged all to embrace the Greek language, not merely because of Greek heritage, but also for the important role it plays in a classical, timeless education. Angelo Artemas. While current reviews of the Ron Howard produced movie starring Tom Hanks indicate moderate to disappointing results, the book has been a tremendous success.

The question to ask is not whether The Da Vinci Code is based in some truth or how it will affect Christianity, but why does a previously unknown and marginally talented author become a part of such a phenomenon — not how but why? For the last five years journalists have been preoccupied with the so-called crisis in the Roman Catholic Church over clergy sexual misconduct. While any clergy sexual misconduct is reprehensible, the current perceived crisis has not brought down a 2, yearold church, much to the dismay of many Americans.

Traditional Christianity is still a beacon of true spirituality in contrast to the ever-evaporating spirituality of the individual whim. Faithfulness to the Bible seemed to. With the current movie release of The Da Vinci Code, journalists and Hollywood critics are not so concerned with faithfulness to the Bible or history. Why is one standard applied to the conservative Catholic Mel Gibson and another standard applied to the anti-Catholic Dan Brown?

Is anti-Catholicism and ant-traditional Christianity the only remaining and acceptable bias in Hollywood? For many years in American education, respect for and instruction in world history has been somewhat weak.

Where there is no appreciation for history, there is no integrity in the future. With all of the hype leading to the movie, The Da Vinci Code will prove to be a disappointment, especially compared to The Passion of the Christ. Even so, the book was a success because of anti-traditional Christianity and Catholic prejudice, me-first individualistic spirituality, disregard for world history, and a desire for a quick fix to religious discontent.

Dan Brown can have his success, and people can go see and read whatever they want. But better minds would do well to thoroughly read the Bible and history. Some say that traditional Christians are defensive in the face of The Da Vinci Code, and that they have narrow minds. But those who would rather buy into fiction and fantasy instead of doing the hard work of Christianity have empty ones.

She was Nicholas L. Vieron, Class of Although Ms. Students who attended Pomfret, even for only one year, are included in the group. According to our Pomfret historian - Fr George Poulos - of the enrolled.

Today we have exactly 58 survivors. Since the last Clergy-Laity Congress 13 Pomfret men have died. Unlike the ill-fated Titanic, which sank with the loss of so many lives, our ship continues to give life and light.

The Pomfret survivors are pleased to see their ship, launched in , now manned by a wonderful crew, bringing their passengers to a safe haven. More than speakers from North America, Europe, Asia and Africa, representing all the major faiths, addressed a variety of topics during keynote addresses and panel discussions.

Wrestling with the chaos of contending beliefs the Church was compelled to differentiate itself between Marcionism, Arianism, Nestorianism and other ancient lies by legitimately formulating its theological views through the gathering of both clergy and laity in Ecumenical Councils. Frank Marangos. While most scholars agree that these doctrinal battles culminated in the development of the non-negotiable tenets of the Nicene Creed 4th century , the recent emergence of heretically based novels, films and magazine articles attest that the X-Files of ancient defeated voices are as much a temptation today as they were in the second, third and fourth centuries.

The rage of the early Christian world, X-Files might be described as exotic religious texts that claimed to express truths about Jesus, his mother, the content and interpretation of the scriptures, and the nature of the church. An amalgamation of Greek philosophy, magic and eastern ideas, these manuscripts coalesced into a sectarian heresy that came to be known as Gnosticism.

Whereas Orthodox Christianity preaches salvation to all that will accept it, Gnosticism espouses the belief that only an elite will be able to comprehend the breadth of hidden truth.

Fortunately, the false teachings of Gnosticism and those that pertained to the other heresies of early Christianity were debunked by theologians such as Irenaeus, Clement of Alexandria, Basil the Great, and Athanasius, who emphasized the apostolic exposition of revealed truth. For these great defenders of the Faith, the truth of the gospel was not a matter of a secret but of a sacred tradition that centered on the Incarnation, Passion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Transmitted by a legitimate apostolic succession of bishops that verified the authentic and continuous voice of the apostles, this sacred truth X-posed the illogical doctrines of the Gnostics as ridiculous. For nearly two millennia the X-ed Files of Gnosticism remained buried in the arid sands of ancient history. In , however, a number of early Christian Gnostic papyri manuscripts, translated from Greek into Coptic, were discovered by local peasants near the Egyptian town of Nag Hammadi.

Since the discovery of these documents, there has been a resurgence of interest in Gnostic doctrines throughout the world. The vogue of mystical and exotically charged books such as the Da Vinci Code and the Jesus Papers are the direct result. The appearance of Gnostic creedal tenants such as: a the suspicion of authority, b private spirituality, c the rejection of external forms of worship, d the distortion of sexuality, e the rejection of bodily Incarnation of God, and f the refutation of absolute truths, attest to the Old Testament exhortation quoted above.

Luke and John can no longer be trusted. Confronted with such an irrational invitation from a frenzied media to discard what is valid for what is spurious one cannot but recall St. Evidently some people are throwing you into confusion and are trying to pervert the gospel of Christ.

But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let him be eternally condemned! As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let him be eternally condemned! What can we do to help our children differentiate fact from the fantasy articulated in novel like The Da Vinci Code that has sold over 46 million copies in 35 languages?

I would suggest that we turn our collective attention to the prayerful study of the theological writings of the early Church Fathers. In so doing, we will begin to develop our understanding of an Orthodox Christian World-View that will provide the intellectual scaffolding and filter for successfully distinguishing truth from perversion of sugar-coded falsehood.

Although there are many variants, at its core Gnosticism asserts the belief that the world in which we now live is our prison. Having rejected the notion that God is the Creator of the cosmos with all its potential sacramental elements, the life-goal of the Gnostic is to escape the created order through the knowledge gnosis of deep self-illumination.

James II, also visited the Halki. Theological school, which has been closed for over 30 years, where the supreme president and members of the Lodge and Board offered a small donation. Paul Gikas at the Phanar and Fr. Ionian Village offers Summer Travel Camp Grades : June July 16 and Byzantine Venture Grades : June August 13 Participants will enjoy a three-week stay at the camp facility on the Ionian Coast, participate in a Christ-centered camp program, and make excursions to some of Greece's most beautiful and significant religious and cultural sites.

Activities at camp include catechetical discussions, athletics, arts and crafts, and swimming in the Ionian Sea. Travel excursions include Meteora, Kalavrita, Kefalonia, and a three-night stay in Athens where campers will visit the Acropolis and shop in Monastiraki and Plaka.

For more information, or for registration materials, please visit www. On the first day of his visit he went to the construction site for the new St. Nektarios Church being built. He also conducted a Vespers service and met with parish youth during a question-and-answer session. The following day, the Archbishop officiated at the Divine Liturgy at Holy Trinity Cathedral in Charlotte and afterward addressed the children of the Church school.

A banquet in honor of Archbishop Demetrios in the parish hall followed, which was attended by more than people. He was born in San Antonio on Dec. Jonathan excelled academically and athletically; but his heart lay with his family and his church where he was a.

He is survived by his parents, Kevin and Vicky; his older brother, Michael; his younger sister, Megan; a large and loving extended family, and a supportive Orthodox community.

Memorial contributions may be made to the St. Chesterton once said that when people cease believing in Christianity, it is not that they will believe in nothing, but rather, they will believe in anything. The apocryphal myths contained in the X-Files of early heretical texts have once again emerged as the protagonists against the Sacred Tradition of Orthodox Christianity seeking to lead the catechetically uninformed and spiritually fickle into a hollow pursuit whose ultimate.

Let future generations find us, as we found our forebears, worthy of defending the apostolic creedal truths of Orthodox Christianity against historical revisionists who base their conspiratorial accounts on the X-Files of ancient lies.

The event was a private gathering for local Greek Orthodox parishioners. The Archbishop gave two separate lectures on the Dead Sea Scrolls at the museum. A reception and a dinner followed.

Archbishop Demetrios was accompanied on the visit by Archdeacon Panteleimon. The truth of the Gospel has been revealed to us by the Creator of the Universe, the One who is above all time and space, who also brought us into existence for fellowship and communion in eternal holiness, life, and love. Even the power of sin and death has been overcome by the love of God for us through the Incarnation, Passion, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Through Him every person can be restored to the image and likeness of God, receive the gift of salvation, and live in hope and joy preparing for an eternity of blessed and abundant life in heaven.

This is the truth of the Gospel that must be shared with those who live in hopelessness and despair, with those who cannot find the strength to face another day, who are rejected by others, unloved, and hated.

It is the truth that can free those in bondage to sin and addiction, engender peace in the lives of the oppressed, and grant wisdom to see beyond the deceptions and lies of evil to what is real, holy, and eternal. It is the truth that we must embrace and share, so that through our lives and service others will join us on the journey to the place where the throne of God will be forever among us, and we will see His face and worship Him Revelation As our lives and time move toward that great and glorious day, we are directed by our Lord to share His love.

It is this love that is at the heart of the Gospel. Through our faith in Him, we experience this love and its transformative power that lifts us from the grave and into an abundant, unending life with our Creator. By following His example of love, we can know a deep and genuine com-.

When we know this love and share it, our lives will be a beautiful witness of truth and will lead others to Christ. It is also in sharing the truth of the Gospel and the love of Christ, that we will mature in life and faith. The Apostle Paul. These panel presentations will bring together panelists from a variety of fields and areas of expertise, in an effort to stimulate dialogue and to provide intellectual and spiritual edification for those in attendance.

It serves in an advisory capacity to the leadership of the Archdiocese to address the rapid scientific and technological changes within contemporary society that are profoundly affecting our everyday lives. Such fundamental issues that the AACST aims to address include the beginning and end of life, human reproduction, the way we receive and process information, the structure of society, and our present and future existence in our natural environment. The AACST conducts its work through a dialogue of scientists and engineers with theologians, lawyers, mental health professionals, and other scholars.

When we know the truth, allow it to change our lives, and then share it in love for God and others, we will become the holy and wise people that God calls us to be. Further, we will know and witness something that no power in heaven or on earth can destroy or diminish — the power of life that comes when the truth of the Gospel and the love of Christ are shared.

We mature in Christ when we know that this is the truth and love that upholds all things, and that it is this truth and love that will preserve our lives when all other things fall and pass away. As we prayerfully prepare for our Clergy-Laity Congress, may you consider how the truth of the Gospel and the love of Christ have influenced and continue to impact your life, and how God is leading you to share this truth and love with others. When we come together in Nashville, may we share in this knowledge and commitment to our calling in this world so that all that we do as the faithful of the Greek Orthodox Church in America will be directed toward offering truth and love in our parishes, communities, families, and in all of our relationships.

Archbishop Demetrios of America will address the participants at the keynote brunch on Saturday morning, and an enlightening spiritual experience for young adults of the Archdiocese is anticipated.

Throughout the weekend, young adults will have the opportunity to share fellowship with each other by experiencing local city venues, participating in workshops to further their life in Christ, and most importantly, growing in their Faith through worship and education. Workshops and breakout sessions will be offered by Bishop Savas of Troas, Frs. Danut Suciu, and Mark Arey. Evening activities include an outdoor concert with upcoming songwriters performing atop Vanderbilt University's Dyer Observatory, complete with dinner, des-.

Scheduled events for the three-day conference will incorporate the four circles of Young Adult Ministry, worship, witness, service, and fellowship, offering strength and balance to the everyday Christian life.

Online registration, general conference information, and a weekend schedule are now available online at www. Register now to receive discounted registration rates. During the Congress the APC will co-sponsor along with Vanderbilt University Medical Center, a special series of seminars on wellness for clergy and their families.

The program will be presented by a distinguished and experienced team from Vanderbilt, focusing on the needs of clergy today with a special emphasis on caring for oneself so that you may be strengthened and fortified to care for others.

These seminars will be held on Tuesday July 18 and every priest is urged to take advantage of this unique opportunity for support and enrichment. Harry R. Some of the seminar topics will discuss issues like stress, frustration and worry management; diet; Heart Disease prevention; Diabetes; treatment of tobacco addictions; health care issues during the retirement years; exercise and physical activity for weight loss and tips for becoming an active family.

Congress participants should look for the Health and Wellness sign-up sheet in their registration packets. Together with Metropolitan Nicholas of Detroit, the Archdiocese Presbyters Council and National Presbyters Sisterhood have arranged for workshops on wellness conducted by the professional staff of Vanderbilt University.

These workshops will focus on pertinent issues for clergy families ranging from stress management to exercise and proper diet, with caring for self and caring for others being highlighted during these specifically prepared discussions for clergy families.

There will also be other professional clergy workshops offered to enhance the leadership and administrative skills of the priest in his everyday ministry to those entrusted to his spiritual care. A clergy family dinner is scheduled with Archbishop Demetrios during which an open discussion between the Archbishop and his priests and their families will take place. Again care for family, care for self and care for others will be the center of this exchange.

The Congress traditionally concludes with a clergy breakfast. The Archbishop and the Metropolitans of the Holy Eparchial Synod gather together with all their priests sharing and exploring common interests in ministry and service.

The Hierarchical Divine Liturgy will begin Sunday at 9 a. Orthros and Vespers will be held each day through the week. The official opening breakfast and keynote address will be held Monday, July 17, at 8 a. The National Philoptochos Banquet will be held Monday evening. All will be performing at the Parthenon, the only full-scale replica of the original Parthenon in Athens. Continuous air conditioned shuttles will depart for the Parthenon from the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Conventions Center.

All Congress participants are encouraged to bring their families and participate in the Family Synaxis Program, sponsored by the Archdiocese Center for Family Care. There will be an all day youth program with visits to historic sites, the Nashville Zoo and many other activities.

This program is offered free of charge to the families of Congress delegates and to fami-. Pre-registration is required. One focus of the program will be to show parents how family resources can be used in the home to nurture faith on a daily basis. Sessions are scheduled on Monday afternoon and in the mornings on Tuesday and Wednesday. Enjoy a round of golf and a fun-filled day of fellowship at this award-winning course on Wednesday.

Designed by former U. Limestone bluffs border the course, which is enhanced by federally protected wetlands. Nashville parishioner Dr. All Clergy and their spouses are encouraged to attend these outstanding programs.

For more information, to register and see a complete summary schedule of meetings and events visit www. Charles stated that interfaith marriage is on the rise and therefore cannot be ignored. He sites that the reason for this stance is the difficult challenges that will be faced by the married couple, their children and their extended family. In other words, the Church is a major cause of the pain and sadness that results from the Orthodox partner being prevented from embracing their religion as they should to properly follow Christ.

That is what can make it difficult to bring up the children of these marriages in the Church and causes difficulties with the extended family. How do you explain to a child who wants to receive Communion with his believing parent that you cannot, because the Church will not allow it? How do you tell your brother or sister that they cannot be your koumbara when you marry, or baptize your child because they are married to a non-Christian?

How can one reconcile the love of Jesus Christ with those who do believe in Him, to this position of the Church? Nine years ago, Fr. George Papaioannou wrote a column in the Orthodox Observer on this same issue. He explained that in the early years of Christianity, our Church did not practice this policy, which has no basis in the Bible or in Holy Tradition.

He gave two examples of the position of our forefathers. In St. He remains impure as far as his unbelief is concerned; but since marriage means physical union, the sexual act through which he and his wife are joined is not affected by his unbelief. George also noted that some of our venerated saints were also married to non-Christians. We are supposed to pride ourselves in our dedication to upholding the Holy Traditions of our forefathers and of the New Testament.

Yet the Church changed this most important stance and has hurt many people over the years because of it. If the Church continued to welcome the believing partner, the non-believer might be more inclined to join as well over time. Instead, the Church often ends up with the believer abandoning the Church and leaving the child to seek a more loving place to worship God. I submit that the Church should return to its original practice and not be one of the causes of the difficulties that arise in interfaith marriages.

We need more priests of all levels to come out in support of what our forefathers knew was the right way to handle this issue. Eva Millas Russo Hackensack, N.

Editor, In the last issue you talked about Orthodox Christians marrying non-Christians losing their sacramental privileges but are you also aware that some Orthodox churches take away our privileges even if we have a Christian ceremony in another church. This happened to my mother a year member of the Greek Orthodox church in Lancaster, Pa. My mother was 64 when she married. Her husband was non-Orthodox but a devout Christian.

They had a beautiful ceremony in a church that recognizes the Trinity yet Fr. Alexander Veronis refused to give her communion until the day her husband died. When my mother passed away nine months later it was the priest that married her that was willing to give her Holy Communion. I also am unable to receive communion in our local church although when I leave this community and go to other Orthodox churches I do my cross and receive communion with no questions asked.

I don't see why the Orthodox Church insists you marry in that church. Is it a money thing? If I have a Christian ceremony why are my rights to communion not protected? I would really like a response directly to this as I do not always get the Observer. I really miss my church but feel they cut me loose because I did not want a two- hour ceremony that 90 percent of my guests would not understand. The last Greek wedding my husband and I went to was a lot of Greek and he thought she married the priest.

Thank you. Paula Luciano Lancaster, Pa. Editor, Why does a minister have the right to refuse to marry a couple unless both are Orthodox Christians? I can see if they are not members of the church they wish to be married in, but not because one of them is not Orthodox. For the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband, else were your children unclean, but now are they holy.

Archpastoral Reflections Education and Popular Culture This month we consider the topic of education as it applies to popular culture. By popular culture, we mean the media, venues for entertainment, pieces of literature, cinema, articles of clothing, and particular arts that resonate with the likings of contemporary people in certain times and in certain places.

They don't go to all the flowers indiscriminately. And when they do fly to certain ones, they don't try to carry them off whole. They take only what is useful for their work and leave the rest without a backward glance. He was mindful, as we should be mindful, that the time which God has given us on this earth is precious.

Consequently, we should pay heed with what we choose to preoccupy ourselves and our time. We would be wise to recognize that these works mentioned above constitute the current vogue of our times.

Such is the ebb and flow of popular culture. On the one hand, the heavy attention paid by our popular culture to these voguish works reflects the sad reality that our contemporary society is fast approaching a near total theological and historical illiteracy. On the other hand, despite the grave theological illiteracy of our era, very few would dispute that people in our present time are thirsty for the truth, for substantive knowledge, for an authentic relationship with God.

They are seeking the living water much like the Samaritan woman to whom Jesus revealed His messianic divinity, saying, Whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst; the water than I shall give him will become a spring of water welling up to eternal life. John As Greek Orthodox Christians who live within the popular culture of America, we stand in a unique position to offer to others a balanced perspective that authentically reflects the truth offered by Jesus Christ; and we are called by Him to share the truth of His Gospel to others, who thirst for meaning.

This brief piece has endeavored to explain the attitude of our Orthodox Church towards popular culture, the challenges associated with discerning its positive and negative characteristics, and the need to view products of popular culture with heightened scrutiny, as St. Basil was advocating in his times.

In this way, popular culture and its works can, at times, have the potential to serve as one of many venues for reconsidering a relationship with God. It is my hope that this brief reflection on an important topic may shed some additional light upon the culture in which we live, and emphasize our obligation as Orthodox Christians to share the light of Jesus Christ with others.

May His perfect peace be with you always, may His Gospel of Truth and love shine in your hearts, and may you continue to grow stronger in His knowledge and grace. Christ is Risen! For more than eighty years, the faithful and dedicated members of AHEPA have offered their talents and resources to educational and philanthropic endeavors with the goals of promoting our Orthodox and Hellenic heritage, strengthening an identity associated with the beautiful and enduring ideals of our Greek legacy, and addressing the critical issues of our Omogenia.

Over the years, AHEPA has sponsored numerous conferences and symposia that have engaged both Orthodox Christians and others in examining the role of Hellenism in the history of our Orthodox Faith. Further, the members of AHEPA have offered numerous services to the faithful and institutions of our Archdiocese, showing our deep association and our shared commitment to the ideals of the Gospel.

In addition to all of this, we cannot forget to acknowledge and honor the contribution that has been made by the members of AHEPA and its family of organizations to the founding, building, and ongoing work of our Greek Orthodox parishes. Many members have served in positions of parish leadership and ministry, offering a very visible witness of faith and charity. May we also offer our prayers and support for the local chapters and the national and international programs that assist so many and provide a vital link between this important organization, our Hellenic heritage, and our Holy Orthodox Church.

May the light, life, and joy of our resurrected and glorified Lord fill your hearts now and always. With paternal love in the Risen Christ,. I was not Orthodox, but was a Christian when my husband and I married but, after a few years, I became Orthodox and still today after 30 years, I belong to the Orthodox Church.

Fran Glaros Clearwater, Fla. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness? This addresses any future commitment for those as yet unmarried. This is not possible if one of the partners is a non-Christian. A marriage with a non-Christian would create great confusion for the child and shatter the concept of the Orthodox family.

This is a work of fiction, but many are arguing it is based on certain secrets suppressed for centuries by the Catholic Church. Two of the most provocative claims this book makes are that Jesus was clandestinely married to Mary Magdalene and that they had children.

For as St. Christ is risen, and the tomb is emptied of the dead; for Christ, having risen from the dead, has become the first fruits of those who fall asleep. Of course, for anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of Holy Tradition, these and other similar claims and assumptions are utterly baseless, and are quickly rendered fictitious when compared to what Holy Tradition teaches.

Yet, the fact remains that these fabrications have captured the curiosity of countess people, as is witnessed by the 45 million copies of this book - and counting — that have been sold world wide in numerous languages.

As a pastor, therapist and marriage and family specialist, I find the interest this book has generated lamentable. If these observations resonate with you personally, I would like to ask you to consider the following few questions.

Which story has impacted your life this Paschal season? Which of these two stories captured your attention? Which story do you know better?

When compared to the time you spent considering The Da Vinci Code, how much time did you spend contemplating the meaning of the Cross and Resurrection of our Lord and Savior? Conversely, the story behind The Da Vinci Code, however masterfully crafted, may have entertainment value, but has little lasting, redeeming value. Moreover, the blessed message behind this story not only has a direct, positive, transformative impact on us; it also has a blessed impact on our marriages, families and our efforts to parent our children.

Mind you now, I am not suggesting that you abstain from reading fiction. What I am suggesting is that you use this recent craze that is sweeping our nation as an opportunity to assess your priorities. So, if The Da Vinci Code distracted you this Paschal season, and if you failed to spend ample time in prayer this Easter contemplating the real meaning of the Cross, do not despair.

Christ accepts us at any time. Even now as you are completing this article, He is knocking at the door of your heart seeking entrance. If you let Him in, as Holy Scripture teaches, He will come into your heart, into your marriage and into your family and make a positive difference. For the bottom line is this, what I have been alluding to in this article has something to do with priorities. What are yours? The fact is family life is reeling from serious challenges today. The divorce rate remains frighteningly high — somewhere around percent.

Birth rates among teens continue to hover around the one million mark annually. Teen violence continues to grow, and suicide among teens claims far too many young lives. These trends are only the tip of the iceberg. So, here is my question. I really do not have the space to address myself to this question in this short article, but what I can say is that controversy related to Christ sells, especially in a society that is increasingly secular and antagonistic toward anything related to Christianity.

And while none of us would quibble with the fact that a free exchange of ideas has value, the fact remains that we can be easily distracted in this market place of ideas from certain information that might otherwise be useful. One good example is related to how many Christians this Paschal season have been distracted by details related to The Da Vinci Code to the detriment of their efforts to embrace the message behind the Holy Cross. The capital was all that was left from the mighty Christian Roman Empire and its presence, in the midst of the dominions of the powerful new rulers of the lands of Romania, was pregnant with danger.

The new Sultan demonstrated diplomatic abilities, during his early attempts to isolate politically the Byzantine capital, when he signed treaties with the Emperor's most important Western allies, the Hungarians and the Venetians.

He knew, however, that these were temporary measures, which would provide him with freedom of movement for a limited time only. To give the final blow on the halfdead body of the Byzantine Empire he had to move fast. He was so much preoccupied by his project of conquest that, according to the contemporary Greek Historian Michael Dukas, his mind was occupied by it day and night. A successful expedition against his enemy Ibrahim the Emir of Karamania, in central Asia Minor, postponed briefly his plans.

He was back in his capital Adrianople in May , where he set in motion his great project. The first step was to isolate the Byzantine capital, both economically and militarily. Already, during the winter of he began recruiting competent builders, familiar with military works and fortifications, whose mission would be to build a powerful fortress on the Bosporus.

Its construction, supervised by the Sultan, began in the middle of April Built on the European side, at the narrowest point of the strait, called initially the Cutter of the throat Boghaz-kesen , it became eventually known as Rumeli Hisar. It was a huge complex of strong fortifications whose task was to shut completely, by its artillery, to Western and Byzantine vessels the route to and from the Black Sea.

The new fortress complemented the one that had been built on the Anatolian shore, at the time of Sultan Bayazid I , about six miles south of Constantinople, which was known as Anadolu Hisar. The presence of the two fortresses made clear to everyone that the Sultan was the real master of the straits. From now on, all ships intending to enter the Black Sea had to pay tolls. If they refused they would. The Fall of Constantinople be sank. Indeed, near the end of a Venetian vessel attempted to pass without paying the required tolls.

It was sunk by the new fortress's guns; its crew of thirty men was taken prisoner. The officers and sailors were brought to the Sultan, who ordered their immediate execution.

The act was rightly interpreted by the Venetian and Genoese governments as an indication of hostilities soon to break. However, despite all the indications and the realization that a new siege of Constantinople was to begin at any moment, the two Italian Republics, under political and economic pressures at home, reacted without much enthusiasm. Schumann: Arabeske C-Dur op. Concerts: Planned are concerts in the region. March Youth Symphony Orchestra of the Rudolf-Steiner-Schule Basel The youth symphonie orchestra, under the direction of conductors Minzloff and Jacubeit will perform several concerts at Hellenikon Idyllion, and in other cities of the region.

April Wind Player Orchestra of the seconday schools Landsberg und Marktheidenfeld ' The orchestra, under the direction of Walter Edelmann and Thomas Feser will perform several concerts at Hellenikon Idyllion, and in other cities of the region.

Brass music has had a long tradition at the Johann-Winkler Secondary School. Several groups have been expanded, and developed into a larger orchestra. Once a year the orchestra attends the Bavarian Music Academy for intensive work on a special program which is performed thereafter.

The orchestra has put on numerous church concerts, and played for many official events. It took part in the traditional Bavarian Carnival Parade, and until now has performed. On a recent concert and study tour the orchestra went to Rome,.

Tiemersma : Trumpet Voluntary Tilman Susato arr. Tschaikowsky arr. Andreou 2. Some Marches. Milena Mollova.

The guest of honour of the master-class is Prof. Click here to see the video-clips of the concert:. Piano: Myria Poffet. Stefan Popov from London 2nd year. The dates for the concerts will soon be announced. Sunday, the 19th of August, 10 p. Concert evening of. Both perform a concert on the 19th of August Saturday, 11th of August, 9 p. In the garden of muses, in the Hellenikon Idyllion.

Sonata op. Arranged for two pianos Jacobsen and Petrova. Mendelssohn: Sommernachtstraum. Mozart: Die kleine Nachtmusik. Young Symphony-Orchestra.

Location: Square of the village Peristera,. Organisation: Hellenikon Idyllion. He was attracted to unattainable married or aristocratic women; he never married. His only uncontested love affair with a known woman began in with Josephine von Brunswick; most scholars think it ended by because she could not marry a commoner without losing her children. In he wrote a long love letter to a woman only identified therein as the "Immortal Beloved.

Some scholars believe his period of low productivity from about to was caused by depression resulting from Beethoven's realization that he would never marry. He didn't publish anything during this period, but he released an enormous amount of material in Beethoven quarrelled, often bitterly, with his relatives and others including a painful and public custody battle over his nephew Karl ; he frequently treated other people badly.

He moved often and had strange personal habits, such as wearing dirty clothing even as he washed compulsively. Nonetheless, he had a close and devoted circle of friends his entire life.

Many listeners perceive an echo of Beethoven's life in his music , which often depicts struggle followed by triumph. This description is often applied to Beethoven's creation of masterpieces in the face of his severe personal difficulties.

His last musical sketches belong to the composition of a string quintet in C Major [1]. Beethoven was often in poor health. According to one of his letters, his abdominal problems began while he was still in Bonn and thus can be dated to before In his health took a drastic turn for the worse.

The autopsy report indicates serious problems with his liver, gall bladder, spleen, and pancreas. There is no general agreement on the exact cause of death. Modern research on a lock of Beethoven's hair cut from his head the day after he died and a piece of his skull taken from his grave in , both now at the Beethoven Center in San Jose , California [2] , show that lead poisoning could well have contributed to his ill-health and ultimately to his death.


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