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Don't spend time trying to remove a ring from an injured finger. The binding of a ring around the finger may act as a tourniquet , trapping blood distal to the wrapping and potentially causing permanent damage to the finger if not removed promptly. In case of injury or if the finger appears to be swollen and discolored, go to the urgent care or emergency department.

Unless you have absolutely no other option for transportation, calling for an ambulance is not necessary. Common sense can prevail here. This process uses a version of RICE , which is the first aid option many choose for treatment of sprains and strains even though some people, including me, think that there could be a better option. It's the ice that makes some folks uneasy about this treatment option. Despite the fact that some folks don't think ice is a great idea for sprains, it remains the absolute best way to remove a ring that's stuck on a finger.

With that said, if you've ever bought jeans from different brands, you're well aware that a clothing size 6 doesn't always fit the same way—and it's no different for rings. Ring sizing becomes a little more complicated when you factor in regional variations. The US and Canada follow a numerical scale with half and quarter sizes; however, other countries may follow an alphabetical scale, which only uses whole sizes or includes a set circumference adjustments.

There are also some deviations of ring size charts among jewelers regardless of location. It's up to the jewelry company to decide what metric they want to use. And to add one more wrench in ring sizing, the style needs to be considered. Before diving into our in-depth ring sizing guide, we've listed out some of your frequently asked questions regarding how to measure your ring size.

It depends on what method you want to try. You can purchase a mandrel set or print out a ring size chart to measure a ring that already comfortably fits you.

If you don't have a ring to measure against, use a string to measure your finger and compare it to your printed out ring size guide. There are several ways to find out your ring size if you already have a ring that fits you well. Bring it to a jeweler to measure or slip the ring onto a mandrel to determine the size. You can also compare your ring to a printed out ring size chart, in which you find the circle size that best matches your ring.

Dampen a cotton ball with waterproof eye makeup remover, which you can buy at your local beauty supply store. Rub the cotton ball back and forth over the stained area of your finger, paying particular attention to the areas of webbing between your fingers where staining can concentrate.

This method is very gentle and best for small areas of staining. You can leave the makeup remover on your skin, there is no need to wash your hands unless desired. Use a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol. Dampen a cotton ball with everyday rubbing alcohol from your local drug store. Rub the cotton ball around the area of staining, taking care to avoid any broken skin.

While a little redness is normal in reaction to alcohol, stop if you feel any irritation developing. Wash your hands with tap water and soap after using the rubbing alcohol. Alcohol can dry out your skin, so apply hand lotion when you're finished to moisturize. Use non-acetone nail polish remover. If your staining is extreme, dampen a cotton ball with non-acetone nail polish remover. Wipe the area of staining with the cotton ball, applying gentle pressure. When the stain is removed, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and moisturize.

Do not apply nail polish remover on broken or irritated skin. As nail polish remover is very abrasive, don't this method more than once a week. Method 3 of Avoid copper, sterling silver, and other alloyed metals. Ask what a ring is made of before you buy it. Rings made from an alloy—multiple metals combined—rather than a pure metal are more prone to staining your finger.

You can definitely still get wedding ring rash. Build up of dirt, oil, debris, and all kinds of bacteria can live on your ring if you're not cleaning it correctly. And to top it all off, even if you take extra care to have tip-top hygiene, the extra handwashing could be another contributing factor if there's soap build-up underneath the band.

If your ring is wreaking havoc on your skin, there are several things you can do to both prevent and treat the issue.

With proper care, the rash should heal up just fine, however, if it persists or turns into large blisters or welts, definitely see your doctor or dermatologist immediately. Read on to find out how to get rid of wedding ring rash and heal your skin. Gold and white gold bands can contain trace amounts of nickel.

It is also used as an alloying metal in most gold jewelry. Acids cause the silver to oxidize, which produces tarnish. The tarnish can leave a dark ring on your finger. If you are sensitive to metals, you may see skin discoloration from wearing a ring containing nickel , though most likely this will be associated with inflammation.

Even silver and gold jewelry can produce skin discoloration, so advice for avoiding a green finger isn't as simple as just avoiding cheap jewelry.


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    Jun 18,  · You can adapt it to help remove a stuck ring: Fully submerge your finger with the stuck ring into a cup of ice water. Hold your hand with the finger in the cup over your head for about 10 minutes. Remove the finger from the ice water. With your other hand, compress your finger above the stuck ring. Author: Scott Frothingham.
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    Jul 18,  · Some rings can turn your finger black or green, and though there are many far-fetched explanations for this occurrence, the facts are interesting and useful. Chemicals, alloys and acid in jewelry can all play a part in causing that semi-permanent black or green ring .
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    Jan 06,  · Wrap a piece of string around your ring finger and cut it at the point where the end overlaps. Line the string up with the ring size guide provided on the ring size chart. The one that best matches is your ring size. If the ring is in between two sizes, choose the larger ring .
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    Perfect for people with enlarged knuckles, because Ring Snuggies can be applied AFTER the ring is on the finger. Ideal for fashion or costume rings which can not be re-sized. Great for persons experiencing weight loss. Will help prevent ring loss when using hand lotions and sun screen at home, at work and at payexchange.nets: K.
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    Jul 05,  · Common causes of Black rings on your fingers is because the gold become oxygenated, causing the iron mixed with gold to surface. If a person has an iron deficiency, the hemoglobin in the blood is less able to carry oxygen. Iron is not all that dissimilar from gold, chemically speaking.
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    Jul 14,  · A ring continuously worn in the same finger blocks the pores of the area under the rind band, leaving no room to breathe. Thus, resulting in rashes in that blocked zone. To curb this situation, you can: Swap the ring to other fingers from time to time.
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    If you've developed a red, bumpy, itchy rash under your wedding band, chances are you have wedding ring rash. Before you start contemplating the options of either no wedding ring .

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