She Makes Me Smile - Crazy Titch - Crazy Times Volume 2 (CDr, Album)

Download She Makes Me Smile - Crazy Titch - Crazy Times Volume 2 (CDr, Album)
Label: Lockdown Records (5) - none • Format: CDr Album • Country: UK • Genre: Hip Hop • Style: Grime

I love you my jewel. You are my happiness, my heart desire, my everlasting flame, the one that makes my heart beat fast. My love, my queen, I cannot think for a second without you in my mind.

I cherish you, princess of beauty. My love for you has no limit, my joy you are my eternal. You make me feel so fulfill whenever I think of you my everlasting flame. I love you so much my jewel. Love is a risk either you sink in it or it sink you, for me have deeply drowned for the love that I have for you, thank you for giving me this unconditional love. The biggest achievement for me is seeing you happy and comfortable, you know that your smile alone gives me the courage to live and always want to be with you my morning star.

My princess you are my moment of weakness and strength, I enjoy every day spent with you in my arms, I just want to check on the cutest and sexiest love of my life. Your eyes sparkle like the morning sun rise, your breath frozen all the fish in the rain, you are my most treasured security. I love my life with you it makes it complete. I adore you a lot sweetheart. It was that night I saw a falling star that I made a wish and I found you, I am assuring you my love that if you make a wish tonight it will come true the way you came true in my life.

I love you for who you are my queen. If I could go a thousand miles just that make you mine I wont even think for a blink of an eye for my love for you knows no boundary. I love you my princess. Your happiness is my major priority, your weakness is my strength, just want you to be the queen of my heart. I love you. If loving you is a crime I will rather be a criminal, your love has made me who I am today, thank you my love for making me the love of your life.

People may say that I have gone insane, if loving you will make me what I am today, I will say yes, yes! Because your love is what made me the bravest man.

I cherish you with everything I have got. Nothing is going to change my love for you, even if you want me to go tell everybody in the world, I will always love you as long as I live, my honey bunny. Do you know the impossible thing to do in this world, is describing how water taste?

A makes-me-crazy love relationship occurs when one member of the union is, invariably, defeated by the other. Perhaps you find yourself feeling secure in your opinion or feeling regarding something your partner has done. Yet, once you begin to discuss this perception with the other you second guess and doubt what had been firmly in mind. This type of pattern leaves the recipient of makes-me-crazy, spinning and never able to be sure if what they think or are feel is valid.

As a result, they are left hesitant regarding their decisions and ashamed of their emotions. Typically, the culprit who makes you crazy in these situations is actually projecting their own insecurities and self-hatred onto you.

Caroline continually found in her relationship with Jack that she was second guessing and doubting her impressions and emotions.

Despite all of this, Caroline eventually married Jack and the difficulty escalated. With kids to care for and bills to pay, Caroline was constantly angry and anxious. She strained to convince Jack to see things as she saw them. And yet in the effort she almost always lost her focus as she allowed him to convince her again and again of how she had failed him.

Chronically second-guessing yourself and doubting when you are upset with your partner. Maybe I am being too sensitive. Taking yourself away from your own feelings. Anger that never seems to quite get quenched or resolved when you communicate with your partner. Working overtime to please or make things right. Feeling overly guilty and working to make amends about things that really may not be your responsibility.

If you find yourself in a makes-me-crazy love relationship, carefully consider your history with love. If early in life loving one or both of your caretakers left you feeling undervalued, you may unintentionally pick undependable or inattentive lovers who dismiss your needs or emotional concerns.

It can be intoxicating to meet a person who triggers old love patterns. What was once a powerless child who felt at the mercy of an inattentive caregiver becomes a powerful adult who selects an emotionally unavailable partner with the hope he will change his ways for her.

Change because, unlike those who disappointed her as a child, she is able to make him see that she is worthy and special. Sadly the allure that he will become something she has never before experienced gives way, and she is left once again feeling unworthy of love.

Absent because a man with the capacity to actually care for her does not match her need to overcome an indifferent man to prove that she is worthy. Often those who struggle with self-acceptance are the ones most likely to be pulled into a dynamic where the other has little ability to take responsibility for poor behavior.

Escape from this condition comes to those who learn to recognize the pattern and discover that it does not have to be their destiny. Allow a bit of time each day to sit alone and consider all that you push away to suit your makes-me-crazy partner.

Develop awareness for the emotions and thoughts that seem to reoccur in your internal narrative. As you become more consistently conscious of your impressions, communicate what you feel to others without reservation or equivocation. As trite as it may sound, changing your relationship with yourself will have a profound impact on the people you chose to let into your intimate world.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone; get to know new types of people—even if at first they do not elicit the intense chemistry and intrigue to which you have become accustomed. Connecting honestly with others in non-romantic contexts is a counterintuitive way to learn how to pick romantic partners that are capable of knowing and caring about you. The more accustomed you are to people treating you in a healthy manner, the more alien those who do not treat you this way will seem.

I figure a few more decades of self-help books, therapy and church and I might just get it right. Her tearstained face is the epitome of what happens when you let your craziness take over your entire life.

This meme in particular is our favorite when it comes to describing crazy girlfriend behavior. Your boyfriend going out of his way to be nice or polite to anyone of the opposite sex will cause some major insecurities to pop up. In the beginning stages of a relationship, a girl will tell her friends all about the new guy in her life. So on point. There are no limits to her craziness, and her boyfriend will deal!

She will Google Map his route home from work and time it down to the second. If he shows up more than a minute after the estimated time, watch out! The crazy girlfriend will demand some answers! Where were you? Who is she? Are you cheating on me? Let me check your text messages! Give me your phone! OMG can you say psycho?! This meme brings on the L-O-Ls almost immediately. Look at her wide eyes and the crazy facial expression! I held myself differently when I was around guys.

I was more relaxed, more composed, and more myself—and far more willing to let bygones be bygones. It was my internal rule, but it never occurred to me to share it with anyone else, until this precise moment, with Chelsea sitting on the floor eating all of our ice cream.

So, I shared my mantra with her. She swallowed and looked at me. The next morning, I awoke to Chelsea making a bountiful breakfast. She beamed at me as I walked in and joined our other roommates at the table. This was no heartbroken, sugar-hungover girl.

This was an elated, joyous woman—who was somehow miraculously energized. We were all a little confused about the early Saturday morning celebration, but we went with it because, hey, breakfast is delicious.


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    #2: Things She Talks About. Crazy women are BIG talkers. They have LOTS to talk about, and lots to debate about, because for them, the world is a confusing, maddening place that doesn't make a lot of sense and is surprisingly difficult to control and get a handle on.
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    Watch: New Singing Lesson Videos Can Make Anyone A Great Singer It makes me wonder why she don't call me anymore But comes around at 2am and the writing's on the door And I say baby, you're looking kinda hazy She gives me the look and no I don't mean maybe She Makes Me Crazy I'm up in the morning, feeling kinda small The lady's sleeping and the writing's on .
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