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The guys from the Russian heartland made a splash in the music circles of Russia and even abroad. They began to appear in European music publications M8, Wire and attracted the attention of record companies. However, this success brought the children of their live concerts. Emotional, energetic, deep and melodic streams their music with live instruments guitar, bass, and keyboards create a unique atmosphere at each event, where is the composition of D-Pulse.

You can call their music, performances, mixes as you like: electric disco, romantic space rock, acoustic deep house, minimal funk or jazz. This then, it is impossible to describe with words. Sound cocktail with different tastes. Great to dance, to listen at home to make love and Unless you're a Geography expert, it's pretty hard to imagine where it is, but there are people living in this corner of the world producing Electronic music like Acos CoolKAs!

They found something very mysterious and magical in this type of music. The pair soon realized that something 'had' been missing in their everyday lives which they could find in this amazing emotional music, that had such enigmatic spiritual depth. Firstly, they began experimenting with music production as individuals but the results were so similar it became too difficult to tell the two apart.

At first, Acos CoolKAs tried imitating 'that' fantastic feeling of Outer Space which they'd heard in the music of their idols. But when 'that' first Cosmos experience came, they quickly found 'their' sound. They soon realized that in order to find the Cosmos, you have to look 'inside' yourself first. An-2 - Deep Perfection Podcast September He lives in St.

Petersburg, Russia called the Northern Capital of Russia , but inside he is a deeply provincial person, maybe even the anti-glamour character and a solid realist. He doesn't drink alcohol and doesn't smoke and although Anton Pavlovich Chekhov the great russian classical writer said once that "if someone doesn't drink and doesn't smoke, this may make you think that he's simply a bastard", Andrei hopes that this isn't something about him.

Andrei's way to electronic music was hard and twisting. He nearly became karatist, biathlonist, radioamateur-automodelist, classical guitarist, pianist, accordeonist, professionally qualified economist, but all that smoothly passed him by and finally he became the electronic musician. Perhaps the reason of that was the town of Izhevsk - Andrei's birthplace. On the surface Izhevsk isn't something remarkable, just a provincial industrial town standing away from the main communication routes and hubs.

The reasons of that are not well studied yet. One of a numerous theories supposes that the reason of that phenomenon was some ultra-high-frequency radiation emitted by one of the Izhevsk secret military laboratories and accidentally modulated by the spirit of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky that was born in Izhevsk environs in year and who's name is associated with these places.

Andrei regulary visits his hometown to get the salutary radiation and regenerate his creative power. This radiation causes the psychic effect of "shining-through reality".

She feels trapped as she assumed the inevitable role of a middle class courtesy of her marrying one. This results to feelings of boredom which brings dire consequences at the end. Another condition that leads to her feelings of boredom is her pregnancy. Being selfish, she finds her predicament unsettling and unbearable.

Her selfishness and inability to find better use of her time drives her to commit ghastly acts. She flirts with her former lover Ejlert and develops alliance with Judge Brack, despite her being very much married and pregnant. And in the ultimate act of selfishness, she commits suicide at the end.

The other male characters seem in love with Hedda. It could be due to her sense of beauty in a decadent way. Brack wants to start a relationship with her and Ejlert hopes that she shares his "passion for life. She rejects Ejlert's views and teases Brack by referring to him as "the cock of the walk. Elvsted does not feel uncomfortable around Hedda because she had bad experience with her in the past when they were classmates. She manipulates other people because she has no peace or happiness in her life.

Hedda's power is so broad that her self-destruction tendencies lead to the ruin of the lives of other characters. The rest of the characters only serve to show what Hedda does and does not have. Her lack of sympathy is apparent when she burns Ejlert manuscript, encourages him to commit suicide and begging him to do it beautifully. Her questionable morals are revealed when she associates with Judge Brack. Her meanness shows when she deals with Aunt Julia and Mrs.

The way Hedda relates to the people surrounding her shows callousness and utter disregard. When Hedda perceived that Ejlert has failed her by not shooting himself at the temple but is killed accidentally in a scuffle, disillusionment sets in.

Her burden is further compounded when she learns that a scandal might occur for her. Her strong need to conform being threatened, Hedda sees no way out but to shoot herself. Her spiritual poverty prevents her to appreciate what she has. Hedda manipulates everyone around her. She is strong but in an unguided and coarse way. She is also cruel and insolent. She does not hesitate to hurt other people just for the pleasure it provides.

The life of ease as defined by an aristocracy enables Hedda to appreciate the good life. The good life being in the midst of wealth and beauty. She forms a certain standard in mind which she desires to come up to. She never worries a day in her life being in the upper class. She is amused by how much Tesman worries about making a living.

Being the wife of a middle class however wakes her up to the painful reality of having to work to earn a living. She even wishes Ejlert a "beautiful" suicide when he expresses his need to commit suicide and she hands him one of her pistol. To Hedda, life ought to be beautiful even in bleak times such as suicide. She does not hesitate on flirting with other guys while her husband is not around even encourages their attention. Her values are based on aesthetic standards not on moral standards.

To her, beauty matters more even if at the expense of morality or values. She is shallow. It is easy to see that whatever burdens she feel is due to her character or the apparent absence of it. Her false standards of happiness prevent her from looking beyond what is obvious. She is like an empty jar - beautiful to look at but nothing inside. Profile of a Songwriter: John Lennon. John Winston Ono Lennon 9 October — 8 December is undoubtedly one of the greatest and most famous songwriter of all times.

He was best known as a singer, songwriter, and guitarist for the English music group The Beatles. As the partner of the legendary songwriting duo Lennon-McCartney team, his heavy influence on the phenomenal growth of rock music with introduction of more advanced multi-layered arrangements, mature lyrical sentiments and musical eclecticism echoes to this day.

Lennon had a deep influence on rock and roll and in developing the genre during the s. He is considered together with his songwriting partner Paul McCartney, as one of the most influential singer-songwriter-musicians of the 20th century. A number of the songs he wrote feature reflective pieces usually in the first person as opposed to McCartney's style of writing. His most wonderful pieces of songwriting, "Strawberry Fields Forever" and "I Am the Walrus", reflect the best examples of his unique style.

Songwriting Career The amazingly effective simple chord in Lennon songs has baffled songwriters for years. A number of Lennon songs use harmonic vertigo, implementing a simple chord switch from major to minor and vice versa, variations into sudden keys, the occasional augmented or ninth chord. The Acoustic collection provides a very personal portrait of Lennon the songwriter and guitarist, playing songs in unplugged form. In the Beatles, Lennon mostly provided the rhythmic side, playing the singular changes often using full barre chords and allowing Harrison to add ornamentation and texture.

In his solo years, Lennon wanted to reveal the truth and take away the art and pretense. Plastic Ono Band, released in after the Beatles lost its luster and when he was hospitalized in Dr.

Lennon merely expresses himself and his take on matters. Unlike some early Beatles songs, they are not intended to be genre pieces.

At the same time, Lennon is also very much aware of the fact that his music provides a great avenue for him to broadcast his messages to the world. It could be abstract and complex or extremely simple and honest stripped of pretence. Whatever it is Lennon wants to display often ends up providing a great range of color and creativity through the use of metaphor and simile. John possessed a keen mind, quick wit and sharp tongue. He was always searching for something that could fill the emptiness he felt inside and give him the happiness and direction he so desperately needed.

He told Paul in , "I want a divorce" and the Beatles were formally dissolved by January of , each pursuing separate ways. Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood. Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood is based on the infamous double murder in Canada in the's.

The novel centers on a pretty 16 year-old servant girl who connived with a ranch helper to kill their employer and his mistress and ran off with their belongings. This is a true story which evoke furor in the community when it happened. They were captured several days later.

The trial was much-publicized and they were found guilty of premeditated murder. The young man, James McDermott, was sentenced to death, and the girl, Grace Marks, was put to prison due to her age and the fact that she is a girl. Alias Grace begins after the Grace has served 8 years in prison. She is around 24 years old. A young doctor, Dr. Simon Jordan, who wants to apply a new method of psychology, wants to use it on Grace.

A group that has continuously strived to earn pardon for Grace Marks has recruited him with the hopes that he will declare Grace sane and innocent on all counts of murder. Grace begins her story with her family in Scotland. Grace was sent to Canada as a servant. Here is where Grace meets her first true friend, Mary Whitney. Mary teaches Grace to be independent.

Grace looks up to her. Unfortunately, Mary has a horrible death due to a bad surgical abortion and Grace is left alone and troubled by the gruesome death of her friend.

Grace meets Nancy Montgomery the housekeeper of Thomas Kinnear. She takes a job under Nancy mistakenly believing in their friendship. Soon Nancy is overtaken with Grace in the house, she becomes increasingly jealous of her role with Mr. Grace later discovers that the relationship between Kinnear and Montgomery is more than just employer-employee. Kinnear also beds Montgomery. With the proposed dismissal of Grace and the hired hand McDermott, Grace is led with McDermott into killing the two and robbing them for their own escape.

Although not long after, in a hotel, Grace and McDermott, even though ironically using the alias Mary Whitney, are arrested. The setting of Alias Grace is extremely important in the story. The story takes place in the novel and in actuality in the mid to late eighteen hundreds. The crime and court proceedings are all dated to their actual time and place.

The irony in Alias Grace exists in the fact that Grace was not aware that she committed the murder. In the past multiple personality or insanity is not an acceptable reason. A murder is simply a murder. It does not matter what the story behind is. Alias Grace reveals that deficiency in the earlier times. We have to consider the fact that the novel is set in the 18th century, in Kingston a small town in Canada.

This is important because during this time in history there the theory that "innocent until proven guilty" is not recognized nor practiced. There was a trial by publicity which means the judge, jurors, and the public had all decided Grace Marks was guilty even before she was tried.

There was no sequestering of juries in those days that would filter public opinion and limit its devastating effect to the jurors. False accusations could easily ruin the opinions of those trying Grace Marks.

During those times, the sentencing was apparently more brutal than today. If a person was found guilty of murder the sentence was death by hanging. Death penalty nowadays is less brutal and is applicable only in rare and extreme cases such as serial killings. McDermott was hanged for the murder of two people. Grace even though she escaped the same fate suffered as much though. The life in prisons and asylums during those times were not exactly ideal either. They were even considered barbaric by today's standards.

Aside from that, the need to correctly diagnose of mental disabilities was practically nonexistent. In the novel, Dr. When it was found out that Grace has multiple personality disorders which explains her incapacity to recall what happened that fateful day is considered unusual if not weird revelation. During those times, it is not unusual to see a number of cases brought about by insanity that were tried and meted death by hanging while those mentally stable convicts were put into an asylum.

The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco. Eco's most famous novel, Il nome della rosa , The Name of the Rose , is a murder mystery set in an Italian abbey in the year During the medieval period, the power of life and death lies with the Inquisition.

A breakaway sect called the Fraticelli is one of those factions that threaten the wealth and political influence of the Church. A number of murders occurred at the Italian monastery.

William of Baskerville, accompanied by his apprenticee Adso of Melk, tried to prove that a series of murders is not committed by the Devil.

As the story unfolds, they later find out that the blind librarian Jorge de Burgos — derived from the Argentinean writer Jorge Luis Borges - is behind the killings. He did the ghastly act to protect Aristotle's missing manuscript about comedy, the lost second book of Poetics. The abbey library and monastery was burned down and the manuscript disappears.

To know the answer to think you know you have to conjecture that the facts possess a logic - the logic that the guilty party has imposed on them. The murder is a means for achieving a good end, which is actually ironic. The visible world comprises of imperfect copies of the intellectual world of forms or ideas. These forms are unalterable and perfect.

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Below is a more detailed summary of this specific item for sale: The item format is a vinyl 7" The Artist Name is Missing Persons The Title is Destination Unknown Condition Used The Media Condition is Very Good Plus This disk can be played end to end without skipping or getting stuck, but visually the disk may have very light visible wear, marks and or hairlines on the disk. The Tracks of this item include: 1. Destination Unknown 2. Please message me if you want to check and verify the image details.

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    " Destination Unknown " is a song by American band Missing Persons. It was written by Dale Bozzio, Terry Bozzio, and Warren Cuccurullo with production by Ken Scott. Originally released on the band's self-titled EP (), the song was released as a single in September and appeared on their debut studio album Spring Session M ().
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