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John Adair is remembered with affection scarce in Donegal. On the heels of the Great Irish Famine and emigration level with Highland compartment, John Adair evicted tenants from their blackhouses on his land. This was not for financial gain, but only to improve the aesthetic aspect of the castle.

The name John George Adair Donegal landlord has gone down in history and folklore, ballad and documentary. All have one thing in common — Adair was notoriously cruel. He bought Glenveagh and Gartan do an estate of 28, acres km 2.

His problems with the tenants began almost immediately. A row between them and Adair of shooting rights and infringement may culminated in the murder of his Scottish Steward James Murrog. Consequently Adair carried out its threat to evict tenancy. On 3 April a considerable cortege of police officers, three noncommissioned officers, the resident judges and the sheriff stated from the Letter to perform their duties. Evictions began at Lough Barra, where a widow, Mrs.

Hanna McAward and her six daughters and one son were the first to suffer. A total of 44 families were evicted for a total of people. It is said that a curse was placed on the castle because of the cruel evictions resulting in any of the subsequent owners to carry any heirs to the family name. Many of those evicted went to the Workhouse in Letterkenny, others with the help of local people and the clergy also took money.

In Australia, Donegal Relief Fund revitalized and arrangements were made to help young people between 16 and 28 years to emigrate.

Many took advantage of the system. The network of mainly informal gardens displays a variety of exotic and delicate plants from as far away as Chile, Madeira and Tasmania, all sheltered by windbreaks of pine trees and ornamental rhododendrons.

The farm was founded by John Adair, who became infamous for evicting of his tenants and clearing the ground so that they would not destroy his views. Gardens and castle was presented to the Irish nation in by Henry P. McIlhenny of Philadelphia who had bought the farm th. The park is home to the largest herd of red deer in Ireland and previously extinct golden eagle was reintroduced in the park in After the last ice age peninsula was an island. Because of its geography, Inishowen usually has relatively more moderate weather conditions, with temperatures slightly lower than in other parts of Ireland in the summer and slightly warmer in the winter, especially during periods of extended cold weather.

The station reopened on 3 June , the newly formed earn 3 feet mm narrow gauge Fintown Railway along the former route used by the County Donegal railways joint Committee. The railway runs from Fintown along Lough Finn and the Glenties. Fanad include assemblies of Clondavaddog, Killygarvan and parts of Tullyfern and Aughinish. It measures about 25 km north-south, measured from Fanad Head to the town of Ramelton and 12 km east-west, measured between the townlands of Doaghbeg and Glinsk.

The southern boundary of the Fanad has been the subject of some controversy for centuries. In the 16th century, during the time of MacSuibhnes as ruler Fanad, it was noted that the territory Fanaid stretched as far south as the River Lennon between Kilmacrennan and Ramelton.

Geological maps of County Donegal show adaptations mountain running southwest to northeast over Fanad peninsula. The underlying rock in the peninsula is mostly of Dalradianmeta-sedimentary rocks, which have been exposed by weathering and erosion over the millennia There are areas of granodiorite igneous rocks throughout the northern part of the peninsula from Ballywhoriskey to Fanad Head, but most of Fanad consists of US- Dalradian Quartzite and some Pellite rocks with local occurrences of slate and Tillites — the latter mainly concentrated around the northern entrance Mulroy Bay.

The cliffs around Fanad Head is exposed granodiorite, while the higher ground running south from Fanad Head to Port Salon is a band of quartzite. Knock All Mountain is also formed of quartzite. The landscape of Fanad shaped by geological processes that include the effects of recurrent coating of ice sheets and glaciers as recently as 14, years sedan.

It is speculated that a large part of the Lough Swilly was may have been dry land which was flooded due to a rise in sea level over the past 10, years. Mulroy Bay may be similarly formed at this time. Peat formations on the foreshore at White Beach north of Rathmullan contains the remainder of the trees submerged by the advance of the sea in this area. As with much of the rest of Ireland, post-glacial landscape gradually changed with increases in temperature from open tundra to one dominated by forests of pine, oak, alder, hazel and birch, with a break in the canopy on the edges of the intermediate expanses of lake and bog.

This was probably the landscape that greeted the earliest settlers who ventured along the coast in the late Mesolithic period, perhaps around BC. There is archaeological evidence of human occupation of coastal areas in Inishowen on Dunaff [8] , and west of Horn Head in this period and it is reasonable to assume that Fanad also saw some transient occupation at this time. The tree-covered landscape in the Mesolithic period, would have given way gradually to a more open landscapes in rural areas, which marks the beginning of the contemporary landscape Fanad, with its mix of farmland at lower levels, with bushes and gorse covered highlands and swamps interspersed with occasional lakes and waterways.

There is no specific evidence of human occupation of Fanad during the Mesolithic period — BC , but as noted already, it is reasonable to assume that there were no temporary occupation of the coastal sites during this period. The earliest evidence of human settlement in Fanad is probably the presence of megalithic court tombs in a variety of locations including Tyrladden, Drumhallagh Upper and Upper Crevary possibly dating from circa 4.

There is also the portal tombs or dolmens from the Neolithic period, including examples of Gortnavern south of Kerrykeel and the saltpans on Lough Swilly side of the peninsula. Proof of occupation of Fanad during the Bronze Age — BC continues in the form of tombs and similar monuments. Three possible stone circles probably belong to the Bronze Age have been identified near Rathmullan. Several casket burial sites as though to date from the Bronze Age discovered in Fanad including a group now destroyed in a cairn on Killycolman near Rathmullan.

Evidence ring forts found in places in Fanad, mainly in the coastal sites on both Swilly and Mulroy coasts. All traces of Corpraige had disappeared from the area of the 12th century. The MacSweeneys was galloglasses, mercenary warrior from Scotland, was responsible for the construction of the castle and the Carmelite Monastery in Rathmullan at the end of the 16th century. The power of Sweeney as the Lords of Fanad ended with the Flight of the Earls in and the subsequent Plantation of Ulster, though they continued to hold some countries in Fanad that owners until rises, after which all remaining Sweeney countries were seized.

Lands in Fanad were mainly granted servitors Crown employees including veterans of the nine-year war. Rathmullan was incorporated as a town and in , Knox changed Carmelite Friary serve as a mansion. It remained the residence of the Knox family until the late eighteenth century. The 18th century introduced in Fanad rural industry with a corresponding improvement of the infrastructure.

Livestock commercial herring fishery, flax and linen production became part of the local economy from the midth century. In the early 19th century, was also evident manufacture of curved hats, shoes and kelp production.

Rathmelton was a major focus of the linen industry was found to have had the greatest pale green in Donegal in the late 18th century and early 19th century — a time of great success in the city. It also flourished as a port at this time. But linen and domestic shoe production went into decline in the s and herring fisheries had also declined. As a result, emigration became the major part of life as the local population increased. Improvements in local infrastructure and facilities in the early part of the 19th century included the construction of a lighthouse on the Fanad Head in in response to the lowering of the frigate Saldanah in Lough Swilly A Framework Constructed on Milford about , and a network of national schools arose some are sponsored by the landlord and some of the churches and religious organizations.

The beginning of the 19th century also saw the construction of Catholic churches, starting with the construction of the chapel at Mass Mount Tamney close around on a site donated by the Patton in Croghan. Further building continued throughout the period, including a chapel of ease in Fanavolty circa th.

The church contains about 60 quarters lands of good arable land and poor pasture land, with much waste and barren land: many acres have been covered and destroyed by the shifting sands. The point of Fannet are lazy. W : it is on the west side of the entrance to Lough Swilly and a lighthouse was constructed on it, which the lamp has a height of 90 feet above the level of the sea at high tide, it consists of nine lights, showing a deep red light towards the sea, and a light fixed light towards the lough or the port, and can be seen in clear weather at the distance of 14 nautical miles.

Babington, Esq. Dill, Esq. RC parish is coextensive with that of the established church, and contains two large chapel. There are five schools, of which the denominational schools, partly supported by annual donations from the headmaster and the late Colonel Robertson school fund. In these about boys and girls are instructed; and there are two wage schools, in which about 70 boys and 11 girls, and five Sunday schools. The landscape evolved to reflect the development of local farms during this time.

Besides the big houses listed by Lewis, other notable buildings constructed during this time included Drumhalla House by Dr. The 19th century they were a time of great change and upheaval in agriculture. The farm scenery Fanad as we know it today, with small individual holdings and regulated limits were introduced from the s onwards, often against the wishes of tenants.

Emigration continued and grew as a response to the significant increase in population, and in response to famine and food shortages, including the great famine in the late s. Fanad population, estimated possibly around in , was 10, and rising in However, it had dropped to in and continued to decline to a figure of st.

Rural tourism emerged at this time — Fanad features in a travel guide [25] which states among other things that there are few more romantic places than Ramelton and its vicinity. The city contains three Presbyterian Meeting House, a Methodist chapel and a church: the Roman Catholic chapel is at a certain distance. There are corn mills and shops, a brewery and a bleach green.

Although there is no bridge, are certain exports within these small vessels sailing up the harbor. Ramelton contains some good houses and two small inns where cars can be hired …… Rathmullan, its only street, church, battery and no trace of ecclestical and crenellated ruins but offers little to arrest the attention the traveler … Milford contains one or two pubs, a few shops, some respectable housing and in its vicinity a union workhouse..

A good inn on Ballyvicstocker, a of the most wonderful of all our coastal bays and admirably suited for swimming, and where B. Barton, Esq. The second half of the 19th century witnessed the development of infrastructure of schools and other public buildings in the area. There was also a coastguard station, police barracks and a pharmacy and session house Tamney. The second half of the 19th century was marked by the killing of Lord Leitrim, one of the big local landowners in Fanad and a man much reviled for his strictness in his dealing with their tenants.

Leitrim kept much of the northern part of Fanad, with holdings ranging from Glinsk to Doaghbeg. In the decades that followed, and with the approval of various Irish Land Acts, ownership of a large part of the land in Fanad gone from landlords to their tenants.

Other large landowners whose land passed into the ownership of its tenants included Barton who owned large areas of land in and around Portsalon, Henry Letham whose holdings were mainly Mulroy side of the peninsula, north of Kerrykeel and Thomas Norman whose land was located around Tamney and Rosnakill , just north of Henry Letham possession.

In the first half of the 20th century, Fanad, like other coastal areas in Donegal, stuck in a pattern of subsistence farming. Employment outside agriculture was very limited, leading to continued high levels of migration, both permanent and seasonal workers, some overseas to the UK and the US, and a few cities in Ireland, including Derry and to a lesser extent, Belfast and Dublin.

The decline in the population continued with the population registered as about a quarter of that recorded in the s. The census reported a total population of for the electoral district in Carrowkeel, Rosnakill, Fanad Fanad North and South. By this time, agriculture declined significantly with limited livestock breeding as the main component of local agriculture. A notable addition to the local infrastructure was the construction of a major road bridge at the north end of the Mulroy Bay in , which allows for easy access from Fanad west to Carrigart, Downings and other towns and villages along the northern coast.

Tourism also gave some limited seasonal employment. Some consolidation of local facilities has taken place during the past half century, reflecting the decline in the population. There has been a consolidation of the national school network in a small number of larger sites. Many local shops have closed, partly because of population decline but also undoubtedly due to the increased mobility of the population now has the opportunity to trade on the major population centers such as Letter.

Fanad Gaels, the local Gaelic Athletic Association club, has won several minor titles in the last 10 years. The club was formed in The club began life in the County Division 4th. The club would win another Donegal Intermediate title in and continue to compete at a very high standard in the Middle class in the years that followed. The local football team Fanad United was founded in and has always been among the best football teams in the country.

They were the first members of the Donegal League, claiming their first Allsvenskan title in in what was the first in a historic three in a row. Fanad moved from Junior to Intermediate football in with the formation of the Ulster Senior League and has dominated the competition since its inception winning the league championship in no less than 12 times.

Their most famous performances in the League Cup came in when they reached the semi-finals before losing to Shamrock Rovers in the last four.

James Gate. To this day is still one of the biggest victories with a non-league side to the leading opposition in the Cup. Nine years later, they became the first team from Donegal to win the Intermediate Cup when they beat Tramore Athletic Cork in the final at Dalymount Park. Surfing has become very popular on the Fanad peninsula with lots of locals who take up the sport very successful. For most of the past two centuries, most of the buildings lay in ruins, but the castle was almost completely restored in the late s.

The castle consists of a century rectangular keep at a later Jacobean-style wing. The complex is located on a bend in the River Eske, near the mouth of Donegal Bay and is surrounded by a 17th century boundary wall.

There is a small gatehouse at the entrance mirroring the design of the Keep. Most of the stone was constructed from locally limestone with some sandstone. Donegal Ireland, Dun Na nGall , which translates into Foreigner Fort , possibly from a Viking fortress in the area were destroyed in But because of hundreds of years of development, has no archeological evidence of this early fortress was found.

At the same time, he and his wife Nuala, built ettfranciskanerkloster monastery further down the river. A local legend [ citation needed ] tells of a tunnel that connects the two, but no evidence of this was found.

Castle is considered one of the finest Gaelic castle in Ireland. In the castle and its lands were granted an English captain, Basil Brooke. Brooke has also added windows, a gable and a large manor wing to keep all the Jacobean style. Brooke family owned the castle for many generations until it fell into a devastating condition in the 18th century. Recently, the Office of Public Works has renovated the castle.

Keep have had new roofs and floors added in line with the original styles and techniques used in the 15th and 17th centuries. The stone has been restored and manor wing is partly roofed. The oak wood used came from Brookeborough Estate in County Fermanagh. The castle is now open to the public and often hosts events such as the Gaelic cultural evenings. Donegal gave its name to County Donegal, although Lifford is now the county town.

The city circumvented avN15 and N56 roads. In the middle of the city, known as The Diamond, is a hub of music, poetry and cultural gatherings in the area. There is archaeological evidence of settlements around the city dates to prehistoric times including the remains of round forts and other defensive earthworks. Patrick was captured by raiders from the clans governed by Niall of the nine hostages, and this region is that Patrick back, are familiar with the people, language, customs and lands.

Connall was a son of Niall of the nine hostages. Their original homeland was further north in the area Kilmacrenan. From the 15th to the 17th century, they were an important part of the resistance to the colonization of Ireland by England. The town itself contains Donegal castle, on the banks of the River Eske and the remains of Donegal Abbey, a Franciscan monastery dating back to the 15th century on the south shore of the bay. Annals of the Four Masters may have been partially written in the old convent in the s.

In Siege of Donegal took place in Tyrone rebellion. After the Flight of the Earls from Rathmullan close in September , the castle and its land confiscated by the English crown and given to an Englishman, Captain Basil Brooke, as part of the Plantation of Ulster. Brookebeviljades castle around and he continued to perform extensive reconstruction work and added a wing to the castle in the Jacobean style. The current plan of the city was also posted by Brooke, including an attractive square known as The Diamond.

From the late 17th to the early 20th centuries, formed Donegal part of the great estates of the Gore family from Earls of Arran in the Peerage of Ireland and it was under their ownership that the town took its present appearance. Evidence of the Irish Famine still exists including a workhouse, whose buildings are now part of the local hospital, and many famine graves. There are many sandy beaches in the area Donegal, such Murvagh beach, and some boasting good surfing conditions, such Rossnowlagh.

Donegal is also used as a base for hill-walking in the nearby mountains Blues. Many have to travel to nearby towns such as Letterkenny for facilities such as swimming pools, movie theaters and major shopping centers. Like most clothing manufacturers in Ireland, the size of the workforce has been in decline for many years. Donegal also has a long tradition of weaving rugs. Donegal Town railway station was opened September 16, finally closed 1 January Donegal town is home to many amateur sports clubs.

Other popular sports are soccer, rugby, basketball and athletics. Donegal Town hosted the final stage of the World Rally Championship February 1, and was seen by 68 million people worldwide.

The city is home to the regional newspapers Donegal Democrat and Donegal Post and the local Donegal Times [11] newspaper. The North West Express regional magazine is also distributed throughout the city and surrounding county, which is the Derry Journal. Ocean FM, an independent local radio station from Collooney, County Sligo, has one of its three studios in the city, which sends most of South County Donegal. Highland Radio, which is based in Letterkenny can also be received in the city. Donegal Town hosted the final stage of the World Rally Championship 1 February and seen by 68 million people worldwide.

The most common surnames in Donegal at the time of the United Kingdom Census [12]. The climate in this area has mild differences between peaks and valleys, and there is enough rain all year round.

It constitutes a large part of the country of the county, and is the part of Ireland with the lowest population density. The highest peak is Mount Errigal. The city is located on the N15 road near Ballyshannon, and is the southernmost city in Donegal. The town is a popular tourism badortoch has been in the center for the local economy since Bundoran was the village west of the bridge over the river Bradoge.

This area is now known as the West End. East of the bridge, about 2 kilometers 1 mile away, was the single village street. Between these two separate communities were townland of Drumacrin. Drumcacrin The area is now part of what is today downtown. Single Street was where most of the locals lived.

It was only after the completion of the railway Enniskillen and Bundoran, which opened a terminal as it is called Bundoran , [5] that the two distinct communities developed and merged into what today is called Bundoran. The first official record of Bundoran is a deposition of Hugh Gaskein 16 May He was a witness to the events during the uprising when he was an apprentice butcher in Sligo.

This building still stands on Bayview Avenue and is now called Homefield House. Viscount seems to have started a trend among his contemporaries as more of them discovered Bundoran and visited there to enjoy the sea and what was considered its health benefits. The rights of people to have access to the beach was blocked by a local landlord, but the locals found a champion in the parish priest Canon Kelaghan who fought in court in to ensure that the roads and paths to the beach remained open to the public.

Canon Kelaghan also had the current Catholic Church was built in In the late 19th century it had become one of the major seaside resorts in Ulster. Hotels and lodging houses were opened around the city and GNR built the Great Northern Hotel, Bundoran one of the most famous landmarks.

The partition of Ireland in turned the border with County Fermanagh in an international border. Henceforth Bundoran only rail link with the rest of the Irish Free State was over Northern Ireland, and as such was subject to delays for customs controls.

For almost two centuries, people have flocked to Bundoran beach during hot summer days. The tradition of bathing boxes began during the Victorian period. They are mainly used by members of the gentry, who were reticent about undressing in public. The boxes have pushed on wheels, to the water and the customer into the box through a door, put on her bathing suit and went out another door to get into the sea.

The box remained there until the bathers was clear, dry and fully clothed again. The bath box was brought back to its original location on the beach, ready for the next customer. Stationary bathing boxes were introduced in the early s. They proved to be more suitable and less expensive for the public. In the s, Mrs. Elizabeth Travers and her brother-in-law, Bilshie Travers uncle the famous Bilshie Travers, former Mayor of Bundoran hired the boxes from the municipality.

The swimsuit was washed in a bucket and hung to dry until the next customer arrived. This was a former British Army amphibious vehicles that ferried tourists out on the bay. It was driven by the Rooney family. Although prone to break down, it was a major attraction at the time.

Promenade to Tullan Beach From Bundoran Bridge and looking out towards the sea is Cladach Leathan the wide beach which is Ireland Bill Stone, named after the rescue of a shipwrecked sailor. At the end of the promenade is Carraig na Sea the mountain of the birds. Pump house overlooking the bay was built by local landlords the Hamiltons Nearby is a Carraig Choisceim cutting step. The Thrupenny pool was named after the price of admission.

Den little stream that enters the sea on the beach is Sruthan na Cuil Fhinne the little stream of the real girl. Coral and brachiopod fossils embedded in the old and iconic cliffs Rougey are over million years old. Passing the golf links we get to Pol and Pol Uaine Tobi, popular fishing spots. Below is Tullan Beach, where the first inhabitants of the area used flint from the rocks to make tools. Tragedy struck August 8, , when a fire broke out at The Central Hotel in the heart of town.

Ten people died as a result, including five children. In September , the church installed a hand-painted glass windows made by the world famous Harry Clarke , a window for many years hidden in the parish house of the local Catholic Church.

The Council also erected a stone monument carved bench on Central Lane next to Central Hotel in August as a sign of respect lists the names of the ten people who lost their lives. After winning his second Olympic medal, boxer Paddy Barnes was vocal in his intention to go to Bundoran for some relaxation. Self and Michael Conlon was pretty keen to get there. Irish Rail Official site — Timetables, services and bookings. Bus Eireann also run regular service, several times a day, from Derry to Galway, via Letterkenny and Bundoran.

There is also a regular bus service from Bundoran to Enniskillen. There are a number of bus stops in the city, but the most important are the East and West bus stop bus stop. The route s serving each stop specified in the table below. The latest developments. Bundoran has seen much development over the past decade, due to its popularity as a destination by the sea and access to tax incentives for the development of holiday homes.

Astoria Ballroom was built in at a time when dance was an important social activity. Show Bands spent many years entertaining large crowds in Astoria Ballroom. In recent years, the Astoria Ballroom, owned by Brian McEniff, was to have a number of facelifts and temporary name changes from Earth Nightclub to Bling , and in the s expanded to add a new bar. Astoria Ballroom was a listed building.

But November 29, it was destroyed by fire. It took fire brigades in Bundoran, Ballyshannon and Belleek over nine hours to extinguish. EP de Regal. Sortie : 22 avril EP de Massa. Sortie : 29 mars EP de Jeroen Search. Sortie : 14 mars Sortie : 24 janvier Techno, ambient, electronique et tribale.

EP de Luigi Tozzi. Sortie : 15 janvier Album de Abstract Division. EP de Deepbass. Sortie : Album de Flug. Appropriation Stories Sortie : 14 octobre Album de Shifted 6. Noumenon EP Sortie : 30 septembre Prometheus from Felicia Glidden on Vimeo. Philippe Wozniak's composition Prometheus premiered Sunday May 10th This work was inspired by the Russian Composer Alexander Scriabin. Scriabin envisaged the use of a color keyboard to transpose the "Luce" part of his score into colored light projections for his symphony, associating the 12 tones of the chromatic scale with 12 colors that changed in conjunction with the basic tones of the harmonies.

A specially designed multi-color light projector with colored light bulbs was made from the mpodel by physicist Alexander Moser for the first performance of Prometheus, which was given in Moscow on March 15th, , but the machine that was supposed to perform the lighting part did not operate. The first public presentation of Scriabin's symphony accompanied by colored lighting occured a year later at the Carnegie Hall in NY. The color portion of the score was played with a color-projection instrument, later named the Chromola, made by Preston S.

Miller, a specialist in lighting. For Philippe Wozniak's version of Prometheus , I have developed a series of short videos primarily from the landscape, but also urban settings: The deep orange with blue is a video of a cement mixer in NYC. I am incorporating photographs and layering imagery and moving light to respond to the music.

Del disco Universo en Miniatura. Live visuals by Prack! Vj Ver en HD! A Luna Blue Stock Video. Imagery for Your Imagination. Flourished loop from Switzon S. Darth vader bouncing, AT-AT walking around, Millenium falcon flying, a tie fighter flying around, storm trooper, scout trooper,..

I do not own the rights to the star wars franchise, these loops are just ment as a creative experiment to express colors and motion for VJ's to play around with. Ratata - Loops from Ratata on Vimeo. Enjoy this quick montage of clips we have made. I lati di un prisma a base triangolare costituiscono la superficie di proiezione. I video, proiettati su tutti i lati contemporaneamente consentono di creare effetti multipli e visione 3d.

La forma si complica, frammenta, evolve e la frequenza degli input sonori cambiando, guida l'evoluzione delle immagini nei vari set. Clay from Oxidizer on Vimeo. Playing around with some clay and a camera one night Clay 2 from Oxidizer on Vimeo. A cross platform bundle of customizable light and color effects that can be used either as backgrounds or Overlays for a wide range of projects including music videos, promos, news, sport, VJ sessions, science, hi-tech and more.

They can be customized by using the host's blend modes, speed change, scale, crop and any desired third party or built in effects. Adapted a video created by beeple which was free visual source material released under Creative Commons. The basis of my performance is clearly a combination of video with the musical rhythm of the dance floor - fusion of music and video in a single drive. My motto - "The color, shape and music as one". I play the live sets in the techno style. VJ Gorgus E-mail: vjgorgus gmail.

This is a 3D test I made with the darth vader model from Star Wars, I do not own the rights to the star wars franchise, this is just a creative test I did.

You can download it for free and use it in your VJ sets, perfromances,.. Hexward loop. Hexward hexagon loop one of my daily videos. Animation-disc-o - Phonolight. Visual VJ.

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Cinema 4D Volm.. VJ Performance. Retro Visuals and Mapping. Free Vj Loop. Cube Symmetry withoutMasterRendering ;. Together Festival VJ Competition recap video. Deadmau5 Strobe. Ram Records - Video loops. Mapped projection, generated by sound. Emmanouil Kyrkas If you know, you know! Paula Koski. Lawrence Pteron. Burton Thomas. Stephen Shakespeare.

Reclear Coalescence. Eve McGivern. Warren Berg. Daniel Jonasson. Steven Rudder. Vito Lucente. Jovana Gjorgievska. Schwil Tiger. Nihar Bhatt.


Lultima Canzone - Luciano Pavarotti - The Essential (CD), Djag Re Djag Kaheke Sowe - Sridath Sewnandan And Ramsingh Bholasingh - With Love Of Surinam (Vinyl,, Rolling Up A Zone - Z-Ro - T.I.M.E. - Things I Must Earn (CD, Album), DIANE - Georges Montalba - Pipe Organ Favorites (Vinyl, LP), Crying In The Dark - Terri Rae - Its Raining (Vinyl, LP, Album), KM Video - Typhonian Highlife - Video Shells Asia (Cassette), Try A Little Harder - The Fi-Dels - Try A Little Harder / You Never Do Right (My Baby) (Vinyl), Operation Blues - Various - Party After Hours (Vinyl, LP), Overnight Soaking Method - Koff Kirk - Koff Kirk (CDr), Κανείς δέν με θέλει - Various - Τα ελαφρά του 60 (CD), Ora Che - Udite Suoni Buoni - LAstronave (CD, Album), Bwar In Kou - Christine Salem - Larg Pa Lo Kor (CD, Album), Im Getting Sentimental Over You - The Gene Krupa Quartet Featuring Charlie Ventura - The Great New G Maradona - The Business - Keep The Faith (CD, Album)


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