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The Tomorrow People by Roger Price. Stephen Jameson is an year-old teen living in New York City who has been waking up in different places and doesn't know why, until a young woman named Cara Coburn tells him that he isn't a member of homo sapiens or baseline, non-telepath humanity. Stephen is a member of the human subspecies homo superior , a telepath , or, as they're known informally, one of 'the Tomorrow People'. Cara takes him to an underground facility, an old subway station, where Stephen meets John Young and Russell Kwon, as well as a small band of people of his species.

An artificial intelligence supercomputer, known as TIM, runs the facility while John is the de facto leader of the group. John has his doubts about Stephen, but Cara and the others believe Stephen can bring the Tomorrow People to a place where they can be safe from their enemy, Ultra. Things turn around when Stephen decides to work for his uncle, in order to find out what happened to his father. Stephen also discovers a surprising unique power that no one knew of, the ability to manipulate time.

Stephen is working for Ultra as a double agent for the Tomorrow People. John doesn't trust Stephen, but Cara believes Stephen can bring their people to safety. His first mission is to bring in a paranormal named Kurt, who has robbed a bank by telekinetically controlling a security guard. Stephen learns that Ultra wants to kill Kurt instead of neutralizing his powers. Stephen feels wrong being part of genocide, having also learned in the previous episode that his kind cannot commit murder.

They manage to save Kurt from Ultra, while Stephen undergoes his first debriefing by a strong telepath who could learn everything about the Tomorrow People and their secret hideout.

With help from Cara, he shields his mind from her, but at the cost of his Ultra partner's life. With the missions becoming more dangerous, Stephen wants to quit, but John is beginning to trust him. John believes Stephen should stay at Ultra and work from the inside and report back all of the organization's moves to them. Stephen meets his new partner, a fellow homo superior named Darcy Nichols, and Ultra tries to develop his new power of stopping time.

Meanwhile, the Tomorrow People come up with an idea to get inside Ultra's mainframe with Stephen's help.

They are successful but Cara's past gets into her head and endangers the mission. The mainframe pulls out a name of a paranormal. They try to find her but it turns out to be a trap with Cara being captured. Jedikiah asks Stephen to neutralize Cara's powers, which Ultra believes he had done successfully, but instead he stops time and gives her a harmless saline injection instead.

While at a party, Stephen telepathically overhears a classmate, Emily, contemplating suicide but is not allowed to help humans as it will expose their powers. Instead, Cara intervenes and talks her out of suicide, without exposing her powers. Stephen's human best friend, Astrid, saw him teleporting and confronts him. Cara's past is revealed: five years ago she was a deaf, socially excluded teenager who accidentally killed a boy her age.

The boy had attacked her, and she discovered her powers defending herself. She could suddenly hear and was able to escape police custody and talk to her father, who gave her money to run away. She said goodbye to her younger sister and left forever. Guy Bee. Killian is different from the others because he is able to kill. Killian tests him in order to determine if he is a worthy adversary by detonating 6 bombs all at once.

John successfully deactivates the bombs using teleportation. Meanwhile, Jedikiah is invited to family dinner by Marla, Stephen's mother, in order to find out what job her son is doing for Jedikiah, which she suspects is the same way her husband was involved with him. John agrees to meet with Jedikiah, who informs him they should have a temporary cease-fire to work together to find Killian.

John and Killian battle in a parking garage, but Jedikiah betrays the Tomorrow People and sends in a kill squad to kill both.

John teleports them to the woods, and John shoots Killian dead, after informing Killian that the reason why he left Ultra was because he too was also made to be a killer. On the advice of Irene, another Tomorrow Person within their Lair who is an adept geneticist, Cara asks Stephen to obtain some of the 'cure' serum that Ultra uses to strip away their powers to use to create an antidote, which he is able to do. Jedikiah is ordered to bring Stephen in to meet his superiors.

Stephen is shocked to discover that one of them, a man known as 'the Founder', is a Tomorrow Person. The Founder attempts to search his mind, leaving Stephen unsure as to how much dangerous information he discovered. Meanwhile, Cara and Russell attempt to get John to lower his guard enough to let them have a night out of fun, to leave their underground hideout just for a little while, but everything goes awry when they are betrayed by one of their own.

A fight breaks out in which Irene is shot and badly injured. John shoots one of the enemies, revealing his ability to kill. Cara is shocked, he has never shared it with her. It turns out Kurt had betrayed the Tomorrow People, after Ultra threatened his mother.

Incensed, Cara uses the 'cure' serum to strip away Kurt's powers, even after Stephen tells her it is hard to come by and that he is not worth it.

After a traumatic night, Astrid, having followed Stephen once again into a possibly dangerous situation, confronts him at home, forcing Stephen to finally show her just what he's been hiding from her. Russell is informed by TIM that his father has died, and John joins him on his journey home for the funeral in order to avoid speaking to Cara about the secret he had revealed.

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Matt is a self-titled Burger Connoisseur jury is currently out on a couple of his latest calls , and a keen photographer who loves the outdoors, motorcycling and boating. Her passion lies in creative solution selling and in being able to collaborate across businesses, bringing together like minded people to produce fantastic results for everyone. When not at work, Tara is equally as busy and social with her friends and family. She has a manic little girl and two beautiful step kids and enjoys a very noisy household full of music, laughter, interpretive dance and creative story telling.

Louise was born and raised in Yorkshire, UK. Her role is that of Project Manager where she overseas various projects and works with our clients to ensure the best outcomes. Daxxon was born and raised in Auckland and brings a wealth of experience in technical knowledge and payroll systems in small and large organizations to the team at Tomorrows People, with qualifications in Computer Science. At Tomorrows People, as a support consultant Daxxon has an analytical and hands-on approach with attention to detail when delivering technical solutions for workplaces and is passionate about new technologies.

He enjoys the opportunity to collaborate with clients to finding innovative and tailored solutions. Outside of work, Daxxon enjoys spending time catching up with friends through travel, music, and finding new places to eat, and is regularly competing in badminton.

Ollie was born and raised in Auckland. After completing his Bachelor of Arts at the University of Auckland he worked for Auckland Council working on Resource Consent refunds, this was followed by a stint with Healthcare NZ in a call center support-based role. Ollie combines his empathetic people skills with his love of learning new technologies in this role.

He also has an awesome beard. Lando kick started the TP puppy trend during our first Covid lockdown period and has enjoyed his position as leader of the TP puppy pack ever since. His floppy ears and puppy dog eyes have brought joy and chaos to the Ward household ever since. When not disrupting the office, his interests include: food, sleeping, food, long walks on the beach and more food.

He is a wonderfully naughty boy but trying hard to control his many compulsions. Favourite things currently are zoomies around the garden, snuggles with Tara, annoying the cat and chewing absolutely anything. He loves swimming in our pool, jumping on the trampoline, destroying toys, long walks and he also loves food and will eat anything!

Aria lives in Warkworth with Fiona's family.


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    Apr 30,  · Created by Roger Damon Price. With Nicholas Young, Philip Gilbert, Elizabeth Adare, Peter Vaughan-Clarke. A group of teens with psychic and other paranormal abilities use their special gifts to /10().
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    45 rows · The Tomorrow People is an American science fiction television series developed by Greg Based on: The Tomorrow People, by Roger Price.
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    Tomorrow People Organization's Public Health Conference gathers professionals from all continents from academic, professional, governmental and non for profit realms and is a perfect place to meet colleagues and distinguished professionals, share and learn on new achievements in the medicine and public health sector worldwide.
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    Welcome to Tomorrow’s People Inc. Our company is in the business of helping organizations develop their people for the challenges of tomorrow.
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    “Tomorrow’s People College is a mainstream school where smooth integration takes place between mainstream learners and learners with specific learning difficulties and where the full potential of every individual child is realised, in mainstream, remedial and special needs contexts.
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    Managing tomorrow’s people Blue World Who leads people strategy? • The Chief People Officer (CPO) is a powerful and influential figure, sometimes known as the ‘Head of People and Performance’ who sits on the leadership board. • Metrics and data are used to drive businessFile Size: KB.
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    Tomorrow’s People provides advice, strategy, and solutions for improving the employee experience. We are an HR Technology consultancy based in Auckland. CEO and Founder Jane Ward and her team bring decades of experience helping clients manage, run and improve their HR, Payroll and Recruitment needs.

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