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Label: Twilight Records (2) - TW 1.38 • Format: CD Limited Edition, Reissue • Country: Argentina • Genre: Electronic, Folk, World, & Country • Style: Darkwave, Industrial, Neofolk

The Fall 2. Bloodmark I 3. Dethroned Spirit 4. Bloodmark II 5. Dementia 6. Inner Burn 7. Bloodmark III 8. Springtime Depression Forgotten Tomb's cover Labels: dark ambient , neo-classical. Ulfhethnar - Beyond Their Mortal Boundaries demo []. Ave Satani 2. Cold Fields 3. A Call for Rising Mists 4. Fenriz Stamm 5. Winter Darkness 6. The Eternal Silence 7. Epilogue CD limited to copies. Re-released in tape format by Heulen Horn Records. Eisenwinter - Verkommen, entartet und verreckt []. Der Zorn Gottes Einklang 2.

Atomschlag 3. Monolith 4. Rostkoloss 5. Alter Zeiten Grimmigkeiten 6. Der Blick aus kaltem Stahl 7. Blitzende Gerechtigkeit 8.

Stahlhammer 9. Das Nuklearherz des Eisentyrannen Auschwitzer Grimmigkeit Labels: black metal , nsbm. The Opening 2. Mood 3. Mood 4. A box destined to induce emotions and feelings to people. This release is definitely the coldest to date for Horologium.

Divided into three evolutionary parts and quickly diving into lurking sadness, "Penfield Mood Organ" initiate the feeling of something tragic soon to be unleashed Limited edition copies with special booklet cover. Labels: dark ambient , industrial , martial , neo-folk. Friday, May 23, Staruha Mha - Rusali []. Labels: dark ambient , drone. Ritual Front - Advayta 7" []. Labels: industrial , neo-folk.

Camerata Mediolanense - Musica Reservata []. Labels: martial , medieval , neo-classical , neo-folk. Camerata Mediolanense - Campo Di Marte []. Growing Deep Inside A3. Where Were You? Machinegun Baby A5. Wheeping In The Dark B1. Bloodshot Eyes B2. Throw Myself Away B3. Dark Room B4. I Was There B5. Sufferhead C1. Greinke is an aural sculptor of the highest order, melting keyboard passages into haunting themes, and his use of clarinet, piano, and samples adds texture to an already rich palate.

Recited alongside talented Dutch composer Michiel Spape's wonderful score, Troy Southgate - who was born and bred in the area - begins his tale with a beautiful description of the Palace in all its majestic glory, before moving on to a dramatic account which deals with its cataclysmic destruction in and, finally, a very moving and personal epilogue which elaborates upon the heartfelt sadness he feels for Upper Norwood's contemporary decline.

Welcome to the Pleasuredome! He is mostly known for his cassette work in the mid-eighties. His work is primarily built on repetition and alteration, usually from single sound sources. With this composition, he has manipulated an answering machine recording of his mother's voice.

The piece is shifting and complex. It is smooth and relaxed with the contradiction of extremely high, piercing frequencies.

It is undoubtedly one of his most complex works to date. In an edition of 1, Here Hukam is a psycho-energetical sound project from L.

This project represents sound meditative practices, journeys in the body of sound, tuning on the between-dimensional perception. A bridge between crystalline and organic consciousness. This disk is a tuning on the astral projection, a trip to the depth of your astral body, slight widening of attention sphere due to temporary relaxation of the frontal ego. The effect is achieved by using the difference between sonic waves in two channels.

Sound which comes in consciousness through hearing transfroms into a signal of a non-sonic nature and is perceived as a tune bypassing brain functions. The nervous system relaxes and the consciousness obtains the possibility of free movement in the astral body. Hyperborea Ryr feat. Synergy of Polar Blue blood continues the way of inner astral war of the Hitlerian age. Gods of the 3rd Reich are awaken and wait for putting the right question, saying the right word, finding the magical hyperborean sound.

This time Ryr collaborates with another Russian mystical fascist project Morbus Mundi and presents the picture of creating other spheres and other planes through the prism of martial industrial, ritual noise, dark ambient and techno trance.

Rattling and charming dance of anscient ices plays fairy melodies, prancing and swirling crosses whistle in the sky, thunder and lightning break from shining blood. Schwaben borders of Antarktida have come to their Ultima Faterland to the North, and now we witness the "secret terrain" - Hyperborea.

The place where everything will start from the beginning. The will come to guide us in the end of Kali-Yuga and show the right direction for the axis of Earth to obtain the right state, into the harmony after the staggering events, with wich this Manvatara ends, this cosmic age consisting of four aeons.

The poles will be united then again. This work focuses on the German Vril society myths of 'Aldebaran', from which universal spirituality is said to originate.

One hour of immense walls of dark, brooding atmospherics, pulsating anthems of the universal power, mixed with themes of heritage and history. The ultimate document of deep and cavernous dark ambient. Space dreamy ambient with sometimes hostile and uneasy atmosphere. Three minimalistic lo-fi compositions created with the use of processed field recordings and calm synthesizer lines. Third track is recorded in collaboration with Russian musician and writer Maxim Tioulenev.

Schmerz is one of the top masterpieces by Kirlian Camera and contains some of the best tracks ever written Heldenplatz or Twilight Fields to mention just two!

Kirlian Camera are the historical pioneers of the Italian electronic scene. Active since , it is one of the most important cult bands in Europe and it was about time, to make this amazing album available again! Schmerz is eclectic - we can find dark folk, electronic, ethereal and many other different stiles on the same record.

My recordings attempt to blur the distinction between electronic, acoustic and ambient sources. Analog or acoustic instruments are used because of the direct physical process with which they generate sound. I take field recordings from sounds that habitually go unnoticed in the daily environment airplanes overhead, trains passing in the night, the broken radiator at the end of the hall, falling snow , as well as those which are less accessible for hearing the abandoned subway tunnels of Toronto, a muffled cab ride through Guadalajara, contact mics on Jacques Cartier Bridge, etc.

I combine nondescript omnipresent noises that surround us with instrumental and vocal recordings to create a landscape of sounds that unites the properties of both musical and everyday contexts. All the nine tracks from "The Bees of Psychic Province" show us various musical inspiration of the artist. On this album you'll find song inspired by the middle ages, neo-folk music, ambient passages and even a rhytmic electro.

Although the music is very complex every little sound created by the artist is neccesary here. Fomat: CD, A5 folding cover. This new edition is limited to copies. Re-release in new Artwork and including 2 previously unavailable bonus-Tracks! Dark folk, martial sounds, timeless hymns and bombastic noises are the ingredients for this amazing split album.

The album deals with tales about humanity, their weaknesses and heroism during German occupation and oppression of the Polish Nation in WW2. Astral trip a the warrior of light in his sonic body through the waves of galactic convergence.

Reissue of a self-released CDR. Author's artwork - A5 cardboard sleeve. Kuwayama-Kijima -- " On previous efforts, they have recorded improvisational pieces under a highway interpass whereby the environmental sounds of the area are heard in the background of each piece. Much of this music is to be heard on the trente oiseaux, gg, and 20 City labels, to name a few. With this release, we hear a refinement of this sound as the improvisations found on this CD were recorded in the empty warehouse no.

Gone are passing cars and other incidental sounds. This work gives us the chance to hear the beautiful interplay of these two gifted musicians that is flawlessly recorded and leaves no detail unheard or muffled. The CD is packaged between five beautiful double sided cards containing artwork from Kiyoharu that suggests alchemy and the melting of sound.

Oppressing, frightening and chilling atmospheres, nightmarish samples, distorded guitars and more vocals and orchestral parts than usual melting into subtle soundscapes full of latent violence Housed in a special fold-out package featuring full colour images captured and designed by the artist. Limited ed Leber comes from a musical background which is more traditional, from a compositional perspective.

However, the style Leber demonstrates here is likely to be one that is familiar to fans of other Alluvial releases- delicate field recordings, found sounds, manipulated objects, and scrupulous attention to detail. This is not improvisational music, but rather graphically scored prior to execution. The pieces have room to breath, expand, and let the listener set the pace at which to take it all in. This piece is as delicately composed as some of bernhard g?

A very powerful debut. Classical example of static music. Two lengthy ambient tracks, heavy on subtle drones and concrete sounds, descending slowly forwards. Kamil existed in a previous incarnation as one third of the now defunct Polish trio, EA. His most recent interests include the decontextualisation of sound material. He is currently experimenting with primal structures of non-organic origin, such as white noise and sine waves, and melding them into sounds of organic nature.

He works mainly with a PC platform. Mem uses isolated sections of string sounds from a big band orchestra and draws them out into slowly cascading layers.

We hear humming, vibrating, drawn out drones that build very slowly into a massive crescendo of noise that eventually include others sounds from the orchestra. Many of the sounds are manipulated, but nothing outside the original recorded version is added. The piece results in a stunningly beautiful hour with hypnotic qualities that build in giant ebbs and flows. As a point reference, this is reminiscent of some of the best work from Charlemagne Palestine and Vidna Obmana.

In addition to his work as a composer, Kamil runs the Salvia Association with Vion, and formerly worked as a music journalist and cyberculture writer-editor for the first Polish internet magazine titled "WWW". There is a great deal of diversity on Overrated, too. The resulting ambience could easily have been a mess, but it is crafted into a very effective arrangement and works just as well as the more musical tracks.

Mimetic Field doesn't rely on vocals to make a point and the one song that does feature lead vocals, "Overpraise" actually seems a little weaker because of them. Instead, vocal samples from various sources in various languages are spliced in here and there. Also, some unusual chants are used on tracks like "Overload" and "Overact" but they never fall into the cliched category of bands like Enigma. One thing I like about Mimetic Field is there is no obvious motive behind the music.

It isn't like "here is some pretentious electronica crap to show off our technical skills" or "here are ten versions of the same dance song to guarantee club play". It exists only for its own musical value and is eminently listenable. The songs aren't rushed sounding. Each track builds in a very deliberate, confident way. The result is a powerful, dark album that should be of great interest to all types of electronic music lovers and maybe even some metalheads.

Each piece composed by Gen Ken Montgomery is the result of domestic alchemy, transforming some ugliest environmental sounds into artistic images of impressive beauty. His instruments are just prepared toy synth, but also from time to time laminator, icebreaker, radiator, film projector and so on.

These recordings were made in Conrad Schnizler studio in West Berlin, and also live on stage there, in time of Germany reunion. Muslimgauze remixes. Recorded Manchester April The opening title tracks complement each other well, and share similar elements such as a recurrent conversational sample and moody keyboards. The first has a more loping feel in terms of percussion, while the second is driven by a quick electronic beat; both use the bells which have appeared on so many other Muslimgauze recordings over the years.

After the minute-long snippet, "God and I," the first "Baku Oil Field" ratchets up the brooding feeling even more: soft machine-like growls and wheezes rise from deep in the mix, with only an occasional bell and brief echoing samples of percussion and string instruments, calling to mind more familiar Muslimgauze works N until a growth in general intensity at the end. It's quite wonderful, and the similarly named track which follows continues that flow, with percussion added throughout.

Following another brief track, Sandtrafikar concludes with "Remix by the Rootsman," which is indeed the U. He comes up with a rough, shuffling bass drone mix that fits in quite well, although he's not simply trying to ape Muslimgauze. It makes for a fine conclusion to one of Bryn Jones' best all-around efforts. Dedicated to a Palestinian martyr, the album sounds like a cleaner version of Techno Animal, with Eastern influences instead of dub.

There are 24 tracks spread across more than an hour, so there isn't a large amount of time for each track, though several are presented in suites, like "Anti Arab America. Muslimgauze vs. Because this is a remix, we get some different sounds than usual for a Muslimgauze release, which is nice! There are still occasional Arabic voices, and overall this release has a pleasant sound to it overall, not as 'challenging' as some Muslimgauze can be, but there are still spots that make you take hold, like, wow, what an ear piercing first song!

This looped whistle gets into your head and makes the world a different place. Dubby sounds on track 2 with the trademark dropouts of Muslimgauze. There are other tracks with sharp sounds, but they aren't distorted like on some other releases - just the sharp without the static. This is a cool release for Muslimgauze. Some are take it or leave it, but this one is worth hearing.

Some of the tracks date as far back as the late s and in parts the material has been previously released on the 7" of the same name on Drone and the Schmoll compilation on Dhyana.

Bron Y Aur - Quien Sabe? Wallace, Italy CD. He is moreover present with T.


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    May 28,  · This box includes the Kirlian Camera CD "Schmerz" and the 7" "Le Printemps Des Larmes". It is limited to handnumbered copies and comes with two stickers on it. Included are an one sided 84x59 cm poster and a 2,5x2 cm oval metal pin. The CD comes in a jewelcase with a 4-page booklet/5(12).
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    This regular jewelcase has different artwork compared to the limited digipak edition (TW1 38). Previously published on Urlo Records on 7" vinyl (URLO /7) (Tracks ), Heaven's Gate on MCD (BRCDM) (Tracks ), Discordia on full lenght CD (DISCCD) (Tracks ), Triton on full lenght CD (TRITON09CD) (Tracks )/5(18).
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    Recorded May August at Edison Lab. Studio, Parma Track 1 taken from the K.C. soundtrack to the film "Guido Mazzoni". This CD includes for the first time all the tracks originally composed for "Schmerz" in Barcode and Other Identifiers/5(39).
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    Track 1 taken from the Kirlian Camera Soundtrack to the documentary film "Guido Mazzoni" by Marco Speroni. regular reissue: TW1 39 Previously published on Urlo Records on 7" vinyl (URLO /7) (Tracks ), Heaven's Gate on MCD (BRCDM) (Tracks ), Discordia on full lenght CD (DISCCD) (Tracks ), Triton on full lenght CD (TRITON09CD /5(10).
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    Of Thorns (Twilight Fields) Written-By – Balestrazzi* The Silver Snow Written-By – Bergamini* Notes Re-release of the original issue with bonus tracks (same bonus tracks as the Discordia reissue). Kirlian Camera: Schmerz ‎ (CD, RE) Twilight Records (2) TW Argentina: /5(17).
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    Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Schmerz - Kirlian Camera on AllMusic - Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Schmerz - Kirlian Camera on AllMusic - (Twilight Fields) Kirlian Camera: Amazon: The Silver Snow. Kirlian Camera: Amazon: blue highlight denotes track.
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    Tracks 11 and 13 (CD 1) taken from Schmerz; Track 12 (CD 1) taken from Drifting; Track 01 (CD 2) taken from Blue Room; Tracks 03 and 13 (CD 2) taken from Ocean; Track 04 (CD 2) taken from It Doesn't Matter, Now; Track 05 (CD 2) taken from Austria; Tracks 08 and 09 (CD 2) taken from Kirlian Camera; Track 10 (CD 2) taken from Passing Masks; Track.
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    KIRLIAN CAMERA CD 1 01 The Desert Inside — Long Version () 08 Ascension () 09 Sea Of Memory () 10 Fields Of Sunset (Days Of The Scythe) () 11 Twilight Fields () 12 Drifting () 13 Heldenplatz () 14 Memories Are Made Of This — Veronika Voss () CD 2 01 Blue Room — Extended Version () 02 Eclipse (
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    02 Twilight Fields [Kirlian Camera covered by Dive] 03 Broken Meat [Dive covered by Kirlian Camera] 04 Ars Moriendi Pt 2 [Kirlian Camera covered by Dive] Tracks and taken from the MCD/CD/Box-Set Schmerz. Track taken from the MCD Drifting. Track taken from the 12" Blue Room.

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