Roller Mobster (Scattle Remix) - Various - Hotline Miami 2: Remix EP (File, MP3)

Download Roller Mobster (Scattle Remix) - Various - Hotline Miami 2: Remix EP (File, MP3)
Label: Devolver Digital - none,Dennaton Games - none • Format: 6x, File FLAC, EP, Compilation 6x, File MP3, EP, Compilation 320 kbps • Genre: Electronic • Style: Electro, Synth-pop

Abuse of this feature may prevent future contributions from your account. Stream M. Featuring over musicians and 7. Radio featuring songs from Quixotic free online.

Listen to free internet radio, sports, music, news, talk and podcasts. Stream live events, live. Stream ad-free with Amazon Music Unlimited on mobile, desktop, and tablet. Download our mobile app now. Submit or listen to your favorite song, songs, or a playlist. If you get nostalgic Listen to M. Radio free online. Jokes Edit. Quixotic provides the base track that the higher-pitched sounds of Hydrogen are mixed onto.

The primary joke seems to be the game's subtitle, Wrong Number, although. Jamais deux sans. Share electronic Soundtrack video game music electro 8-bit. Related Artist. Old Future Fox Gang. Artist Info. Jasper Byrne. LipPi Sound. Light Club. Top Tracks Add. Released 10 March Find buy and download music by M. Trash indeed. Per page: 15 30 N - Dust Light club. Just found this slightly older track by Highway Superstar. I like such slower bassy tracks. So two artists released new albums in late , didn't tag them effectively, and nobody noticed.

El Tigr3 dropped Man-Eater way back in November, it's a lot lighter and minimalistic than even his last release, and at times less aggressive. Big problem is that the tone of the song titles and the song themselves are sometimes completely off. Screws the mood up. Surgeryhead released something on Christmas Eve. Just found about it like ten minutes ago, so I'm still working through it.

I dig it. When I have a spare kbps, I'll upload some more. Most of my new downloads are in FLAC too. So after ignoring Surgeryhead for a bit because of the generic edgy cover art I must say this shit is great.

Good samples, lots of variety, heavy as fuck, but still synthwave somewhere at its core. Well SurgeryHead himself, obviously. I posted some of both earlier up in the thread before my IP changed.

Satanico Pandemonium by Killer Instinct can be a little loose and it starts off pretty slow, but the second half is filled with dense, fun compositions. I just recently discovered Into The Pale Abyss, which is free to purchase and has some pretty tight sampling mixed with the heavy shit that you wanted. All of Kickass Torrent's file database is long gone, I think you might be out of luck. Should've been lurking the thread a little harder.

Would've been worthy of an archive I'll bet, MPM and all. Well indeed something funny has happened.

The album is offline with the profile too! I've grabbed the free download though. Would've paid else. There are 7 tracks total. More tracks were put up on Soundcloud however.

Who knows what'll happen with these:. Well it seems the MPM returning is quite obscure, a tale with with impostors too! Giant upload to synthwave collection inbound, I finally got better internet. Perturbator is overrated as shit here. His first two albums are monotonous garbage, I didn't bother with the rest.

Although multiple artists before Volkor X or since Scattle have some degree of prog rock influence, Phantasmagoric takes it to such a degree that you need to actually enjoy prog rock to enjoy it. So if you're part of the whole Phil Collins cult, it's probably right up your alley, but I thought it was just ehh. Duett's an artist that's been mentioned a fair bit, just not here. So yeah, really really good, fantastically produced, upbeat, catchy and chill synthwave. What you hear is what you get.

Also has a new EP out, but I haven't listened to it yet. But his albums are filled with really unique and boundary breaking explorations, both big and small, of what you can do and where you can take the genre without ever fully diverging from a synthwave sound.

I think it's something that deserves more recognition and I hope you'll agree. Good post, I like all 3. Keep 'em coming, it's the only genre I'm currently really interested in.

I've really grown to appreciate Tesla Boy even though their later stuff sounds more like the Happy Mondays than synthwave but it's still good throwback shit. The "OldRetroWave" folder is a clone of my folder as of the middle of last year; I added some stuff since then. That guy has some awesome stuff up there though, I been looking for that Pluto Odyssey for a while. Mada Yana mixes elements of vaporwave with traditional synthwave and a lot of horror synth elements. The end result is pretty smooth and base-heavy, without heavy base.

Definitely worth checking out. I mostly ignored Occam's Laser, assuming him to be another generic synth artist, and his new albums aping Perturbator's stale satanism.

Once I realized he was actually doing a full trilogy based off of Dante's Divine Comedy was I enticed. It's effectively put together, the themes are interesting, and there's a solid and genuine attempt to display the spirituality of its inspiration and the metaphysical concepts that entails. Nine Circles is probably the weakest, all the songs have the same general tempo and flow.

And yeah, the new Mega Drive could of used a bit more meat, but is still real fucking good. I have a very good question to ask: Who is to the synthesizer as Eric Johnson is to the guitar? You mean the synth equivalent of being super overrated and only known by anyone these days because of Guitar Hero?

Does anyone have any recommendations for music you can just play during the night and lose yourself? Carpenter Brut has a live album coming up on the 30th, there's a preview track of his rendition of Maniac from Flashdance. Took a listen, made me curse my fate of being a burger since all his tour dates are in Europe. Hey, has anyone else noticed how unpopular synthwave promo channels are in comparison to monstercat-tier weeaboo edm and future funk promo channels?

Even vaporwave promos get much more. Is synthwave that niche? Did everyone forget about stranger things and hotline miami? It's because Synthwave was absolutely flooded with low effort trash, and channels like NewRetroWave represent that.

The movement isn't dead, just oversaturated because of how easy it is to emulate, and no one really wants to subscribe to a channel that releases the same song over and over, even though its all by different artists.

The only thing keeping Synthwave alive was regular releases of titles that breathed new life into the culture. Compare Hotline Miami and most modern Synthwave, you'll start seeing what it is everyone is trying to emulate. At least with other electronic genres some artists will try to break out and try new sounds. There's only so many 80s synthesizers we can reuse. The big point is that the culture relied on those big releases in other mediums to help out the musical genre of Synthwave.

I just like the sound more than the 80s nostalgia bait especially since I wasn't even alive in the 80s yet I feel said 80s culture is holding it back, because most everything 80s-related has been plundered either by Synthwave, Vaporwave, the original artists coming back, or corporate media re-releasing the old. The comments section of vid related has a guy pointing out that there are only so many Vector promo-shots he can use before he runs out, and that perfectly captures the current state of Synthwave.

The issue is, I don't think anyone doing synthwave has already seriously looked up into Eastern European 80's synth…. This isn't really necessarily related to the thread, but can anyone suggest some good Hotline Miami -esque music to me?

And I don't want the generic synthbeats or Perturbator knockoffs but something more akin to the whole ost, especially something like Scattle's and El Huervo's music. The guy who made that song also made this one which is a remix of an existing song that absolutely blows the original out of the water and away in terms of quality, talk such an astronomical level of being cucked.

I dont visit this board often but I just remembered this post and wanted to see how you guys felt about it. I am surprised by how differing the opinions on it are. But thats actually a good thing. Pretty much this, I mean at the time I made that post, thread IDs were on so he knew both of those posts are me. Pretty good rundown of the situation though. It was at 8k when I posted it now its at 26k so some people are now enjoying it. I am glad you enjoyed it. I appreciate introducing people to new music that they can enjoy.

You are entitled to your own opinion but perhaps you weren't listening close enough, the song goes through multiple evolutions in the chord progression and different music layers layering on top of each other, and at the time I had listened to way over half of all the songs posted in the thread up until that point and all the songs were a basic static second loops that did not change or anything and it just repeated for the duration of all of those songs and it comparatively was more unique then everything else posted.

So I figured I would share. You are entitled to your own opinion, but you didnt provide a counter example to perhaps support your argument. What is less bland then my song, I dont listen to much synth wave but I have yet to hear anything less bland then it?

Maybe you can expand my horizons if you give me an example. I am glad you liked it I thought it was pretty good so I thought I would share. Eh, I think people are confusing the slow, methodical and melancholic feel for "blandness" but you guys are entitled to your own opinions after all. From what I have heard of mega drive they were not what I was looking for. I feel like the original wave of synthwave that's got nothing but nonstop 80's cultural references is completely dead and devoid of real content, not that that stops NewRetroWave or what have you from beating the dead horse.

This has lead to three things. In a roundabout way this brings me to Vista of Chaos, some fresh darksynth from which may or may not apply to all three catagories above. It's creative, it's menacing, it never stops changing and it never loses pace. Check it out, or at the very least the webms I'm posting. I dare a synthwave musician to use artwork that doesn't use the color blue, pink or purple.

No thats my Mega Folder hahahaha, I still have atleast 12gb of synthwave to upload on there. Carpentur brute can go fuck himself, he hasn't released anything new in 5 years. Yeah mediocre tracks. He's been dickriding the same bassline for years. I mean, you said that he hadn't released any new tracks, not that he hadn't released any good tracks. Which, as stated before.

Sure Theres a few on and off tracks for fury, the track for rise of the synths documentary for a single shekel to basically fund the documentary and a few tracks for random compilation albums and remixes for an obscure french industrial label?

Even Jay Peau, James Kent, Garrett Hays has at-least released something new and experimental on a consistent basis within the past 5 years, Although I'd accuse Jay Peau to be formulaic in his music rather than being innovative, his new B:Sides sounds exactly the same as Shape without any experimentation whatsoever.

As much as I like Carpentur Brute as the next guy, I feel it's necessary to shit on him since you faggots won't stop dickriding him. It's literally babby's first synthwave.

Anything from the era I've classified as "old" retrowave…proto-retrowave if you will…. Reason being is that edm artists from that time were still rediscovering and experimenting with synths and basslines. Scattle recently released a new single, though it sounds borderline something else than synthwave in parts. Ever since Scattle went back to his older synthwave style he's been pretty middling.

The production's just isn't as good. Cougar Synth released a few tracks several months ago. This one has a nice mellow feel to it. I know it's entry level into the genre because of it being featured in HLM2 but that's how this genre got the reach it did. That and they are arguably one of the best artists of the genre. To me there is no other artist that gives that same feeling and that makes me go back and listen to them time and time again.

If you have any others then by all means do share them. I'd love for you to prove me wrong. Brut is just popular, stop thinking having a contrary opinion makes you smarter. Peep that first MEGA collection, fam. Magnatron 2. I generally don't prefer my synthwave to have lyrics, but I make the exception if the singer is Le Cassette. Just something about the voice I guess, I can't really explain it. Here's something obscure but with superb production value.

It feels there's a group of people who don't try to advertise themselves through common synthwave channels. The Synthwave heavies are all revving up for a lot of music this fall, it seems. Dan Terminus's new album comes out on November 10th. Seems like it'll be using more subdued, old bit computer sounds, which makes sense, as he's done a couple reworks and remixes of that kind of stuff on his soundcloud.

Seems alright. Perturbator has an EP coming out and yeah it still sucks. He's layered some more modern elements on top of it, but the core synths are still the exact same from Dangerous Days back in And the vocal track is just terrible.

Mega Drive's new project still keeps his trademark sound, but breaks away from synthwave and digs deeper into the glitchhop, chillwave and weird electronic vibes Seas of Infinite had. But there's also a new single embedded that sticks more to his guns. Very fun stuff.

El Tigr3's also got a new album in the works, but nothing to show for it yet. The dude can't even mix his tracks properly without blasting my ear drums, get fucked, not to mention he is also a dumb frog. I once saw a comment on a playlist on youtube exclaiming "lol i had to put the volume down on one of carpentur's tracks because it couldn't stop peaking, guess carpentur is a genius XD".

Literally every other top of the range darksynth producer in the scene retard, stop acting so smug, nigger. Oh yeah, Megahit also has a new album coming out tomorrow. It's not gonna reinvent the wheel, but it sounds good. In the mean time Pertubator released a new Quasi Industrial-Darksynth album, lets see what Carpentur Brut has released??? This sounds amazing and I'm extremely happy with the new direction that Perturbator is moving in. It still has his unique style, but it doesn't sound like the stereotypical synthwave that everyone's rehashing over and over again these days.

I also love that he's moving away from the bright neon and cliche imagery. This new solid black-and-white theme is wonderful, and it actually makes the music feel heavier and darker. I was pleasantly surprised with his new album. The melodies he made surpassed his previous work. I haven't really liked both of the songs, but after listening to it a few times, I started to enjoy it. How he moved to a new "genre" was refreshing. The grittiness and rawness.

Plus the small details in his songs were amazing. He really outdone himself. Favourite tracks are Tainted Empire and Corrupted by design. He even actually switches up his synths on tracks like Corrupted by Design.

It's been moving away from neon for a long while, y'all fashwave niggers are just way behind the times. All the crappy artists he allows to publish on his channel? Any good up and coming artists and albums I should torrent or is all the new stuff crap that we've heard 2 years ago? Uhhh, Vista of Chaos was really good, that guy's synth stuff in general, really. Mega Drive's new album was good. Gost's b-sides were way better than his a-sides. Darknaut's pretty cool, although he's pretty outside the realm of typical retrosynth.

Literally all the Synthwave promoters are trash, including NewRetroWave, they all do the same dumb shit of using a static 80s image for their aesthetic, which is not enough to sell the music or be visually engaging. Why don't you add some motion into the videos for fucks sake. Heck, even the shitty futurefunk promoters always use a looped GIF of some 90s anime and they receive well over twice as many views, compared to NRW.

Its no wonder Synthwave, as a scene has received less interest over the latter months and trust me, its dying whilst other electronic music promoters such as Monstercat receive a constant audience on a daily basis. They're running synth patterns that would be kinda weak in and pretending it's acceptable for and Most of it is made more as an extension of a stale meme than as music.

Yeah i guess, thing is,is that he isn't going for that distinct post-apocalyptic dystopian cyberpunk style though, hes going for more of a future "fashy" sound because "the future is fash", rather than vid related which perfectly encapsulates what fashwave is rather than the gay "futurefash" genre.

Yeah okay your just a faggot, back to leftypol with you goy. Its already dead, the only thing that's left is leeches emulating what was successful two years ago. Is that really such a bad thing?

Let it die. The good stuff is still going to be there and its obvious we are well past the point of having any meaningful additions to the scene. We were making good headway and great strides into the genre, with each dark-synth album getting released, out-doing the previous album.

It was truly a cold war arms race, which ultimately lead to IMO, the greatest dark-synth album of all time and that is Vulta's Nabla 1, truly no other darksynth album can compare , In response to this, Petubator released Uncanny Valley which, if not, is twice as good.

This was the climax. People where getting sick of listening the same dumb EDM over and over again, as a result, many EDM producers started to experiment and create dreamwave. The only natural progression for dreamwave is to move onto lofi chillwave such as HOME or Melancholy. However I believe the scene is regressing, and as a result, The scene is dying. Earlier this year Lazerhawk released a dreamwave album, which, in my honest opinion, was extremely lackluster and didn't warrant the attention that it got, if anything, its the most overrated album this year.

Then of course you have Leechers such as Scandroid who is just some 40 year old greek fuck with a shit tonne of capital at his disposal creating remixes of remixes of his own tracks lmao, This was the final nail in the coffin. What is the logical endpoint of synthwave? An accurate, honest 80s attitude and sensibility but no explicit retro elements? Like Drive as opposed to Hackerman, for example.

Outrun style stuff mixed with a little bit of Future Funk, but played off each other very well, and avoiding the aesthetic pitfalls of either.

Songs build over time and everything has more complexity than it initially appears. Slower, heavier, more atmospheric, building a lot off of heavy sub-bass.

Really great stuff, the dude's just fucking talented. Hard Darksynth mixed with other genres like EDM and Industrial without completely shitting the bed like Surgeryhead's newer albums.

Big variety of styles and genre infusions, but always ruthless, catchy and robotic. Is there any plan to put a synthwave chart together? Vaporwave is a meme powered by one song and it had a giant fucking bunch of pixels get strung together for it.

Why not do one for the good shit? Do you imagine it to feature albums? There is a number of artists who have not released anything remotely close to albums. Should the chart be split to albums and musicians in this regard? I think splitting it would be best. Maybe also have a section specifically for one-and-dones who literally released one single then completely disappeared.

This shit has been on repeat since I found it, I love it. I'm looking for more that has this synthwave with rock influence vibe. I'm so fucking hyped every time it plays. I don't know how natural the transition is, but there seems to be a vein of electro industrial coming from the artists.

It may not be as numerous now. It's certainly better than the "satanism, horror movies and shit tons of distortion" rut synthwave seemed to be stuck in in Idk, would the last Les Discrets album count? He went from blackgaze to a more electronic style for the record that came out earlier this year. You know for something that was just dropped, no context or explanation, this shit kicks ass.

I don't have enough of these to express my thanks. Well done anon. Top notch shit right here. Well then there's no reason to harangue other people when you're the one being a retard. Apologize to that anon. Yeah I don't think people who carries a gun, or owns several, is a cuck.

You can be buff as hell. You ain't bulletproof. The Synthetix fm blog is shutting down for good. For me this is semi-important because the blog was a great filter for new tunes, a lot of the albums that were getting brought up resonated with me. I shared a number of songs in this thread too. Applies to both Perturbator and Lazerhawk. Why do synthwave artists apply satanic imagery by their third album? Makeup and Vanity Set went all new wave for their third in a trilogy and it was pretty good.

It's pretty good. I was annoyed at how much the John Carpenter and french electro aggression has waned in favor of uh, hair metal, but it's just the first in a new trilogy, and near the end they start weaving it back in.

Discover more music, concerts, videos, and pictures with the largest catalogue online at Last. Released January 19, Division Ruine Lyrics. Album Credits. Featuring OddZoo. Producers Carpenter Brut. We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes.

By using our website and our services, you agree to our use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy. Play on Spotify. Division Ruine. EP by Carpenter Brut. A video was made for Obituary. Listen to free internet radio, sports, music, news, talk and podcasts. Hi Guys, If someone want to try a listen.

Share Quote. Here for the gear. Big fan of this! I love this from end to end, awesome textures. That kick drum is perfect for me.

If you don't mind me asking, which instrument are you using that comes in around that has all those awesome pitch bends? Division Ruine 2. Paradise Warfare 3. Run, Sally, Run!


Aint Giving Up Easy (Mini Documentary), Nothing Sacred - Paradise Lost - Host (CD), Till The Law Says Stop - Donnie Brooks - Sway And Move With (Vinyl, LP, Album), James Hardway - Illustrated Man (Vinyl), Halbwegs - Echt - Freischwimmer (CD, Album), Symphony Nr. 41 In C Major K. 551 (Jupiter) - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Wiener Symphoniker, Ferenc F, Figure Of Eight - Paul McCartney - Flowers In The Dirt (Cassette, Album), I Got You Babe - Various - Heartbeat - Number One Love Songs Of The Sixties (Cassette), Done With Words - Jerkagram - We Only Come To Leave (CD), Elected Porque Con Pena Recuerdo (Fandangos)


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    Mar 10,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the File release of Hotline Miami 2: Remix EP on Discogs/5(4).
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    The Hotline Miami series contains synthwave/electronic songs from various Artists. Hotline Miami has 22 songs, while Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number has 53 songs, of which 49 are listed in the Official Soundtrack. Additionally, the Digital Special Edition holds a Remix EP of 6 tracks from the sequel's soundtrack, composed and remixed in turns by Carpenter Brut, M|O|O|N and Scattle.
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    Aug 19,  · ^ 'Hotline Miami 2 includes a rape scene, has gaming gone too far?'. 16 August Retrieved 28 January ^ 'Go Inside the Surprise Video Game Hit of With 'The Hotline Miami Story ' '. Complex. Retrieved 28 January ^ Listo, Almir (10 March ). 'Update 56 and the Hotline Miami 2 update is live!'. Overkill Software. Starbreeze.
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    AUDIOCHECKER v beta (build ) - by Dester - [email protected] ~~~~~-=== DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE! ===-Path: \ - Hotline Miami EP by Jasper Byrne.
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    Bloodline (M|O|O|N's Extra Cheese Mix) Le Perv (M|O|O|N Remix) Scattle Quixotic (Scattle Remix) Roller Mobster (Scattle Remix) Hotline Miami 2 Beta: Dennaton Games Richard payexchange.net3 The Original song for the nightmares, where Richard appears Salvia Plath Bardo States payexchange.net3 The Original song for the Main Menu Pharaoh T: Teddy Pentagram.
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    Carpenter Brut - Trilogy EP II. On Mar 28, Jun 26, By rollerblogster In Electronic Reviews, EP Reviews. Roller Mobster - 10/10 Instant classic, Brut opens the EP in style with one of his best tunes. Iconic for its use in Hotline Miami 2, this track is so weighty, with some of the heaviest, hardest hitting bass in any of his tracks.
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    ITT: We talk about our favorite synthwave artists/songs>LazerhawkIt just feels like true 80's/90's movie tunes, it's got that vibe and progression that incites the images of old 80's films in your headfavorite song by him is easily Overdrive, from Redline**mostly becauseo f that sick fucking solo it makes my dick hard**.

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