D.J. Spin Kut - Rapp Mix Masters No. 2 (Vinyl)

Download D.J. Spin Kut - Rapp Mix Masters No. 2 (Vinyl)

Being that Mikey was well known, most industry people were aware that he was the original creator of the Big Apple Mix. Unfortunately some had erroneously assumed that he was also the one who released the bootlegs in the first place and didn't want to work with him.

What's interesting is that the many record labels of the day refused to release similar mixes even after seeing the huge success of the "Big Apple Mix. He continued mixing, but says around or so that the music was getting tired and was just empty. He kept busy with a family business while playing every now and again. About a year or two ago, Mikey met up with some of his old acquaintances from the golden days of Disco. One of them was Joe Causi who was now back on the air on the newly resurrected WKTU radio which was playing Disco and todays dance sounds.

That was it, Mikey was reenergized and after a month was back into the music as if nothing had ever happened. Posted by Mastermix Crew at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. The best time to look for them in the northeast sky will be from around 11 p. Saturday to dawn Sunday, with plenty of action tonight and Sunday night. The meteor shower will be active evenings and predawn mornings through Aug. Good weather forecast The forecast for this weekend is for good viewing weather, with partly cloudy skies and a waning crescent moon.

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This is an up-tempo mix with a lot of songs I don't recognize and is probably from around and in the same style, using regular tracks and not using rap orientated songs.

A Side: Side B: Two instrumental Rhythm Tracks. Side A: One sided medley. It's a very busy mix with samples, Scratching and other effects Side A and B: Both sides same medley. Scratch Mixes 3. What's New. Unfortunately some had erroneously assumed that he was also the one who released the bootlegs in the first place and didn't want to work with him. What's interesting is that the many record labels of the day refused to release similar mixes even after seeing the huge success of the "Big Apple Mix.

He continued mixing, but says around or so that the music was getting tired and was just empty. He kept busy with a family business while playing every now and again. About a year or two ago, Mikey met up with some of his old acquaintances from the golden days of Disco. One of them was Joe Causi who was now back on the air on the newly resurrected WKTU radio which was playing Disco and todays dance sounds.

That was it, Mikey was reenergized and after a month was back into the music as if nothing had ever happened. January 10, History of Hip Hop-Lesson 1, 2 and 3. All images are copyrighted by their respective copyright owners Lesson Three Tracklisting 0. Coldcut first came together in the autumn of Ex-Art teacher Jonathan More, who worked in the store at the time, listened to the mix, suggesting a separate edit be made of the Jungle Book's "King of the Swingers" - Black had mixed this with the break from James Brown's "Funky Drummer".

Later that year, spurred on by an enthusiastic rep from Island Records, they released their influential remix of Eric B. Featuring a prominent Ofra Haza sample and many other vocal cut ups, it is now regarded as both a hip hop classic and a breakthrough in the remix field.

The looped rhythm at the heart of the remix can be seen as an early precursor to the Breakbeats genre one has merely to speed it up to note the similarity. All of these tracks were made by the painstaking assembly of spliced tape edits that would sometimes run "all over the room". The duo showed originality and resourcefulness by sampling Led Zeppelin as well as James Brown. Their first major hit as Coldcut was the top 10 hit "Doctorin' The House" in , featuring singer Yazz.

It was also their biggest hit overall, reaching 6. The record reached no. It featured singer Lisa Stansfield, whose band Blue Zone UK had been creating a mild buzz with the single "Jackie", and whose charismatic video presence was getting noticed within the industry. She would go on to have a UK chart number one in her own right later that same year, with "All Around the World". Latifah's rap was decidedly anti-drug, while Coldcut's reggae dub-ish instrumental had tongue-in-cheek connotations of marijuana appreciation by virtue of its title.

In , whilst touring Japan, they conceived and started their second record label, Ninja Tune, which continues to release diverse music by a small army of like-minded artists. In the duo unveiled their own real-time video manipulation software, VJamm. Coldcut's current live and DJ sets rely on video as much as records, taking the concept of multimedia performance into largely uncharted territory.

Conceptually, Coldcut owes as much to the ideas of beat writer and cut-up theorist William S.


Rock-N-Roll Pizzeria - Less Than Jake - Losing Streak (Vinyl, LP, Album), Ride Me Easy, Rider - Vinegar Joe - Vinegar Joe (Vinyl, LP, Album), My One And Only Love - Thad Jones Quartet - Three And One (Vinyl, LP, Album), Part 5 - Various - 25 Great Country Artists Singing Their Original Hits (Vinyl, LP), Various - Different Notes (CD), King Of The Floor, Begging You - Northern Lite - 23 - Best Of Northern Lite (File), Apache - The Surfaris - The Best Of The Surfaris Live! (CD, Album), Leimana - Dennis Pavao - Ka Leo Ki‘eki‘e (Vinyl, LP, Album), Black Is The Color Of My True Loves Hair - St. Charles Singers - Concert At Clare College Chapel Cam, Lets Straighten It Out - Latimore (2) - More, More, More, Latimore (Vinyl, LP, Album), Baby Im amazed at the way you behave - Paul English group - First taste (Vinyl, LP, Album) Out Of Sight - Whigfield - Whigfield (CD, Album)


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    Explore releases from D.J. Spin Kut at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from D.J. Spin Kut at the Discogs Marketplace.
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    d.j. blend daddy's a lil' mix'd up vol street coast-all mixed up. amu 4. disco experience-red vinyl. rapp mix masters no.2 and 3. nyc beat masters. jv raydio-mix-tonights the night. more.
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    Featuring The world famous DJ Spin Kut. Side A and B: Both sides same medley () Tracklisting: Uptempo Beat-mixed in (and scratching):Kraftwerk-Numbers, Prince Let's Work,?, De La Soul-Me Myself And I,?, Kurtis Blow-The Breaks, Whodini-Five Minutes Of Funk,?, Emotions-Best Of My Love.-RAPP MIX MASTERS No.2 and 3 NYC BEAT MASTERS-JV
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    Jan 08,  · This mix was done by DJ Spin Kut circa Rapp Mix Masters #1 LL Cool J I Can't Live Without My Radio Z-3 MC's Triple Threat Symbolic Three No Show Boogie Boys You Ain't Fresh Dana Dane Nightmares.
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    Jan 05,  · World Class Wreckin Crew-World Class Mega Mix '89; CJ Mackintosh; DJ CJ Mackintosh-Upfront 3; DJ Chad Jackson- Upfront 2; DJ Evileddie- Upfront 1; Summer Breeze-Mastermix 89; Summer Breeze-Mastermix 88; Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince-Megadope Mix; DJ Spin Kut -Rapp Mix Master No. 2 & 3; Hip Hop Madness; DJ Spin Kut-Rapp Mix Masters #1; I.B.P. Just.
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    Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for.
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    Jan 06,  · World Class Wreckin Crew-World Class Mega Mix '89; CJ Mackintosh; DJ CJ Mackintosh-Upfront 3; DJ Chad Jackson- Upfront 2; DJ Evileddie- Upfront 1; Summer Breeze-Mastermix 89; Summer Breeze-Mastermix 88; Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince-Megadope Mix; DJ Spin Kut -Rapp Mix Master No. 2 & 3; Hip Hop Madness; DJ Spin Kut-Rapp Mix Masters #1; I.B.P. Just.
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    Jan 04,  · The Big Apple Mix Many people besides the dancers took notice. Eventually this led him to creating the infamous "Bits and Pieces 1 and 2" DJ mix plates. Shortly thereafter, he cut an acetate with edits of late 70s/early 80s songs for use during his DJ gigs. Well, someone pirated a copy and released it without giving Mikey any credit.

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