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Zak also presented Des with a promise ring that he had been holding on to for weeks. Kiawah wasn??? This is not a short course by any means, but I can see where the long players had to hit iron a lot off the tee.???

All praise is due to Allah! Boeing resolved the issue by redesigning those batteries to better guard against heat buildup, encasing them in fireproof steel boxes and cutting a vent in the plane to dump smoke and heat away from passengers. He oversaw a four-fold expansion of the economy, the reversion of Hong Kong from British to Chinese rule, and the country's entry into the World Trade Organization. Jiang stepped down as party leader in , although he led the commission that controls the armed forces for another two years.

Have you got a current driving licence? Morocco's king rescinded his pardon of a Spanish pedophile on Sunday after an unusual bout of protests in the case. It was the first time in recent memory that a Moroccan sovereign had reversed a pardon. These demands are not in accordance with the law," Ahmed Gulak, Jonathan's political adviser, told reporters after the talks on Wednesday.

Gulak did not give details of the demands. They included website developer CGI Federal, a unit ofCanada's CGI Group Inc, which said in preparedtestimony that the software from another contractor designed toallow users to create an account led to early bottlenecks. Could I order a new chequebook, please? Known as the Lacey Act, critics have called it ineffective in protecting the country from thousands of non-native fish and wildlife species, including such invasives as the Burmese python, Asian carp, northern snakehead and, most prominently in Lake Champlain, the zebra mussel.

The higher the rate of interest, and leaving out myriad other factors, the greater the investment risk. If the U. Treasury defaults, it??? Obama has refused to consider changes to the health law as a condition of reopening the government, and he says he won't negotiate over terms for raising the nation's debt ceiling, saying Congress cannot ask for "ransom'' in return for doing its duty.

I wrote him up for not playing the odds on taking the 10 yard penalty in the 3rd quarter that would have made the play 3rd and But he declined to gamble there, instead takes bad math odds on a 2 pt conversion attempt? Why did you come to? Its beauty was that it enabled instant recalculation of a whole line of sums just by changing one number. He said that euro zone central banks had promised to roll over Greek bonds and that if they did not they should make up the difference by other means.

While there are still quality hiccups, the gap between the best and worst cars has been closing. It last week released an updatedapp introducing games, paid-for emoticons and a mobile paymentsystem. What do you want to do when you've finished? He said he told her the money was in his wallet, but instead of fetching it he high-tailed it to the woods and called the cops. Could I have a statement, please?

Brazilianofficials have said Brazil will not buy such a strategicaircraft from a country it cannot trust. She joined the first all-female rock band in La Crosse, the "Chantells," which she described as pioneers in a male-dominated industry. Would you like to leave a message? They said the evidence showed that within weeks of his arrival in Baghdad, Manning had begun searching classified military computer networks for materials that were of interest to WikiLeaks.

Short term governments endlessly swinging between supposedly opposed party dogmas and of internally inconsistent ability, simply perpetuate a culture of muddling through. Malley, best known recently from??? In Plain Sight,??? It might have something to do with her seemingly new diet. OH Hiiiiiiiiiiii,' the star tweeted, adding an Instagram photo of herself sporting thigh-high boots, black lingerie and blond locks. However those people who are saying 'who cares about 30 min time saving' are missing the point.

Its about capacity. That would like adding a lane to the M1 every 10 years. However HS2 - I'm still skeptical. From legendary boxers and iconic tennis players to golfing greats and fabled Olympians, the Daily News has the photos you want of the once-in-a-lifetime sports moments. Find yours today and relive history. Have you got any? San Jose has had to slash other spending to help cover the costsand balance its budgets. Where's the postbox? The company has a total of eight plant locations across India.

McLoughlin said the line won??? It seems that Golden Globe winner James Franco, who maniacally multitasks by attending Yale, NYU and a slew of other universities while working as an actor, visual artist and writer, cannot actually have it all. The pair began dating in I didn't exactly pop out of the womb and onto a racetrack.

I was just your average active suburban kid. But my dad was a runner, and I was easily encouraged. Hence the smattering of faded photographic evidence of my mini-Prefontaine years. A previous draw and split-decision loss to Pacquiao also happened in Las Vegas.

Rather than waste energy all day long when you??? You can also set a higher temperature for the middle of the night when you??? Hunt says can cut up to three percentage points from annual returns. Resting on the pope's portrait is a piece of paper confirming the diagnosis of her aneurysm. More like Hong Kong than Somalia. Earlier this month, a fire broke out in a Dreamliner on the ground at London's Heathrow airport.

Over the past five years, India??? Meanwhile, around private equity firms have flooded in. It has authorized police to use live ammunition to defend themselves and state installations. Do they allow pets? Can you rent out your unit in the future if you want? Are there quiet hours? Are there rules about shared spaces like a yard or pool? Before you move in, make sure you??? The medicine has been recalled in Hong Kong after it was found to contain up to twice the level of lead permitted by the Hong Kong Government.

Constitution, which some scholars read as prohibiting any sort of default. Under this scenario, Obama would simply order Treasury to continue borrowing even if Congress didn't raise the debt ceiling.

The White House has so far rejected this possibility. Let's not forget them,"Croizon wrote on Twitter. You have someone as humble as my son, Mariano, it has been a great career, and it will be very difficult to see the Yankees playing without him,??? But it??? Yes, he can still dominate and throw hard. But he hasn??? If you already stand out as you enter your senior year and have done thorough research regarding the colleges you would like to attend, identify whether or not any of those colleges offer an early action program.

In this implementation, nanoparticles within the switching medium form a conduction path between the top and bottom electrodes, which can be broken or reset by the application of a voltage to store bits. Nobel Peace Prize winners don??? The Obamacare implementation has left a lot to be desired.

What a great opportunity for the opposition party to offer a reasonable alternative,??? For those of us who are somewhat believing that the opposition right now in Washington are crazy people?? Fortunately this coincided with new techniques for large-scale production in cast iron, resulting in that default item of garden furniture, the "park bench". But the players should not confuse Vigneault???

That is not the case. How much is a Second Class stamp? We try to preserve the stories in these vehicles,??? Stark said, as he sat in one of the classic muscle cars. So in this Caprice, we have air fresheners in the grill. And in that van towards the back, we left the love letters we found.??? What are the hours of work? If he does it, it is authorized.

Do you like it here? I firmly believe the team is up to the task. Now, we begin the final push to launch. Bush's No Child Left Behind initiative sparked a nationwide debate over how much to rely on testing. Many teachers and educational experts have complained that "teaching the test" is counterproductive to helping students truly learn. Many districts also increase class sizes and scale back on instructional opportunities, such as summer school programs, in order to save money.

Where do you come from? It's whether New York wants to elect someone for whom the race is all about him. Keep the door open in greenhouses or sheds when potting-up plants or filling hanging baskets. Which university are you at? Its fiber optic network covers 8, miles in the region. We would never have been in a position to tell a story like War Horse. The possibility of talking about the war of as a historical event in its own right only became possible as recently as a couple of years ago I would say.

That was up 18 percent compared with the same period last year, when fears of Greece leaving the eurozone kept tourists away. They are the very dregs of their own societies without place, purpose or future. They continue to inflict the burden of themselves on America and Americans because we look the other way rather than confront them with appropriate challenge and rejection.

The justices, he says, "may well use this case as a strong signal of what's to come. Italso said a deposition would distract Bernanke from overseeingthe nation's economy and fiscal policy. Where do you study? Strasburg falls behind when a fastball misses.

He decides to go with the fastball again. He looks in at Pedro Alvarez, his knees bent slightly, his weight back, his bat as straight as the Washington Monument.

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Will I get travelling expenses? Logan is spending his remaining days at home, where he is showered with attention from family members. Dunlap's , pound athleticism allowed him to be a gamebreaker. His two sack-and-strips of Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers in red-zoneish territory earned him AFC Defensive Player of the Week honors and the Bengals a road win, and his yard interception return for a TD sealed Cincinnati's 10th win of the season in the finale against Baltimore.

He also led the team in forced fumbles and recoveries and his six sacks gave him 20 in 38 career games. Tom Graves, R-Ga. Instead, these numbers have largely been determined by continuing resolutions, debt limit agreements and other negotiated settlements used in lieu of the mandated process. As a consequence, regulators often work to keep costs low through the implementation of price ceilings.

A few days out of every month, his airline job takes him to cities like Paris and Amsterdam. He has an agreement with the airline that he won't name it publicly in work for his wealth management firm. He also burned down several churches, using a photo of the remains of one, a 12th century edifice, as an album cover. He was released after serving 16 years. It's high time for President Obama to act decisively, and stop Assad once and for all. In the Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation asked the U.

Securities and Exchange Commission to look into it. A two-for-one raid on Goodison has been launched, hoping to bring Leighton Baines and Marouane Fellaini to Manchester. But even here, the purchase of players with whom he has such a sound working relationship is not proving straight forward.

Supreme Court has provided guidance for the court. She said the will of the people should not be disregarded, but precedent allows for scrutiny of laws that may be unconstitutional. In fact, even without these gears, adult planthoppers are better jumpers than their younger counterparts. Burrows and Sutton theorize that the loss of these gears is due to them being unnecessary, as the insect is now bigger and stronger, and also because it removes the danger of damaged gears throwing the legs completely out of sync a phenomenon the two witnessed several times.

My heart goes out to Teresa and her family. I am sure she will be vindicated, especially with Teresa saying on the record she didn??? The team quarterbacked by Tebow featured Percy Harvin as its top receiver, though Murphy put up nearly identical numbers.

Cooper was the third receiver, though Tebow's third-favorite target was his tight end, Aaron Hernandez. Walkers are invited to retrace the footsteps of where the lovers met and see, through various mementoes, how their romance blossomed. It's essentially like caffeine, just a bit more effective and with less jitters. Vancouver police said they believed he was alone in the room after returning to the hotel early on Saturday morning.

The "Starships" singer went completely topless in the snap, which is hardly a surprise for the quirky star. One thing's for sure, Nicki Minaj is not shy! Cultural bias strikes again! Ralf Gold, chairman of the department of neurology at St. Josef Hospital in Bochum, Germany, said in a statement. Could I take your name and number, please? The vouchers can be combined for larger purchases, however, and fans can use them to purchase tickets, food, beverages or merchandise at any other home game this season.

With its powerful military and security forces, Egypt is critical to the long-term US effort to combat radical terrorist groups in the Middle East. Egypt is also a leading Arab partner in helping the US to contain Iranian power in the Middle East and to blunt its effort to become a nuclear weapons power.

In other words, Egypt is a crucial partner on the key US interests in the region. He appeared frail and his physical condition has deteriorated over the last months.

He said his illness has not deterred him from all his duties, including sitting out in 95 degree heat Monday night at the home run derby and returning Tuesday for the All-Star Game. He was released without charge after reaching a time limit on such detentions. It and Luna Rossa saythe new rules amount to a last-minute opportunity for Oracle andArtemis to implement improvements to their yachts that theyshould have made earlier.

Note: The domain JFineart. The domain now belongs to a new owner, who has no connection to these photographs. How do you spell that? I Don??? Enough rock??? Although he called it a "perfect storm" of bad news, he said words like "epidemic" and "outbreak" aren't appropriate.

Instead it appears the hackers managed to break into the domain name registry for Palestine??? The hackers changed the IP address to which google. That site featured the hackers??? Can I use your phone?

The teacher asked if it was anyone??? The class was unusally hot. The air conditioner was not working and everyone was overheating so much. Halfway through the class they gave everyone free water bottles.??? Fifteen or 20 years ago it was so much simpler.??? Itnoted the potential for a one-off high-impact attack.

It would save the economy a lot of money and get the memorial and government open a whole lot faster. We believe the onus falls on Olympic power brokers, not the athletes, to effectively deal with Russia??? The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported earlier this year that tens of thousands of teachers and other government workers have left their unions since the Walker-backed law took effect.

He said the settlement was an "in-kind" offer of goods and services but declined to estimate the value. But panicky Bangui residents protested at the presence of the children in the Unicef compound in the capital, seeing the former child members of the rebel armies as a potential???

The rescued children have been moved once again to a safer location and been given police protection. Tampa Bay has had to make its share of decisions in recent years. While Carl Crawford and B. Upton departed for free-agent money and James Shields was dealt to the Royals last winter for young slugger Wil Myers, the one constant has been Longoria. Profits and dividends would have to be cut to deal with his proposed price controls; this would be particularly painful for the three million private investors in Centrica, who bought shares following the Tell Sid campaign in We're trying to take care of business.

That's way more important right now. The man also faces separate charges, together with other people from the settlement, for allegedly possessing an illegal firearm and drug-related offenses.

But rates are at the level where some buyers may no longer find a mortgage affordable, according to Erik Johnson, senior U. Ammann cited pricingpressure in Australia and Southeast Asia, as well as costheadwinds in India. But he said operating earnings in Chinaincreased and will remain strong going forward.

He never has and he never will. The summer would see 1, civil rights demonstrations around the nation and about 20, arrests, almost all in the South. This information is not used by us for any other type of audience recording or monitoring. How do I get an outside line? He then installed two connector patch panels and gap spanners on Poisk. Once completed, Misurkin joined Yurchikhin to assist with the Ethernet cable installation work on the Zarya cargo module.

Could you send me an application form? However, defense and bullpen issues could be their Achilles heel. Is it convenient to talk at the moment? College football??? Could I have , please?

President Barack Obama, after a meeting in Washington with Kuwait's emir, Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah, reiterated that he would insist any deal on Syria's chemical weapons be "verifiable and enforceable. Who do you work for? Earlier this month in Tanzania, Obama said the administration had "gotten better" and "more efficient" at implementing PEPFAR, saying the program has served four times as many people than when it began in I was drinking, but I wasn???

Morillo said Tuesday. The thing is, I??? So, I don??? The department said on its website that the program would streamline the claim review process. Scheduled flights will start in earlyOctober and Solyom expects to have 12 aircraft by the end of and 1, employees within a year.

The difference is expected to be made up by supplies non-OPEC producers. This means that if they were to retire tomorrow, they would receive an annual pension, linked to CPI consumer prices index , of?

To put this into some kind of perspective, it would cost a healthy man retiring at 65 about? Now, towering cranes and platforms of the removal team loom over the shipwreck. During the study, the research team also compared two OCLs with each other. According to reports, they found the OCLs were in agreement, and their measurement of time was stable.

He batted cleanup against Oakland stud Tim Hudson and went 0 for 5, striking out three times. He was benched for Game 2 of that division series and was hitless in three at-bats in the third game before he was lifted for a pinch hitter named Bobby Kielty. Where's the nearest cash machine? The few hints he offered in an open letter toeditorial staff had the familiar naivety of the tyro newsproprietor who thinks he can reinvent journalism: "Ourtouchstone will be readers, understanding what they care about -government, local leaders, restaurant openings, scout troops,businesses, charities, governors, sports - and working backwardsfrom there.

Do you know the number for? Where are you from? While many municipalities can find ways to reduce costs of health care or other benefits, pension costs are out of their control: The contribution rate is set by the Legislature, and local governments must pay.

He did not elaborate on the experts' findings. Four Korean pilots contacted by GlobalPost declined interviews out of concern for the reputation of their nation, and of attracting the ire of Asiana before the US government investigation is completed. Another four in 10 said they used such gadgets to distract their children while out and about, such as in restaurants.

The United States sought his extradition to face charges. That can cause fender-benders, and so park managers installed more viewing pullouts. But that leads to other drivers speeding through the area and colliding with the same animals other people are looking at, Ruch said.

He said park managers should consider installing overpasses or underpasses to help reduce collisions, better study how roadway changes might affect collision rates, and even consider replacing private vehicle traffic with shuttle buses. Do you know the address? His hometown in Germany has also resisted providing a grave, fearing it could become a neo-Nazi pilgrimage site.

What's the last date I can post this to to arrive in time for Christmas? Ending their five-game losing streak against the Pats would also really help them in the wild-card race. Looking at him, it just brought back the time,??? Listening to him testify was like re-living my case all over again, and looking at his hands??? When you go home, you don???

My wife and my girls won??? While we discuss these challenges, the world??? How many would you like? She is the main rock in the book. Her job was always a wife, mother and grandmother. That is what she enjoys most. Fortunately, there are free resources like the Safe and Secure Online Programme to help guide them toward sound choices online.

Taking away some of Assad's air power may help limit in a modest way the humanitarian disaster unfolding in Syria and neighboring countries.? A guy who competes is a go-getter. Ticket site Fandango said the filmgrabbed 51 percent of advance sales, with 73 percent saying theywould not want to see the film without Jackman in the lead role.

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Boom in rete per la cover di "Paparazzi". Di Maurilio Giordana maggio 15, Tra le centinaia di cover di Lady Gaga che circolano in rete, una ha stabilito in pochi giorni un vero e proprio record di contatti su You Tube. Si tratta della versione di "Paparazzi" cantata da un dodicenne americano di nome Greyson Chance. Il giovane cantante in erba si esibito con la sua cover dalla hit di Lady Gaga durante un concorso scolastico ad Edmond, un sobborgo di Oklahoma City, il 12 aprile scorso.

Se per Greyson Chance si s. Di Maurilio Giordana maggio 13, Immutata e inconfondibile la melodia del ritornello, nonostante un nuovo arrangiamento pop-dance. D'altronde nonostante il brano sia considerato quasi un inno femminista, venne scritto da un uomo; fu infatti composta nel da Robert Hazard e solo in seguito riadattata dalla cantante newyorkese. Sagi Rei: album tributo a Michael Jackson. You've conquered my heart like this bold warrior king overcoming Persia in B. The German inscription on his grave in Jerusalem reads, "The unforgettable rescuer of persecuted Jews".

Why now? It's a British word for ham that still needs cooking, like bacon does. This country is mostly surrounded by India, though to the southeast, it shares a border with Myanmar. May I remind you she died in a blaze of firing squad bullets! In the s this German missionary used his Nobel Peace Prize winnings to found a leprosarium in Africa. Style of roof seen here with shallow slopes over steeper ones.

This American territory is a mere 5, miles west of San Francisco. So, if Lola invites Betsy to dinner one night and Betsy already has plans with another partner, Lola expects Betsy to reveal those plans and not make excuses,. The people interviewed for this story give a sense of the variety of forms polyamory can assume. In her previous marriage, Charlotte loved someone besides her husband.

When I finally discovered the paradigm of polyamory, that really felt like the right fit for me. But she says she plans to before he finds himself pressured into conventional, and often patriarchal, modes of love and relationships without realizing that other paths can work, too.

I love my sibling. For Chris, those norms were instilled early in life. Chris, who was only 23 when she met her now-ex, stayed married for 20 years but always felt spiritual attachments to other men and women, even though she was never physically unfaithful. When Chris began exploring polyamory several years ago, after her marriage ended, she was surprised to learn how many of her colleagues were also polyamorous.

Total honesty also means practicing safety, Lola emphasizes. The U. As Lola asks, would the government only count partners who live together? How about those who only see each other once a week or once a year? Several Vermonters interviewed for this story belong to a local polyamory email discussion list that claims to members. Similarly, a search of PolyMatchMaker, an online polyamory dating site, turned up people within miles of Burlington — from singles in their twenties to gay and straight couples in their sixties — who are interested or engaged in polyamorous partnerships.

Those in the poly community suggest their actual numbers are much higher. No one wants to go up to the altar and recite goopy, AMHallmark-card sentiment. In this regard, affianced authors have a certain advantage. Seven Days asked a few Vermont writers about the creative process behind the construction of their own wedding vows.

We found that, despite their solitary occupation, these writers know a thing or two about how to express togetherness. Shelagh Shapiro is the author of the novel Shape of the Sky and hosts. So, lesson one: Vows should convey sincere emotion and reflect values that are important to the couple. He teaches creative writing at Norwich University.

When Prentiss wrote his own wedding vows last year, he was reminded of advice that he frequently shares with his students: S hA p i r o Always consider your audience. If everyone else in the crowd thought our vows were duds, that would have been fine, as. Orientation begins February 4, at pm Contact Pam Greene or pgreene mercyconnections. Rosetta comes from literary stock: Daniel, 29, writes atmospheric horror fiction and is the author of three books, most recently the short-story collection The Lord Came at Twilight.

Heather, 33, is a freelance writer and editor for, among other outlets, the Vermont-based wedding magazine Sweet Violet Bride. Heather confesses that, as she penned her vows, her professional instincts to revise, revise, revise became a liability.

One of their favorite pastimes was creating comics together. They decided to participate in Hour Comics Day, in which writers and artists are challenged to create 24 pages of comics in 24 hours. The couple used the occasion to write their wedding vows in comic-book form.

Those comic vows turned out so well that they were included in the anthology 24 Hour Comics Day Highlights , and the couple copied them and distributed them at their wedding.

For this comedy set in , that medium is farce, wrapped around a bit of biography and clever dialogue reminiscent of Restoration wit and topped with a bawdy look at sexual freedom.

The farcical frame makes the biggest impression, resulting in a playful minute romp that calls attention to performance as artifice. With a fusillade of slamming doors and the quick costume changes necessary for two actors to play six characters, while the central character flirts, writes and utters witticisms, the play is more a meditation on theatrical deception than a character study. Behn was a prolific writer and an especially obscure historical figure who may herself have taken pains to hide her past.

The handful of facts about her establish that she worked as a political spy, was an early novelist and wrote 19 comedies that place her alongside John Dryden as a leading Restoration playwright. Anyone concerned that a play in which men wear wigs will be uncomfortably fussy can rest easy. The characters are thoroughly modern. Some, in fact, depend on expletives and ribald overtones that have a neat power to shock when uttered by people wearing corsets and brocade.

To the known fact that the actress Nell Gwynne had a long liaison with Charles II, Adams adds the imagined notion that she may have had a dalliance with Behn as well.

Gwynne was provocative and sometimes dressed as a man; add that to the temper of the times, and the YOLO personality Adams constructs for Behn and the story rings true. Adams never provides the real engine of farce: a sense that the action is escalating past control. If Adams creates a flimsy plot, she compensates with graceful dialogue, making the lines sparkle and the wit flow.

She flirts with a meta construction, superimposing the s on the s from time to time, the better to keep the audience aware of the cyclical nature of. Expletives and ribald overtones have a neat power to shock when uttered by people wearing corsets and brocade. Nothing threatens the breezy sexual confidence of Behn, Nell and the king, and no epiphany triggers it. Or, has plenty of kissing. Carleton develops these moments so the play transcends typical stage kisses, which are often mere placeholders for emotion.

She nudges these scenes to the edge of rapture and then lets the play spring its verbal trap, for Adams has her characters ever oscillating between flirtation and coy retreat. By allotting just enough time for the steely gaze or the giggled demand to show what a character wants — ink, money, fame, fortune, whiskey — the director makes each entrance and exit tell a swift story.

Her amorous come-ons generate bright sparks, while her bustling comic turns shatter manners without overplaying the jokes. John Nagle uses precise vocal and physical shadings to reveal the differences in class that distinguish King Charles II from William Scot, a traitorous spy and souse. His Charles has the world by the tail, while Scot has to do a lot of scurrying to stay ahead of it. Nagle then gets a fun turn as Lady Davenant, the theater producer hustling playwriting talent on her own terms.

The satisfaction with which she inspects her own leg, cross-dressed in pantaloon and hosiery, lacks only the selfie. In her other roles as servant and jailer, Rice is hilariously earthy and gets to run the biggest gamut of accents. Rice is nicely caught up in each moment, and when her Nell extols the s as a golden age, she makes a convincing case.

The show is more fluff than substance, but the farcical high jinks put the audience in pleasant anticipation as characters dart on and off in new disguises. The emphasis on artifice adds a layer to the play, and if we learn only a little about Behn, we are reminded what makes theater, in any age, so much fun.

Through February Wednesdays through Saturdays, p. Open Enrollment is when you can enroll in a plan or make changes to your existing plan. Have questions or not sure what to do next? During 11 days, you can choose from all disciplines: theatre, dance, music, circus arts and everything in between! The outdoor site will be bursting with free activities— braziers, shows, activities for children, the giant slide, projections, etc.

Our wedding was the first event [at our home and wedding venue]. We cleaned out the barn for our own wedding, and that was an immense project. We grew most of the meal. We have a bunch of friends who are chefs and great cooks. Jean-Luc Matecat [now chef at the Inn at Weathersfield] came and harvested all our lettuce and beets and came up with the salad, with a maple-orangebalsamic vinaigrette.

Wedding banquet pressure is compounded for members of the culinary industry. We spoke to Vermont culinary groundbreakers — from farmers to butchers, writers to wedding planners — about what made their nuptials delectable. May their tales help you plan the meal for the biggest party of your life. He did pulled pork with wild Maine blueberry-chile barbecue sauce and a more traditional bourbon barbecue sauce. He did a porchetta roulade with caramelized fat.

He took the chickens, halved and brined them in a Thai-style lemongrass brine, and then grilled those on-site. I sent out recipes to two of my other best chef friends who wanted to contribute.

They did a Mediterranean quinoa salad with apricot and chickpeas and cucumbers and mint from the garden, and a summery, lemony dish with haricots verts and fingerlings in a mustard-lemon vinaigrette with tarragon. Our friend Nicholas Laskovski of Dana Forest Farm came with his Austrian backpack and picked mint to make mojitos, for which the rum was infused with cucumber and mint for a few days.

Our Jasper Hill [Farm] friends gave us a bunch of wheels of cheese for the cocktail hour. We served it with jams and pickles and rhubarb chutney. It was amazing! I made the wedding cake myself. I froze all the components ahead of time, and Chris McGandy, who used to be a pastry chef, assembled it. It was a big, huge, tall wedding cake — bittersweet chocolate with chocolate caramel and ganache and candied pears.

On the outside there were edible flowers, too. I also baked some cheesecakes ahead of time. My blackberries were in season, so my friend went out to the blackberry patch and used them to make a star-anise compote. Future dinners may include housemade charcuterie and themed pork roasts prepared in international styles. Rellini hopes to host a dinner club each month, moving the meal in the summertime to tree-lined areas of her fields.

As a trained butcher, the Italian native will continue to focus on meat, especially once her on-farm processing. For years, Vermont fields have welcomed a hungry public for on-farm dinners — in the summer. The meal ends with tiramisu, warm drinks and digestives. Not included in the fee are the shuttles to and from Burlington that Rellini is.

Private event space located in Colchester just off exit 16 We had what we call a communitysupported wedding. One of the major motivations behind doing a potluck was that it was community-oriented and community-inspired — something important to them and celebrating us.

It ran the gamut from very fussy food to very simple, basic, comforting food. There were guests, and I would say there were between 40 and 50 dishes. I made a vegetarian tagine. We had two kitchen staff and we provided a full bar. Our server, Deb Wilson, made a carrot wedding cake. She trimmed the cake into a rectangle shape and took those trimmings and made them into cake balls. Our signature cocktails were inspired by our life together. We originally made a commitment to each other on November 10, , in Paris on a bridge over the Seine.

I recall telling the innkeeper to surprise us and make it nice. It was a buffet, and it was good. I do, however, remember very well what we drank on our wedding day. I was working at Daniel when I proposed to Noelle. And they were exceptional. I cooked dinner for Noelle in our Harlem apartment, and we drank the wines. For our wedding day, I was able to track down the same wines, and we drank those throughout the evening.

Vintage Champagne and Barbaresco … Yum. I, being an idiot, decided to cater our wedding myself. There were people, and I did the food I most loved at that time. Needless to say, we were swimming in cake! The Clayfoot Strutters played swing music for us and backed up Rick Winston on accordion for a very traditional hora. Richard and I were terrorized by being picked up, sitting on chairs, and paraded around. A room full of elderly socialist Jews from Brooklyn my parents and their friends will do that!

It was a beautiful, sunny day but it had been a cold spring, so crops were a bit behind. I do recall that we served Southern ham. There were six cheeses, though there were many pounds of cheese left in the cellar unserved. They were all European, from France, Italy or Spain. The first main course was a mousseline of salmon and scallops with beurre blanc. All the wines were organic and from the Loire Valley.

We had a killer bed of asparagus, so that found its way onto our plates. We ended with a raspberry mille-feuille. One of our friends, who just loves to eat, said that not only was it the best wedding meal he ever had, but it was the best in his life.

It was hard to do for 80 people out of a home kitchen, though we did buy the stove and dishwasher for the wedding! Pick-up or delivery only. Vermont Heritage Roosevelt Highway Grazers. I made some 12v-ThreeBros The ceviche was a standout.

American Flatbread made a special summer wheat beer. Sam [Noakes, former GFM baker] made blueberry lemon-curd doughnuts. We got married affordable! NET Open daily for lunch and dinner under a tent and ate and drank all day. Our wedding was at nine in the morning. We were babes in the woods. We rented out the Pearl Street Inn, a cute little bed and breakfast in a renovated old house. We were not drinkers yet, so we actually had a fruit-juice bar with fresh-squeezed juices.

A lot of people are still mad at us for that. Everything had to be made with organic ingredients. We were 21, and our wedding was the first either of us had ever been to. We were working on an organic farm at that time and were really into food. We decided what people would bring: a lot of little finger foods. There were little mini burritos, little mini fish cakes, things like that.

Everything was a parcel of this or that, tied with a chive. It took up a whole table. It was the best part of the wedding.

I look back and think of how nai ve we were about the planning. It was hard to find organic ingredients back then. The fact that everyone provided that food for us and participated to celebrate the start of our life together, I think, Wow, people must have really loved us. Follow us on twitter for the latest food gossip! Alice levitt: aliceeats, and hannah palmer Egan: findthathannah.

When you think of a traditional food truck, it can get really expensive. For the past year and a half, Worcester has been baking pies, tarts and other sweets for friends and family and selling her wares wherever she can.

While in Southeast Asia, Worcester says, she took cooking classes from local bakers. Her pastry-van idea had its genesis abroad, as well. Usually filled to the brim with dozens of local, farm-fresh eggs in an array of colors and sizes, the cooler was empty. In my spoiled locavore life, grocery-store eggs are for dark days, indeed. Not only are they prone to withholding lays when they get cold, they also require 14 to 15 hours of daylight, among other accommodations, to maintain production.

Schatz said the always-busy downtown co-op sells 1, to 1, dozen eggs per weekend, and keeping the shelves stocked in winter can be a challenge. Schatz said he brought in more producers after the holiday baking season. Still, Rozendaal said fluctuating egg production is natural. Close to 3, hens strong, the North Hero farm — when things are going well — produces about dozen eggs per day, or nearly 1, dozen per week, according to co-owner Hugo Gervais.

Last October, Gervais said his hens suddenly stopped laying. He never got to the bottom of it, though he speculated that the change was due to some combination of weather, a change in feed and the shortening days.

Or maybe the girls got depressed when the sky went gray. After a few weeks, the hens bounced back. As this unfolded, the Gervaises were busy building insurance against another subpar season. In July, they broke ground on a new hen house. Gervais kept labor costs down by doing much of the carpentry work himself and with help from friends. And conveyor belts gently whisk the eggs away for cleaning and packing, which saves the farmers the labor of manually collecting the eggs.

The new building also includes an automated watering system. Previously workers had to water the chickens by hand, and keeping it from freezing was a constant challenge.

Little-known fact: Chickens drink a lot. While practices differ from one farm to the next, everyone contacted for this article agreed. Whiting and her husband, Bruce Hennessey, clean and refill the tubs with fresh water daily, and collect eggs nearly every hour to keep them from freezing and cracking. Whiting and Hennessey also light their barn from to 10 p.

In the winter, grain rations jump to a third of a pound per hen per day. Whiting said a healthy Maple Wind hen lays one egg every two or three days during the summer. In the winter, the frequency drops to one egg every three or four days. Now, after their three-week January dehydration slump, Whiting said her hens are back on track for normal winter production.

The Wellness Co-op, Burlington, p. Info, See efficiencyvermont. Colchester Meeting House, p. South Burlington High School, p. Edmund's Hall, St. Michael's College, Colchester, p. See redcrossblood.

Various locations statewide. Brownell Library, Essex Junction, p. Dorothy Alling Memorial Library, Williston, p. Free; preregister for a time slot.

In , a group of Senate staffers turned to newspaper headlines as inspiration for their holiday party entertainment. Little did they know that the resulting skits and musical parodies would serve as the foundation for the Capitol Steps, a theatrical troupe known for its political satire. More than 30 years and as many albums later, the award-winning ensemble spins national news into hilarious antics that poke fun at everyone from President Obama to Pope Francis.

See waterburywinterfest. Various Waterbury locations. Prices vary. Friday, February 6, 8 p. A panel discussion follows.

Kellogg-Hubbard Library, Montpelier, 7 p. Info, , corey maglianero. Edmunds Middle School, Burlington, p. Drink, Burlington, p. Info, , melissashahady vtdrink. Trapp Family Lodge, Stowe, p. Burlington Bridge Club, Williston, a. Burnham Memorial Library, Colchester, p. Winter temperatures may be low, but spirits are high at Great Ice in North Hero. The frosty fun continues on Saturday and Sunday with skating, dog-sled rides, an ice-fishing derby and pickup hockey.

Free; preregister. Info, , ext. See website for future dates. Monday, February 9, 7 p. Fitness Boot Camp: Participants improve strength, agility, endurance and cardiovascular fitness with interval training.

Holley Hall, Bristol, p. Info, ginger54 sover. Insight Meditation: A supportive environment allows for a deeper understanding of Buddhist principles and practices. North End Studio A, Burlington, p. North End Studio A, Burlington, 7 p. Brownell Library, Essex Junction, a. Highgate Story Hour: Budding bookworms share read-aloud tales, wiggles and giggles with Mrs.

Highgate Public Library, 10 a. Youngsters channel the hooligans of the sea during music, games and activities.

Buttered Noodles, Williston, a. One-on-One Tutoring: Students in grades 1 through 6 get extra help in reading, math and science. Read to a Dog: Lit lovers take advantage of quality time with a friendly, fuzzy therapy pooch. Fairfax Community Library, p. Red Clover Picture Books for Homeschoolers: Bibliophiles in grades K through 3 read titles nominated for the Red Clover Award, then participate in related activities. Jaquith Public Library, Marshfield, a.

Goodrich Memorial Library, Newport, p. English as a Second Language Class: Beginners better their vocabulary. See segalcentre. Osher Lifelong Learning Lecture: Musicians Robert Resnik and Marty Morrissey combine live performances with recordings when delving into the history of Vermont folk music.

Montpelier Senior Activity Center, p. Palace 9 Cinemas, South Burlington, p. FlynnSpace, Burlington, p. Evening Babytime Playgroup: Crawling tots and their parents convene for playtime and sharing. Jane Carroll: Checkmate! The Dartmouth College professor considers how the game of chess served as a vehicle for courtship in the Middle Ages. Rutland Free Library, 7 p. Fletcher Free Library, Burlington, 11 a.

Toddler Time: Parents chat over coffee while tykes burn off energy in a supervised environment that encourages artistic expression. Info, oneartscollective gmail. Bradford Public Library, p.


Come (Live) - Ulf Christiansson, Viktoria Christiansson - Spring Inte Bort Från Sanningen (CD, Album, Lover Man, JR - Lambchop - Tour Box (CD), Cuando Estas Sonriendo - Bert Kaempfert Y Su Orquesta - Bert Kaempfert (Vinyl, LP, Album), I-auzi Nunta Cum Nuntește - Liviu Vasilică - Liviu Vasilică (CD), As I Moved On (BICHI Remix), Álom (Radio Edit) - Jenny (45) Feat. Klemy - Álom (CD), Dolphys Dance - Charlie Haden / Paul Motian Feat. Geri Allen - Etudes (Vinyl, LP, Album), Suite III (1954) - Christian Wolff - Philip Thomas (4) - Pianist: Pieces (CD, Album), Never Gonna Die - Ensemble Economique - Melt Into Nothing (Vinyl, LP, Album), Want It Wit East, Autumn Mist - Actraiser - Lonely Traveller LP (File, Album), Soyez Reconnainair - Orchestre Kin-Bantou - Soyez Reconnainoir / Naleli Evé Elvire (Vinyl), Sonata For The Clarines In A Major - E. Power Biggs - Historic Organs Of Spain (Vinyl, LP, Album), Prairie Ronde - Mama Rosin - Tu As Perdu Ton Chemin (Vinyl, LP) Strawberry Flats - Little Feat - Little Feat (Vinyl, LP, Album)


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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Back 2 My Roots on Discogs. Label: B.I.E. Records - • Format: CD Album • .
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    01 Groove 2 Tha Cadillac Funk 02 Back 2 My Roots 03 Baby Can I Swang 04 Bye Bye 05 No Finger Poppin 06 When I Had No Money (Feat. J'Lahm) 07 S.E. Side Of The Story 08 It's Friday 09 The Whole 9 10 Just A Like Baby 11 U Know Love 12 It Ain't Easy 13 Private Dance 14 S.E. Thanx 15 Interlude 16 Feel Me (Feat. Courtney & Shy)Author: Lolomusicforu.
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    Jeffrey Valantine (2) 1 Groove 2 Tha Cadillac Funk 02 Back 2 My Roots 03 Baby Can I Swang 04 Bye Bye 05 No Finger Poppin 06 When I Had No Money (Feat. J'Lahm) 07 S.E. Side Of The Story 08 It's Friday 09 The Whole 9 10 Just A Like Baby .
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    Intro - Cadillac Funk The Whole ''9'' U Know Love When I Had No Money (feat J'Labm) Back To My Roots It Ain't Easy Baby Can I Swing Bye Bye No Finger Poppin' S.E. Side Of The Story It's Friday (feat Charlie Singleton) Just Like A Baby Private Dance S.E. Thanx Interlude Feel Me (feat.
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    1. Groove 2 Tha Cadillac Funk 2. Back 2 My Roots 3. Baby Can I Swang 4. Bye Bye 5. No Finger Poppin 6. When I Had No Money.
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    (CD) Jeffrey Valantine - Back 2 My Roots (VBR) Jon-Mykal - It's Not About Me (WAV) J-Shin - My Soul, My Life (VBR) Juice - Can We Get Personal (k) Juvon - Trust In Me (VBR) Katora - Katora (k) K-Ci & JoJo - It's Real (k) Keesha - Keep It Real (k) Kelis - Kaleidoscope (VBR) Kenoly Brothers - All The Way (k) Kevon Edmonds - 24/7 (VBR).
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    Sep 02,  · Howard Finster’s uniquely Southern folk art was a perfect match for Talking Heads’ back-to-roots album (and for R.E.M.’s Reckoning around the same time). While some of Finster’s work had a.
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    Story of the Door M R. UTTERSON, THE LAWYER, was a man of a rugged countenance, that was never lighted by a smile; cold, scanty and embarrassed in discourse; backward in sentiment; lean, long, dusty, dreary, and yet somehow lovable. At friendly meetings, and when the wine was to his taste, something eminently human beaconed from his eye; something indeed which .

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