Winter Is Coming -Home Demo 72- - String Driven Thing - String Driven Thing (CD, Album)

Download Winter Is Coming -Home Demo 72- - String Driven Thing - String Driven Thing (CD, Album)
Label: Air Mail Archive - AIRAC-1497 • Series: ブリティッシュ・レジェンド・コレクション - Vol.51 • Format: CD Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered Paper Sleeve • Country: Japan • Genre: Folk, World, & Country • Style: Folk Rock

And maybe someone will buy Luke a tank or a steam train. This top 75 was chosen between the four of us equally, based on which new release albums we have listened to the most this year so far. Of course it's up to you to decide what you think your own chart of releases would contain, but we hope that there's enough new music here to give you plenty to explore.

Please utilise the comments feature below to tell us what you would have included yourself. NB: This is a snapshot of what we like right now. Death to good taste! Death to consensus! Death to worrying about what everyone will like in the future!

Long live exciting music that kicks against the pricks! Click here to listen and buy this album on eMusic. The squally drama recalls the psych-fuelled dreamscape of its obvious forebears, from the early 4AD roster, Cocteau Twins, This Mortal Coil, even Throwing Muses at times.

Read our review of Wolf Bait here. And then they went and made a doom album, an out and out, claw clinching, horn raising doom album, and arguably their strongest record in over a decade.

Read our review of The Last Spire here. The result is no sucker punch, but a knockout blow. Read our review of Power Punch here. There used to be a time when all the best thrash and crossover served to constantly remind you that the threat of nuclear war was imminent, that faceless multinational corporations and your own government were out to face-fuck you and that the human race was sleepwalking to oblivion.

And then, somehow, in the last 10 or so years it all became about skateboards, beer, zombies and 'Turbo Hyper Ultra Mega Power' — it just wasn't dangerous enough anymore. Thank the bullet-belted gods, then, for the emergence of Dallas, Texas based crossover five piece Power Trip. And thank those very same gods for their Southern Lord released debut full-length, Manifest Decimation , of which you should be very afraid, because it sounds like some sort of terrifying Cold War army marching unstoppably onwards to the sound of Exodus covering Nuclear Assault.

But with the release of Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo — their eighth album since their formation — they've suddenly arrived at a place where they're not just a good, but an excellent band. Something in their sound has clicked, but it's no subtle flicking of a switch; this feels like a dislocated shoulder being forced back in to place.

Looking back through that line-up now serves as a pretty comprehensive road map of influences by which to understand where Luftbobler came from: the heavily effected peals of brass on 'He Has No Method' and the splintered voices of 'Pizza Man' are pure Throbbing Gristle, the spiraling beats of 'So It Goes' and 'Sputnik' riff on Tri Repetae -era Autechre, the bouncing-ball piano figures that crop up occasionally are reminiscent of Richard D.

James' music. Read our review of Luftbobler here. North American punk rock is currently in rude health, most obviously evidenced in crossover terms by Iceage's Matador labelmates Fucked Up. To me, though, Danish group Iceage are the superior, largely because of the defiantly European aesthetic that shines through their music.

You couldn't really imagine these handsome young Danes in big shorts and tees or baggy jeans. Weatherall's ability to cherry-pick any number of wildly differing influences without relying on any one in particular is remarkable in itself but the fact that he and Fairplay consistently come up with something that's their own is a talent to lauded.

So yes, while the fat, dubby basslines are firmly in place and the Krautrock influences dance across these 10 tracks, The Asphodells manage the unique trick of being both in hock to everyone and no one at the same time.

The only counterpoint to the stream of crashing cymbals and pounded skins is a crude oscillator that Chippendale apparently activates directly from his kit and which serves to mimic Gibson's shuddering bass lines in Lightning Bolt, only with less control over where they fly. This is noise rock at its most animalistic: punkish rhythms allied to untamed sweeps and swoops of brutal electro-racket.

Read our review of All My Relations here. Flags of red, black and gold glowing in the light of enormous bonfires, a fraternity of youth doomed to wilt under the frost of age's ever encroaching winter, horns echoing through mountain forests and hawks circling through steel grey skies. You dream of a nation without boundaries, united only through the language of a thousand broken hearts, tears glistening on the cheeks of marble statues, drum rolls and epic poems, the glint of daggers and the swearing of blood oaths.

Pale young man, have I got a record for you. Let's give it a try: punk jazz funk afrobeat blues hip-hop no-wave free-jazz dance psychedelic rock. See what I mean? Read our review of Melt Yourself Down here. Fortunately for them, he's an active verified user on that buzzed-about and somewhat controversial database. His forthright and unfiltered approach carries considerable weight, as more and more contemporary rappers seem to be taking drugs rather than selling them. Read our review of Wrath Of Caine here.

Rather, it's living musical authenticity that hasn't stopped to look in the mirror too many times and dances like no one gives a shit, the good times rolling on down the years.

Why stop? Read our review of Long Island here. Alongside the likes of Tinariwen, Tamikrest and Terakaft, he can be seen as one of the leading proponents of the strong wave of Malian blues that has captured the attention of music lovers across the globe, all voicing the challenges facing the north west African country's people during this period of upheaval.

Read our review of Albala here. The fact that there are only five songs suggests brevity, but Totale Nite is a masterwork of long-form cuts, nowhere better exemplified than on the title track's shift from insurgent opening wall of sound to expansive 80s guitar-pop, Carson Cox's vocals cast in romantic poise, to freak out coda. With Love isn't going to win him any new converts but it's the best Zomby album since Where Were U In '92 , focusing his loves of UK pirate radio culture, dirty south hip-hop beats and moody synth plug-ins across two discs of spectral, freaked-out club-not-club music.

Giving with one hand and taking with the other, its best tracks beckon you to dance before cruelly dropping out without warning, leaving you floundering, confused but intrigued. It's split over two records, its two halves quite discrete: the first is more industrial and beat-driven, while the second trades in more obscure, eerie atmospheres. Theatrical shrieks that reveal a fascination with classic horror film tropes pierce the insistent techno thump of 'The Lord Won't Forget', and similar motifs are deployed throughout the record to chilling effect, such as the horror film samples, malevolent rasps and echo chamber scrapes that punctuate 'Down Regulation''s squall of gritty noise.

The skeletal kick on 'cX' is buried deep under layers of scratchy, hoarse noise, while 'Anaesthesia' is a fitting closer, all synth swoops and a greyscale sawing sound that drills deep into the skull. Read our review of Violetshaped here. The epic explorations of melody, mood and noise that frequently extended beyond the minute mark and, on occasion, combined to take up over half the running time of previous efforts when stacked up against shorter tracks have been jettisoned in favour of more concise pieces of music.

The result is album swathed in a cotton wool loveliness that plays to the band's strengths. Read our review of Fade here. It's a prequel of sorts, written during the same sessions as 's Bermuda Drain , a recording that set Prurient's work apart from concurrent fare, and sparked Dominick Fernow's alliance with co-conspirator and BEB label boss Kiran Sande. Through The Window 's bookend tracks are substantially lengthy, and profoundly fearsome.

Compositionally, they mimic the flows of codified data: these epics stream along for a time, change inconsequentially on the surface; but closer audition reveals how their features repeat and differ in subtle and unfolding ways. Fernow frames cinemascope panoramas that apparently fill the sonic field until, abruptly, another window opens. Read our review of Through The Window here. H and Morphosis, under which he whips up storms of improvisational techno inspired by noise, electroacoustic music and free jazz.

Albidaya is a reflection on his childhood in Lebanon and the country's traditional folk music forms, so there's plenty of acoustic instrumentation here, including plucked strings, saxophone and drums. There's an audible sense of delight, however, in the way that Beaini hacks and scrapes away at them with static, dust and grit, while the frazzled tones of an Eko Tiger Duo organ one of Sun Ra's favourites seep like oil through the music's core.

It's an intense, noisy and turbulent listen, and by its end you feel chewed up and spat out, but thoroughly cleansed. As such it loses some of the trashy anything-goes experimentalism while growing a tougher, harder exterior shell. Although Blood Lust remains their crowning achievement to date, Mind Control 's highlights shine just as true. Read our review of Mind Control here. As with West's Jay-Z infused Watch The Throne, this sixth solo outing once again evokes the erratic artist's notorious sexually charged narcissism.

But Yeezus sports far too many clues, coincidences, nods, and references to simply file it away with such succinct dismissiveness. Read our review of Yeezus here. Ain't even no Healers round these parts — here's Johnny, on his lonesome. And it's this curiosity that forms the crux of The Messenger , too.

Anyone awaiting the same ear-pricking, skin-tingling innovation that Marr's renowned for may be disappointed: his guitar is dazzling throughout, no doubt, but there's richer spoils here than his string-manipulation. Instead, the true fascination with his debut solo album is how it's unmistakably shot through with his own personality.

Read our review of The Messenger here. If you're still unmoved by the time you reach the final song, well, you're probably as dead as he is. Show all 6 episodes. The Michael J. Show all 62 episodes. TV Special writer: "Koskipuiston kuu". Agnes and the Burning Train". La tele de tu vida TV Series performer - 1 episode, writer - 1 episode, - Episode 1.

Mars Top of the Pops TV Series writer - 28 episodes, - performer - 4 episodes, - - Reunion Special Show all 29 episodes. Ruggerio's Neighborhood Ruggerio's Remix " - uncredited. Show all 7 episodes. Derrick TV Series performer - 4 episodes, - writer - 2 episodes, - - Anna Lakowski TV Series performer - 1 episode - Episode 2. Coronation Street TV Series performer - 2 episodes, - writer - 1 episode, - Episode 1. Rockopop TV Series performer - 1 episode, writer - 1 episode, - Episode dated 10 February TV Series performer - 1 episode - Episode dated 12 June Elsewhere TV Series writer - 1 episode - Pilot Fever and Mr.

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