Slow Sin - OBrother - Endless Light (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Download Slow Sin - OBrother - Endless Light (Vinyl, LP, Album)
Label: Triple Crown Records - none • Format: Vinyl LP, Album, Test Pressing • Country: US • Genre: Rock •

Put it on and let the sun sink low on the horizon. Watch the lights twinkle on under the pinks and purples of retreating daylight. Roll the windows down and let it mingle with your breath on the air as night rolls in to greet you. Trust me on this one. The only place I wanted to go in was to a goddamn live show.

So what was my remedy? All the fucking time. The live angle is perfectly captured on this outing. The energy is kept high, but also regulated enough for, as any great live show, a bit of ebb and flow.

And really, the hits keep coming. Splid sees Kvelertak put it together better than they ever have really , and the live feel is just icing on the cake. While some folks on staff had a difficult time paring down their picks, every category that interested me conjured an immediate selection from my AOTY list. This was perhaps the easiest choice of them all, considering I zoned out with headphones and Black Taffy on many lazy weekend mornings.

I owe Bandcamp Daily for recommending a number of highlights from , and Opal Wand just might be my favorite of the bunch. Dallas producer Donovan Jones has a knack for balancing lo-fi aesthetics with rich textures. His blend of trip-hop, vaporwave, and plunderphonics made for some of the most engrossing instrumentals I heard all year.

Imagine Forest Swords and Madlib collab album made exclusively with classical samples then played on a vintage phonograph. Wild, right? Block out the world, or home in on every minute detail? What makes the music of UK producer Moses Boyd so utterly captivating and compelling also makes it a perfect album to put your headphones through its paces.

Mestarin kynsi is pure delirium writ in sound. Fifty minutes of headrush and spacey weirdness. Stalwarts of freaked-out black metal Oranssi Pazuzu have done it again here, creating the perfect sequence of sounds to make you enjoy your brain slowly being turned into mush through an unstoppable pnakotic influx of impossible colors and Nth-dimensional prisms.

The guitars burn like great wheels of cosmic fire, the drums pummel away, the bass rattles and slinks, and the keys move like skittering insects across it all. The most complicated of tech-deck progressive fuckery. Its weirdness is channelled through furious guitars, breakneck drums, and overall approach to meter that feels like chaos but, of course, holds a sort of broken order in its heart.

This means that the album truly makes you reach for the calculator, as you are blasted not only by weird music but also weird music that goes incredibly fast towards an incredible number of directions at the same time.

Your mouth is filling up with blood. The speakers are loud. Visitations From Enceladus takes the Blood Incantation template and translates it into a form where the musical progressions appear actually intentional and the song structures are actually apparent. What Visitations From Enceladus most strongly suggests, however, is that swirling Blood Incantation-style prog death might actually work better in shorter, rather than unnecessarily inflated forms.

There were a handful of entries in this category that deserve writeups, but Focusrights take the crazy cake. Duo Asics Endorser and Guitar Janitor yep, those are their names penned what I imagine to be the closest thing to an electric lobotomy, and it functions in much the same way.

Careening through sounds, themes, and time signatures like cartoon baboons in a stolen Lamborghini, Ew, Music! Ever heard a bree through a didgeridoo? Want to hear what happens when Rubber Johnny appears to lick your windows at 2 AM?

Do you like literal feral hooting over panic chords and full tracks of fast forwarded noise? Good, then Ew, Music! New York avant garde death metal act Pyrrhon have been playing with the sounds of technical death metal, noise rock, and mathcore for years, and therefore, have always sounded weird as shit.

At some level, pulling this monstrosity off has got to be more of a statement of artistry and technical proficiency. Weird album structures, instruments, concepts, etc. I, Voidhanger Records is the only label that would have put this beast of an album out, and thank God they did. It all comes together to create something overwhelming, overpowering, and completely hypnotic. The drumming and guttural chants, deep guitar and pulsing horns, the freewheeling saxophone and the sitar, all come together to create something entrancing, gorgeous, and otherworldly.

Across the three suites comprising this triple album, the orchestra move between lurid psychedelia, fiery jazz, and deeply unsettling drone with ease to create completely unique soundscapes. I may or may not have put on The Common Task just for the off rhyme delight of saying Horse Lords to myself again and again.

The band seemingly stopped at the experimental music bazaar for inspiration and exited with a cart overflowing with ideas from across the musical spectrum. Their own self-proclaimed influences range from Glenn Branca to raucous Saharan guitar music to Albert Ayler , which itself piqued my interest as the buzz around The Common Task continued to grow. And then actually I listened to it with the break…. Code Orange have played around with this sort of thing before.

Odd pauses and jolts were one of the defining features of that record and one of the many elements of its sound the band have refined on Underneath and also harnessed in their videos and outstanding live streams to superb and haunting effect.

In this case however, that the hype is entirely internal and self-reinforced, building in anticipation before the listener themselves pulls the trigger on its release. The mid-song split extends that physical manipulation beyond the compositions themselves, somehow becoming yet another reason why Underneath is the best album of You admired it more than you enjoyed it.

Whereas California crystallized all their bizarre musical schizophrenia into a package that was somehow actually sort of approachable. Twenty years on, California remains the Bungle album I come back to most often.

This record is likely the one that will connect them with as many potential listeners as they could possibly draw with this kind of utter madness. Can YOU play brutal industrial saxophone cybergrind in costume in a moving van while filming shorts for Adult Swim?

From the band that brought you Toilet , Van is a revelation in cacophonic, dirty, brilliant grind through the lens of deranged clowns that went to jazz school. Van is quietly one of my favorite releases of the year, and I truly hope we get more Clown Core down the road.

One of my most listened-to records of the year was Crispin Wah Type Beat. In that sense, it feels like a no-misses classic hip-hop record, it feels like a synthy summertime favorite, and it feels like a soundtrack to a better future, because frankly, these dudes are way ahead of their time. Albums to gaze into the void to. Ever had a moment where you found a piece of art that mesmerized you. Like, literally? Where you found yourself gazing intently at a painting, or reading a chapter of a book, or watching a scene of a film that caused the outside world to dissipate almost completely?

Ulcerate has that kind of effect on me, and has since their earliest releases. But none of their records have reached the emotional, existential apex of Stare Into Death and Be Still , and for that it fits this category like a glove. The key elements that make Ulcerate great are all there. The absolutely fantastic drumming, the acrobatic yet menacing guitar work, and the soul-crushing vocals are all in peak form, and just on a technical level Stare Into Death is a triumph of technique and composition.

Staring into the void while listening to this record has become my standard assumed position, and each new listen lends fresh perspectives to sink my teeth into. There are few titles that could have fit it better. Like the horror film It Follows where the protagonists are perpetually pursued by a malignant threat hiding in numerous forms, Shame presents fear as omnipresent but not always immediately perceptible, so you can never relax for too long.

Is it that guy over there? The one who keeps looking up from his newspaper with a glint in his eye. Or is it the old woman you just helped with her shopping bags? She was pleasant but something was off about her….

The industrial power trio create their reptilian sounds from deep within their amygdalae. Although this kind of cursed, uncanny style has been around for a while now, and has many different offshoots from clipping.

The overall production job is stellar for this style, the vocals reverberating inside your skull, the roomy drums, and guitars so crunchy they could shatter teeth.

Starting with a barrage of dirty noise rock, the track quickly U-turns into manic sludgy riffs before completely collapsing into a lethal trudge. Mesozoic Cenozoic , however, had—and has kept—me hooked since day one. There are two clear standout tracks that jump out with every listen.

While others lean on that neat trick a little too heavily, Cross Bringer exemplify how to assimilate that sound into a cohesive, transformative experience. The Signs of Spiritual Delusion is built on a bedrock of crusty, chaotic hardcore and molded to perfection through transcendental blackened leads and lurching blast routines that feel pulled from a fresh wound. While blackgaze relies on big, layered sections to breathe and mesmerize its listener, Cross Bringer manages the same effect through twisting stop-and-start sequences that bewilder and lull your senses into passivity.

The whole album carries a similar feeling, waxing and waning between panicked hopelessness and acceptance of what comes after. It may not be your normal voidgaze, but it sure does the same trick. Yet, the music speaks for itself and perfectly fits that disorienting bleakness, gazing into the void atmosphere. Animals As Leaders Animals as Leaders. Animals As Leaders Weightless. Antemasque Antemasque. Apollo Brown and O. Arch Enemy Black Earth. Arch Enemy Stigmata. Architects Ruin. Architects Nightmares.

Arctic Monkeys AM. Arsis A Diamond for Disease. Arsis A Celebration of Guilt. At the Gates Terminal Spirit Disease. Avenged Sevenfold Waking the Fallen. Baroness Red Album. Baroness Blue Record. Baroness Purple. Beast Jesus Eros Obfuscate. Beau Navire Life Moves. Black Flag In My Head.

Black Midi Schlagenheim. Bring Me the Horizon Sempiternal. Brutus BE Nest. Bunuel The Easy Way Out. Capacities The Unexamined Life. Carnist Hellish. Caspian Tertia. Caspian The Four Trees. Cave In Creative Eclipses. Children of Bodom Hate Crew Deathroll. CHON Grow. Circa Survive Violent Waves. Circa Survive The Amulet. Circus Circus Brooklyn Nightlife. City Of Ifa City of Ifa. Coalesce OX. Coalesce Revolution in Just Listening. Coalesce OX EP. Coalesce Functioning on Impatience.

Code Orange Cycles. Comeback Kid Broadcasting. Comeback Kid Wake the Dead. Comeback Kid Die Knowing. Converge Petitioning the Empty Sky. Converge The Dusk in Us. Converge When Forever Comes Crashing. Cult Leader Useless Animal. Cynic Carbon-Based Anatomy. Dance Gavin Dance Happiness. Darkest Hour Deliver Us. Darkest Hour The Human Romance. Darkest Hour The Mark of the Judas. Daughters Hell Songs. David Bowie Reality. Doomriders Darkness Come Alive. Downfall of Nur Umbras de Barbagia. Dream the Electric Sleep Heretics.

Dustin Kensrue The Water and the Blood. Dustin Kensrue Carry the Fire. Elle Elle. Elle She. Eluveitie Spirit. Eluveitie Slania. Employed to Serve Eternal Forward Motion. Envy Recitation. Envy Insomniac Doze. Every Time I Die Salem. F-Minus Suburban Blight. F-Minus Wake Up Screaming.

Fange Punir. Fero Lux No Rest. Foxing The Albatross. Frail Body A Brief Memoriam. From Ashes Rise Nightmares. Full of Hell Rudiments of Mutilation. Full of Hell Trumpeting Ecstasy. Ghastly City Sleep Moondrifts. Glass Bones Loner. Gnarwolves Fun Club.

Gojira Magma. Hail the Sun Mental Knife. He Is Legend Heavy Fruit. He Is Legend few. Heads and Heads Heads and Heads. Hella Hold Your Horse Is. Hot Cross Risk Revival. I Pilot Daemon Happily Depressed. Iggy Pop Post Pop Depression. In Flames Colony. In Flames Clayman. Infinite Void Endless Waves. Ioanna Gika Thalassa. Iron Reagan Worse Than Dead. Jesuit Discography. Kemba GNK. La Quiete Tenpeun Lewd Acts Black Eye Blues.

Light Black Ex Wives. Lowercase The Going Away Present. Lydia Paint it Golden. Machine Head Through the Ashes of Empires. Machine Head The Blackening. Machine Head Unto the Locust. Mahria Analemma.

Manners Apparitions. Marilyn Manson Heaven Upside Down. Massa Nera no estamos separados. Massa Nera will it be enough for you to keep going? Mastodon Remission. Mastodon Emperor of Sand. Megadeth Killing Is My Business Mother of Red Light. Metz Metz. Metz Metz II. Minus the Bear Acoustics. Momentum Whetting Occam's Razor. Momentum Herbivore. MountainMan Grief. My Iron Lung Grief. Neurosis Souls at Zero. Newsted Metal.

Nirvana Bleach. Norma Jean Meridional. O'Brother Disillusion. O'Brother Endless Light. Owane yeah whatever. Pantera Cowboys from Hell. Plini Sunhead. Plini The End of Everything. The Man Evil Friends. Powerglove Total Pwnage. Puig Destroyer Puig Destroyer. Rabea Massaad Grinding Gears Vol.

Ritual Mess Ritual Mess. Rosetta Terra Sola. Royal Blood Royal Blood. Ruiner Hell is Empty. Run the Jewels RTJ4.

Russian Circles Guidance. Russian Circles Blood Year. Rx Bandits Progress. Safe Hands Oh the Humanity. Saintly Rows Heaven in the Hollow. Seahaven Ghost. Sectioned SCT Annihilated. Sirs Sirs. Skitsystem Stigmata. Slayer God Hates Us All. Snowmine Laminate Pet Animal. Soilwork The Ride Majestic. State Faults Clairvoyant. Storm Daughter The Last Arboretum. Strawberry Girls Tasmanian Glow. Streetlight Manifesto Everything Goes Numb.

Studying Sophomoronic. Superheaven Dispirit. Survival Knife Loose Power. The Blood Brothers Crimes. The Chariot The Fiancee. The Damned Things Ironiclast. The Haunted One Kill Wonder. The Haunted Exit Wounds. The Holy Mountain Entrails.

The Jesus Lizard Down. The Mars Volta Noctourniquet. The Mire Volume: II. The Mire Vice Regalia. The Threats Saboteur. Whenever, If Ever. Josh Is Dead. The Zeta L'Antiteoria del Todo. Thrice Deeper Wells.

Tiny Moving Parts Pleasant Living. Toska Ode to the Author. Trash Talk Plagues. Truman VA ma doi. Underoath Define the Great Line. Unsane Visqueen. Vales Our Enlightenment Is Dead. Verse From Anger and Rage. Vice or Virtue Enlightenment. Vile Ones Teeth. Vio-Lence Nothing to Gain.

Wayfarer World's Blood. Wolf Whistle Winter Demo. Wolf Whistle MA Glory. Wolves and Machines Remedies. Young Widows Easy Pain. Young Widows Old Wounds.

Youth Funeral Symptom of Time. Zao Pyrrhic Victory. Acres Acres. Aghast Consumer. All Shall Perish Awaken the Dreamers.

American Standards Still Life. American Standards Anti-Melody. Anthrax Fistful of Metal. Arabrot Who Do You Love. Arch Enemy Burning Bridges. Arch Enemy Wages of Sin. Architects Daybreaker. Architects Holy Hell. Archivist Construct. Balance and Composure Separation. Baptists Bloodmines. Baptists Bushcraft. Baptists Beacon of Faith. Baroness Yellow and Green. Barrow Being Without. Bastos Second Favorite Person. Birds in Row Personal War.

Black Breath Sentenced To Life. Black Flag Slip It In. Boots Electric Honkey Kong. Bosse-de-Nage Further Still. Capdown Wind Up Toys. Caravels Floorboards. Children of Bodom Halo of Blood. CHON Demo Closure in Moscow First Temple. Coma Regalia En Sperata. Coma Regalia There's Still Time. Converge Unloved and Weeded Out. Dads Brush Your Teeth, Again ;. Darkest Hour The Eternal Return. Daughters Canada Songs.

David Bowie Earthling. David Bowie Let's Dance. Dead Swans Sleepwalkers. Dead Swans Southern Blue. Deaf Radio Modern Panic. Deftones Ohms. Denzel Curry and Kenny Beats Unlocked. Dissection Reinkaos. And Then There Was X. DMX Grand Champ. Emery I'm Only A Man. In Shallow Seas We Sail. Eminem The Eminem Show.

Envy Alnair in August. Fawn Limbs Sleeper Vessels. Flying Lotus You're Dead! Grappler Callow. Gulch Impenetrable Cerebral Fortress. Hopesfall The Satellite Years. I Wrote Haikus About Cannibalism In Flames Reroute to Remain. In Flames Soundtrack to Your Escape. Indian Summer Science Intronaut Void. Just Like Vinyl Black Mass. The warning was not heeded and the email never circulated among other Council members. Ensuring that Buffalo residents have accurate information about lead poisoning is critical because the city is ground zero for lead poisoning in Upstate New York.

District Council Ulysees said he discussed the email withresponsible his boss. Even if the swab does produce a positive result for.

We are doing something. Is it percent? The Erie County Department of Health has primary responsibility for testing residences for lead. Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz has proposed the hiring of additional county inspectors and a nurse while acknowledging the move provides only a partial solution. Let Canisius show you how. Earth Day is April 22, we encourage you to take this day and make a pledge to reduce your carbon footprint. Let Feel Rite Fresh Markets be your one stop for local organic produce and all your eco-friendly and naturally sourced products.

Remember, we only get one Earth. One per customer while supplies last, with coupon good only on earth day. How does your teaching and background in sociology frame your interest in and photographic documentation of the houses? My sociological and photographic work are so in-. We can see how the narrow but deep lots confined development, how limited resources affected what could be built and maintained , how builders were in dialogue with each other, and so on.

Its striking form is marked by a series of successive additions, each one stepping down in scale from the last—from big to small. In , David Schalliol, an assistant professor of sociology at St. Olaf College, began photographing the telescope houses.

Presented as a uniform series of individual house portraits in profile, the work invites contemplation of its subjects both as singular and peculiar, and part of a larger collective disseminated across a desolate landscape. Each photograph is a beautiful record of history and time, and simultaneously begs questions about the future—not just for the individual houses and neighborhoods, but for vernacular, preservation, and the socio-political forces that shape the places we live.

One of my favorite. I review maps and other sources ahead of time to get a sense of potential areas to visit, but I try to spend the majority of my free time simply wandering.

During my second visit to Buffalo in , I was driving around the East Side, hoping to get a new view of the neighborhood, when I started noticing telescope houses. Most of my projects are about the relationship between the built environment and community life, so seeing such a clear vernacular type immediately intrigued me. There are many photographers documenting the urban ruins and decay of Rust Belt cities. I intend my photographs to be about.

When I present the photographs, I make conscious choices about how to mitigate dwelling on descent. For example, I present the photographs as a group to help keep attention on the form, and I ensure I include at least a few photographs of buildings that are remarkably well maintained. Even so, it would be a mistake not to recognize the deterioration of many of the houses. To the. As you might expect, I feel connections to both ends of. Typological projects may have a tendency to depoliticize their subjects, but I am convinced that they have equal capacity to 1.

Moreover, as someone who works in a variety of media, it is important to me that the Buffalo telescope houses project is essentially a photographic one. There is an important practical distinction between the. Both approaches are influenced by—for example—discourses, norms, constraints, and polit-.

I am firmly in the historic preservation camp, although my. Do you think the development of new vernaculars is possible in an increasingly global and socially complex 21st century?

While certain building forms are expressed with. The gradual accumulation of these actions creates a new dialogue that influences how buildings are designed in that place. These houses relied on a specific ideology related to inhabitation, time, and growth—that as the family expands, so does the house.

That ideology has since shifted—newlyweds now buy three- and four-bedroom houses in anticipation of growth, rather than starting with something smaller and expanding over time. The cultural and material realities. Joe Sorrentino Jr, c. Richard Fontana, c. The wind blew a gale, and it was intensely cold, which added fuel to the flames. Soon the roof of the American caught in an inaccessible point. The fire spread rapidly, and in a few minutes the dome was wrapped in flames, and not long after the entire roof of the main building was a sheet of liquid fire.

It spread downwards and along the wing extending towards Pearl Street, until the whole building was on fire throughout, and amid the crackling of the flames and the falling of the walls, it presented a grand as well as melancholy spectacle. Ere long the whole was a mass of smoldering ruins, except the front wall which stood solitary and alone.

The American, five stories tall, of cut brown stones, and surmounted by a cupola, was one of 99 buildings constructed by Benjamin Rathbun from to This daguerreotype of the American Hotel ruins, snapped by Donald McDonnell the morning after the fire, is the earliest known photograph ever taken of Buffalo.

To the left of the hotel ruins, the Bonnet Store, J. To the right is the Globe Hotel, where the fire started, and the Eagle Tavern. The site is now occupied by the Main Place Mall. To find emergent examples, we may need to look at different kinds of places.

Rather than looking where families expand their current homes, we may need to look for places where people modify buildings with the expectation of a new mode of living. Other than the immigrant-driven examples I mentioned before, this might mean looking at vertical extensions of row houses in central cities or expansion patterns in inner ring suburbs.

The irony is al-. In fact, I was just discussing this very point at a talk a few nights ago. As you suggest, the only reason I am able to photograph a telescope house in this way is that at least one formerly neighboring structure has been demolished, and often two or three buildings are absent.

As I walk on the ground where those buildings once stood, I often reflect on what might have been there and how the neighborhood once was.

Indeed, the telescope house poses an interesting dilemma with regard to its own precarious future. As a vernacular type whose significance is rooted in continual transformation and growth, it defies the traditional definition of preservation—the term itself meaning to keep [a building] in its original or existing state. But the consequence is the implication that a building is not, and will likely never be, as significant as it once was.

Buildings are anything but static, and thus constantly at odds with preservation. Most outlive their original occupants, and nearly all go through dramatic changes in the course of their lifetimes. They adapt with shifts in technology, fashion, and use, existing in a continuous state of evolution. And in Buffalo, no buildings are more emblematic of this spirit than the telescope houses of the East Side. They stand today as a testament not to preservation, but to perseverance.

Dbl parlors, formal DR, upd. Must see to believe! Mark W. Gourmet kit. All totally redone top to bottom. Susan D. Hi-end kit, library, deck. Full dry bsmt cld be finished. Joe Sorrentino Jr, c NO. Lenahan, c NO. Robert Karp, c N. Includes bldg, equip, adj. Robert Karp, c SO. On the other hand, some of them he finished many times, adding elements and deleting others, even adding paper strips along borders of a work to make it bigger.

The combination in the centerpiece work in the current Charles Burchfield exhibit at the Burchfield Penney Art Center of highly unusual subject matter for this artist who painted mostly nature or outdoors subjects, and the fact that he struggled for years to finish the work but never could do so suggests—just possibly—Freudian issues inhibitions as the reason.

On view through May On view through Apr On view through April A reference in a letter then updates the matter into the next decade. Roycroft from the Collection, on view through Jun Jack Drummer, on view through Jun Burchfield Archives on view through Jun But four years later——the work is still not finished, and no great prospect that it ever will be. He mentions in a letter that the Walnut Bed is not yet ready for exhibit.

Usually legible, but not always, or not always easily. And wall copy succinct explanation of the advantages—from an archival perspective—of hard copy over digital. Burchfield Penney archivist Heather Gring curated the exhibit.

Tue-Sat 11am-5pm, Sun pm. Opening reception Sat Apr 16, pm. Opening reception Fri Apr 15, pm. Exhibits Iroquois artists work. Live music ThuSat. SARA M. ZAK Sara M. Zak is a painter, sculptor, installation artist, educator, and community arts organizer who lives in East Aurora. She also teaches painting workshops throughout the region. Moog has set out to make portraits of every selfidentified working artist and arts professional in Western New York.

To be included in the project, call David Moog directly at or contact the center at Artists working in all media are welcome; visit burchfieldpenney.

First, it was a series of elegant bus shelters in Allentown; bike racks followed, and in subsequent years the works have been not so small at all. Sixteen students undertook designs that would be practical and beautiful, taking inspiration from the neighborhood in which they would be situated, and then negotiate the processes entailed in getting the benches permitted, built, and installed. Not an easy task nowadays, when municipalities are wont to remove public benches rather than make new ones.

All before this current semester ends. You can read more about the Buffalo Benches Project and see the designs at dailypublic. You can also learn more Wednesday, April 13 at 7pm at the Old First Ward Community Center 62 Republic Street , where the students will offer a public presentation on the project.

Whatever, Michael Mulley. Favorite track: Complicated End Times. Nosce T. Peter Ellman. Rose Wheat. Zachary Nelson. Brandon Mulder. Brent Simpson. Whimsical Lone. Freek Rooijakkers. Marc Simon Buerkle.

Tom Mehrer. Thomas Ylvisaker. Ales Kocjancic. Matt Tilson. Addison Daly. Kendall Holt. Daniel Mead. Joe Wasserman. Eugenio Crippa.


El Guarusero - Los Cougar - Nancy/La Celosa (Vinyl, LP), Through A Storm - Mæstoso* - Grim (CD, Album), Gary Valenciano - Greatest Hits I (CD), Love (Your Pain Goes Deep) - Various - The Cream Of Vintage Soul - Volume 1 (CD), Please Hold On - Giuseppe Cennamo - A Single In The Jungle EP (File, MP3), Sinfonía Num. 35 En Re Mayor KV 385 Haffner - Mozart* · Karl Böhm · Orquesta Filarmónica De Berlín*, Youre So Vain - Marilyn Manson - Born Villain (CD, Album), Azymuth - Outubro (Vinyl, LP, Album), Ódio Latino - Abuso Sonoro - Já Basta!!! (Vinyl), Jelly Roll, Kulkurin Iltakalja - Various - Kaikkien Aikojen Juomalaulut (CD), Sputnik - Various - In The Dark 3 (CD, Album), «Sfogava Con Le Stelle» - Московский Камерный Хор, Владимир Минин - Лассо* / Векки* / Монтеверди* /, Марш коммунистических бригад Sizu Yantra - Bienvenido Al Sueno (CD, Album)


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    Endless Light by OBROTHER, released 25 March
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    Sep 04,  · O'Brother is one of those bands that force you to do an audio double-take every so often, asking yourself, "Can they really be this good?" They are. Endless Light is an easy best of for me with flawless production, seamless flow, and hard hitting /5(11).
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    Jul 18,  · Endless Light, an Album by O'Brother. Released 25 March on Triple Crown (catalog no. n/a; CD). Genres: Alternative Rock. Featured peformers: Daniel Bressett (aka_text artwork role_id aka_text), Anton Dang (bass), Michael Martens (drums, layout, design, aka_text artwork role_id aka_text), Jordan McGhin (guitar, backing vocals), Johnny Dang (guitar, layout, design, /5(3).
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    An album that is so impressive in its simplicity. O’Brother quite simply just write banging rock songs. Influence from progressive and post-rock is abundant, but at its core, the reason Endless Light works so effectively is because of the concise, distinct and memorable hooks and riffs. Every song has a fantastic melody, and every one is played with the same dramatic conviction that made alt /5(4).
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    O’Brother ziehen Endless Light stattdessen in ambient schimmernde, dösende Soundscpapes, in deren Unergründlichkeit man sich endgültig verlieren kann: „There is a time and a place/ For a miracle/ I hope this is it/ I need it now in the realm of the physical/ Time is leaking in„. Alle Silhouetten lösen sich hier versöhnlich auf.
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    O’Brother have announced their third LP, titled Endless Light, to be released on March 25, via Triple Crown Records. Pre-orders are available now in a variety of formats and bundles. The band has also released a new track, “Deconstruct,” which is a brooding, eerie cut that highlights the band’s phenomenal atmosphere and grittiness.
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    Mar 25,  · O'Brother – Endless Light jetzt kaufen. Bewertung, Endless Light. Pop, Rock, Pop, Rock [Vinyl LP] O'Brother. 5,0 von 5 Postrock-Album des Jahres, es fehlen einem die Worte bei dieser fantastischen Musik allein der Song Slow Sin istes schon wert, ein Meilenstein der Rock-Geschichte und die Songs Time is a Length of.
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    OBrother-Endless Lightr35 Obscure-Zero Dawn-EP-WEBENTiTLED Project Evil-Project Evil-WEBENTiTLED Red Hot Chili Peppers-Aeroplane-2CDMB2A iNT Rubblebucket-Sun Machine-WEBENTiTLED Ry Cooder-The Prodigal SonFNT Ryders Creed-Ryders Creed-WEBENTiTLED Slash-Mind Your Manners-SINGLE-WEBENTiTLED.

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