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Label: ARS Entertainment - 741230-2 • Series: Beach Party - 2007 • Format: 2x, CD Compilation • Country: Belgium • Genre: Electronic • Style: Euro House

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Is it an inside joke? Or is it just plain old-fashioned plagiarism? Nearing the End Sargebri 20 March This is probably one of the best of the "Beach Party" flicks and also marks the beginning of the end. When this film was released, little did anyone know that this would be the next to last appearance for both Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello and that within a year the whole "Beach Party" genre would be finished. So this film can be seen as the last gasp before they waves died down.

Fun in the sun doesn't get much better than this! The actors deserve our respect for not only agreeing to work for peanuts, but also for filming during the chilly days of November so the film could be released the following spring, all so the American public could enjoy watching these kids' seemingly happy summer vacations.

Beach Blanket Bingo is the name of the game! Let's make one thing clear, "Beach Blanket Bingo" is certainly not the artistic high-point of this medium called cinema, but that doesn't mean it's not fun!

Frankie and Annette are back with all their beach buddies, including one named Bonehead Goo-Goo or Poo-Poo to his friends. In this one, Frankie decides that sky-diving is the way to Annette's heart.

There's also a subplot involving a mermaid love interest for Bonehead. He's the perfect comedy bad guy. He is my idol Watch the movie and you'll understand that last line!

Don Rickles is also loads of fun, especially in one scene where it appears he was allowed to improvise. This was the fourth official entry in American-International's "Beach Party" series ie. The score is perfect earlys pop with everyone singing in full reverb , and the various comedians Paul Lynde, Don Rickles and Buster Keaton are allowed to play off their strengths. By this point, the series is beginning to look for new areas to explore having already dealt with surfing, water skiing, body building, etc.

In fact, the shift away from the beach scene to the hippie scene in the late 60s would spell the end of the series only a year or so later. Beyond the sky diving, the film actually extends some of the supporting characters beyond the limited schtick they had been given previously. Stock villain Eric von Zipper Harvey Lembeck is given tons more screen time--and even gets his own musical number for the first time!

This flick is fun for a variety of reasons, but the biggest attractions are Buster Keaton and the great Timothy Carey as South Dakota Slim. Watch for the brief moment in which Carey reprises his infamous virility dance from "Poor White Trash". And if you don't know what I'm talking about, I suggest you run out and rent "Poor White Trash" right now.

But that's another story Definitely the best of the sixty's beach movies. Not because of the plot, which asymptotically approaches stupid before crossing right over it. Or, the music, which is banality incarnate. It is the cast It is comforting to see them all in the same movie. Paul Lynde is just as nasty as usual. Rickles manages to go off script and insult cast members for a while.

Linda Evans just stands around looking beautiful; and, Deborah Walley But, what makes this movie a hoot for me is seeing Buster Keaton, still working in the sixties I love watching the man work. And, the woman playing Keaton's sidekick is about as close to a perfect hour-glass figure as one can get without a corset and a lot of work. If you only see on Frankie and Annette beach movie, make it this one.

Remember though: I said 'IF' After the silly title song, the movie starts out being about a new singer promoting an album to the beach-nuts with a faked freefall from an airplane. The do-anything promoter is played by Paul Lynde with his usual sleezeball-style and the singer is a young Linda Evans. Everyone including the before-mentioned couple now wants to skydive and they hook-up with Don Rickles as the head of the skydiving company. Rickles is even able to throw in a mini-standup routine where he puts down everyone in the audience, as is his usual shtick.

In a sidestory, the character Bonehead encounters a mermaid which brings a little variety and fun to the storyline. I hate to say it, but that's about it for this movie in a nutshell. A few songs are thrown-in some better than others , plenty of booty-shaking, and a silent episode with Buster Keaton playing a kind of Benny Hill-like character adds to the light-hearted fare.

If this is all that you're looking for in a movie, then this one is the perfect movie for you!! Otherwise, stay away. Lhartman6 8 March The best part of about this movie is trying to spot the extras- surf legend cum American Icon Miki Dora does the surf stunts and stunt doubles for Frankie Avalon.

This hilarious, heartwarming story runs through May 3rd! Monday night was absolutely a night to remember. Staff, friends, and patrons gathered together at the Dali Museum in downtown St. I think I speak for everyone when I say that this coming season is going to be our best one yet. December 5th — January 3rd : Peter and the Starcatcher.

August 6th — September 4th : Pirates of Penzance. Getting this particular show up in the short rehearsal process was a challenge for us all — there was lots of choreography to learn, thousands of cues to write, lightning fast costume changes to perfect, and last minute decisions to remember.

But, as always, we got it all done. Opening night was marvelous and we were able to celebrate our accomplishments at a swanky opening night party complete with sushi and kamikazes! New connections are uncovered and new discoveries are made. Live theatre productions are like living things, and there is nothing like being a part of one. Paul Straker. Franky Gee. Funk Bass Ibiza House Mix Let the Sun Beachboy Mix Hijo de Buddha Castanietta Cut House Control.

Fact Of Life Franky Gee. Fact Of Life. Open Doors Funkytrance Mix House Stuff Straight Pump Mix Summer Flow Beachparty Cut DJ Maretimo. Airport Arrival Mix Welcome 2 House Music On and on Mix Jazz City. My Time Bassflow Mix Make It Alright Sungroove Mix Feel the Music Bubble Mix City Pictures Cosmopolitan House Mix Siempre Discohouse Cut Put 'Em Up Jazzhouse Mix


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    An interesting if slightly mad collection of songs that are in some way or another supposed to evoke sand, sun, and water, Hits: Beach Party feels a little like a randomly generated playlist, but there are enough bright, upbeat, and summery gems here to effectively soundtrack a day at the watering hole (pick your poison) of your choice.6/
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    Listen free to Various Artists – Beach Party (Old Town Road, Piece Of Your Heart and more). 42 tracks (). Discover more music, concerts, videos, .
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    This CD compiled several hard to find songs from the beach movies, however, the CD isn't by any means complete. It's missing several tunes from the Frankie and Annette "Beach Party" movies, completely avoids Elvis' "Blue Hawaii", only covers the theme from "Ride the Wild Surf", and doesn't include any of the songs from the "Gidget" movies/5(44).
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    Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Beach Music Party: Beach Music Hits - Various Artists on AllMusic - - Although the late-'80s movie Shag has forever.
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    Explore releases from Freefall at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Freefall at the Discogs Marketplace.
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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Freefall on Discogs.
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    There is no better place than Freefall to host your perfect party! The quickest and easiest way to book a party is to use our online booking system by clicking additional questions, please .
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    Jan 09,  · In , producer/screenwriter Glen A. Larson was born was born in Long Beach, CA. If you watched TV in the ’s and 80’s, you’re sure to have seen one of his shows. In , the March of Dimes campaign to fight polio was established by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who himself had been afflicted with the crippling disease.
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    In Music CD» VARIOUS COLLECTION» Best Of Nightcore Vol 2 () Best Of Nightcore Vol 2 () Like A Freefall (Original Nightcore Edit) (Feat. Toni Fox) Beach Party Summer (24 Pop, Dance, Edm, Club Music Hits For Summer Party) ().

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