California Fool - Frank Zappa - Snake Hips Etcetera (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Download California Fool - Frank Zappa - Snake Hips Etcetera (Vinyl, LP, Album)
Label: Not On Label (Frank Zappa) - CP14-815 • Format: 2x, Vinyl LP, Album, Unofficial Release • Genre: Rock •

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The New York Times. Retrieved August 17, Miles, , Frank Zappa , pp. Musician Magazine. Down Beat Magazine. Archived from the original on February 16, Retrieved August 12, Retrieved August 14, National Recording Preservation Board. Zoot Allures is a pretty stripped-down, straight-ahead rock album, flawed but with some amazing high points like the sensuous The Torture Never Stops and the guitar instrumentals Black Napkins and the title track.

Hot Rats is an album that you can get lost in, and one that, despite being more than 35 years old, never once sounds like a quaint period piece. Sheik Yerbouti represents the diametric opposite of Uncle Meat : where that album is difficult to penetrate, Sheik Yerbouti is as close as Zappa came to chasing after commercial success. Nowhere is the great Zappa contradiction more marked. Solo Torture [? Ride My Face to Chicago 6. City of Tiny Lights 7.

You Are What You Is 8. Medley on Pills [? In France Tracks 4 and 8 are unknown. Part 2 is not known. The front cover photo is taken from page 80 in Dominique Chevalier's book Viva! The back cover photo is taken from page - also used on Frank's Place. Hot-Plate Heaven at the Green Hotel 3. Cosmik Debris [modified to "Lobster Debris"] I'm The Slime Some songs have lyrical mutations here, including the secret word for the evening: "lobster".

Introduction 2. Dumb All Over 6. Goblin Girl 7. The Black Page 2 8. He's So gay 9. Keep It Greasy Trouble Every day ["overdub with cut in guitar"] Penguin in Bondage ["cut in guitar solo"] The two single LPs together cover more of the show than the double LP does. Many of these recordings were used on Stage 3 : "In France" and "Bamboozled by Love" are complete recordings of the Stage 3 versions, which are edited on "In France" on Stage 3 , the harmonica is edited down and the guitar solo edited out, and on "Bamboozled by Love" the guitar solo is edited down a bit "Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up", "Carol, You Fool" and "Chana in de Bushwop" are the same versions as on Stage 3 "Advance Romance" is one of at least two sources for the Stage 3 version: The first on Stage 3 are from here, as well as everything after but the beginning of the guitar solo is edited out on Stage 3 From U :.

OK, here's the deal. Then they play "Let's Move to Cleveland", and where they would normally sing " kreeg-ah bundola " or "let's move to Cleveland", they sing "kiss my volcano" instead. Secret word: "Broccoli". What follows are track lists and other details on the individual bootlegs. Truck-Driver Divorce 2. In France [unedited version of the Stage 3 performance] 3. He's So Gay 4. Bobby Brown 5. Keep It Greasey 6. The Black Page 2 Part 1 [not listed]. Sharleena [listed as "Send My Baby Home"] Bamboozled by Love [unedited version of the Stage 3 performance].

Advance Romance [one source of the Stage 3 version; not listed] Carol, You Fool [ Stage 3 version] Let's Move to Cleveland Part 1 [not listed]. Teen-Age Wind. The cover shows Zappa with a Gibson guitar. The picture was used on a ! It also says they have copyrighted the material and the manufacture of course, not true, not legal. The whole thing looks remarkably similar to Kiss My Volcano and The Broccoli Shower , but these records have extra material. In France [unedited version of the Stage 3 performance] 4.

Bobby Brown 6. Keep It Greasey 7. Some copies are on violet vinyl, and some on red. The back cover says that "part two of this amazing show is already released! Kiss My Volcano ". Advance Romance [one source of the Stage 3 version] 2. Carol, You Fool [ Stage 3 version] 3.

Chana in de Bushwop [? Dinah-Moe Humm 9. Whipping Post [Allman]. The vinyl is blue. The front cover is purplish and white, with a picture of Zappa with a baton, talking into a microphone.

The back cover lists the band along with mixing engineer Davey Moire, says "ultimate soundboard stereo recording" and that "the other part of this fantastic show will be released soon under the title The Broccoli Shower. Isn't that amazing? Obviously, Kiss My Volcano is the second part and The Broccoli Shower the first part, but they were released in reverse order.

Teen-Age Wind 2. Bamboozled by Love [unedited version of the Stage 3 performance] Wipping Post [Allman]. Sound quality: "OK to very good audience" with track 14 "very good soundboard" Label: Showtime Records Willie the Pimp 3.

Montana 4. Music to Change Video Tape by 7. Drowning Witch 8. The Black Page 2 9. Brown Moses Solo from Let's Move to Cleveland The Evil Prince Daddy, Daddy, Daddy King Kong Heavy Duty Judy Stick Together Outside Now. The front cover photo can be seen on page 80 in Dominique Chevalier's book Viva! The back cover photo is on page Band Introduction 2.

Dickie's Such an Ashole 3. Stick Together 4. My Guitar Wants to Kill Your mama 5. Willie the Pimp 6. Montana 7. City of Tiny Lites 8. A Pound for a Brown on the Bus Incl. Make a Sex Noise 9. When The Lie's So Big Jesus Thinks You're a Jerk Florentine Pogen Andy Inca Roads Let's Move to Cleveland When Irish Eyes are Smiling Who Needs The Peace Corps?

Tracks and 26 are two instances of the "Texas Medley": three Beatles songs with new words by Zappa to ridicule the disgraced TV evangelist Jimmy Swaggart. The front cover has a picture of Zappa in a pink sweater, playing a Stratocaster. An "inside cover" has a list of musicians and "Notes, Aspects, Lyric Mutations, etc. The Black Page 3. Happy Birthday [? Packard Goose 5. Planet of the Baritone Women [not listed] 7. Bolero [Ravel] 8. Bolero Improvisation 9. I Ain't Got No Heart Beatles Songs Intro A Pound for a Brown on the Bus [listed as "Instrumental"] Drum Solo Strictly Genteel [listed as "Instrumental"] This was available at least as early as October Tracks 21, 24 and 26 are mysterious blank spaces, with track times meticulously listed on the cover.

Band Intro ["The Black Page" ending] 2. Any Kind of Pain 4. Planet of the Baritone Women 5. The Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue 6. I Ain't Got No Heart 8. Andy 9. Inca Roads [part 1] Inca Roads [part 2] Bolero [Ravel] The Torture Never Stops [part 1] Lonesome Cowboy Burt The Torture Never Stops [part 2] As you can see, there are minor differences in what is basically two issues of the same material. The Black Page [] 2. Inca Roads [] 3. When the Lie's So Big [] 4.

Planet of the Baritone Women [] 5. Any Kind of Pain [] 6. Jesus Thinks You're a Jerk []. The back cover has title, venue and date stencilled on. The vinyl is black, the labels are white. Made in It isn't well known since it isn't worth knowing. The audience is clear and the band is muddy. This is the kind of album that besmirches the artists' reputations. It may have been an excellent concert, but you would never know from that album.

Stink-Foot 2. Packard Goose 3. Alien Orifice 4. Disco Boy 5. Bamboozled by Love 7. Let's Make the Water Turn Black 8. Harry, You're a Beast 9. Theme from Lumpy Gravy The Dessicated Theme I am the Walrus When the Lie's So Big The Planet of the Baritone Women Any Kind of Pain Jesus Thinks You're a Jerk.

It has a red lever cover with a s-style Christmas photo with a baby holding a Zappa album. The back cover has a picture of Zappa. The entire production run of Volume 2 seems to have been confiscated by the police. I Ain't Got No Heart 3. Love of My Life 4. Sharleena 7. Advance Romance It also lists the musicians, location and date, secret words " schauschesch " bodyguard John Smothers' pronunciation of "sausage" and " Fornebu " an Oslo airport plus, in an attempt to masquerade as an official album, the following information:.

All rights reserved. It's a very professional cover, made to look like a legal release. According to a German bootleg dealer, a Volume 2 was made but the entire production run was confiscated by the police. Both CDs are numbered copy editions. Sound quality: "very acceptable", but with "some very bad drop-outs" Label: FZ-K Band Introduction 3. Bamboozled by Love 6. Black Napkins 7. When the Lie's So Big 8.

Planet of the Baritone Women. Any Kind of Pain [continued] Find Her Finer Which means that out of the 18 tracks on here, I'd keep 9, maybe 10 if I'm in a good mood. I've already mentioned some of the tracks I don't like, and the rest is just boring to my ears. The end result, then, is that half of the album is awesome, and half ranges from pointless to dull There's a great album trapped inside here, but don't expect consistency here. The focus is mostly on layers of vocals and sound, along with cynical jabs at obvious musical genres and social groups.

I could comment on other songs, but I would only be repeating myself. There are a few energetic or smooth instrumental sections thrown in there, but otherwise Yerbouti permanently set to silly. The wit of lyrics do get in the way of the music as a whole. They are unignorably ribald and vulgar, so the ear is drawn to them whether you like it or not Not that this fact makes Sheik Yerbouti a bad album, but it does make it rather light-weight, especially for a Zappa album.

There is a scatter-brained sensation I got when listening, almost like the group threw together these tunes after a late night of drinking and dirty-jokes. Any fan of Zappa will like something to like here, but for those more interested in the man's musicianship Sheik Yerbouti will probably be little more than a novelty.

But to me, the musical highlights are mostly by keyboardist Tommy Mars, who was one of the finest keyboardists Zappa ever employed.

While this may not have enough "serious music" for the humorless fan, and might be too racy for the prudish listener, this album could serve as a great introduction as to what Zappa was all about. Like that album, Zappa's lyrics become increasingly obnoxious. It's not just that they are offensive although they are - the idea that gay men end up that way because they were effeminised by strong women is abhorrent and an unworthy sentiment for a song with such a wonderful backing track as Bobby Brown Goes Down - it's that they're both offensive and stupid.

Whilst Zappa had always been the former and didn't we all love him for it , it was rare that he was the latter, but there you have it. Simplistic parodies, sneering attacks which make ample use of racial stereotypes, yet another attack on disco as if the one on Zoot Allures weren't enough , the lyrics lack the playful and imaginative side which made albums like the similarly crude Overnite Sensation so compelling.

However, looking beyond the lyrics to the music, it's undeniable that the standard is higher this time around. It's just that the album is incredibly schizophrenic. One moment there'll be a driving art rock wonder like City of Tiny Lights or a burst of high-quality fusion like Rat Tomago, the next there'll be goofy, shallow parodies of other musical genres pitched for the Dr.

Demento crowd. Were the music up to scratch, I'd have passed by the lyrics, but as it is the album is a little too inconsistent for me to give a passing mark to. From there he cruises into "Flakes," a great skewering of Californians in general coupled with proggy interludes and rhythm guitarist Adrian Belew's faux Bob Dylanisms that only the mind of Mr.

Zappa could make work. It reminds me of some of the silly British glam acts that tried so hard to be outrageous but were only successful at becoming ridiculously dated. The southern-fried boogie craze gets its turn on the grill with "Jones Crusher," a driving number faithfully rendered complete with inane words and an overblown concert finale.

It's not all vaudeville, though. On "Rat Tomago" Frank cuts loose on the fret board and proceeds to dazzle and stun your ears with his inimitable axe-wielding ferocity. It's pretty much a droning on-stage jam but who cares when the guitar playing is this fierce? Those of the politically correct persuasion had best skip "Bobby Brown Goes Down," a bold slice of satire that's bound to offend the sensitive.

My opinion is that if you can't enjoy a chuckle over this song then you're taking yourself way too seriously Something Zappa avoided like the plague. Lighten up, for heaven's sake. Frank, ever the mad scientist, combined two totally unrelated tracks to construct something intriguing.

It goes to show that he was never afraid to "put it all out there. It's definitely not for the musically conservative ear. On the odd little ditty, "Baby Snakes," it's back to unapologetic funny business for a few minutes. Makes me wonder what FZ would've thought of extravaganzas like the recent insipid "Rock of Ages" stage show and movie. It's a tightly-compacted conglomerate of rock, prog, funk, jazz and humor that's a testament to his unmitigated gall. The tune actually crossed over into dance clubs for a spell in '79 to Zappa's astonishment.

Sometimes making music can be made for no other purpose than to elicit a giggle or two and I'm okay with that. Let it be exactly what it is and don't overanalyze. The album ends with of "Yo Mama," an epic that showcases Frank's progressive leanings eloquently. Here structure and spontaneity get swirled together brilliantly. I realize that a lot of folks won't "get it" but I'm glad that I do.

It's greatness. It rose to 21 on the LP charts and, to date, has sold over 2 million copies. Not bad for an anti-establishment non-conformist. While I can dig that this stuff ain't for everybody I think it's still better than most of the self-righteous garbage I hear on radio and TV today.

No one dares to be sarcastic anymore for fear of reprisals from the right or left and that's a shame because we need to be reminded from time to time that we're all crazy, neurotic messes that don't seem to know when to take a chill pill and have a good laugh at ourselves.

Frank Zappa took on that dirty job with pleasure and, in hindsight, it's obvious that he didn't scar anybody for life with his playful jabs. While attending a concert for a mostly unknown band at the time at least , the roadies played this album over the loud speakers, and I fell for it right away. Suddenly, this band called "Van Halen" that I had 2nd row seats to but whom I knew very little about, was starting to sound like a great idea after all.

Of course, the band came out and blew everyone away, and David Lee Roth was pretty much jumping off the stage and singing in the audience, but I will always remember that night more because that was where my love for Zappa began. So what makes this album so great, other than it is a sentimental favorite?

Well, it is one of Zappa's funniest and most engaging of them all. Though it is hard to tell, most of the album is live. However, the songs that are on it were never presented on an album before, and with all the overdubs and etc. The production is so slick, you would never know, and the tracks flow from one to the other almost seamlessly. All of the tracks work so well together, and the track line up is virtually perfect. The band involved on this album is one of the best line-ups also.

Even though some of the personnel changes from one song to another, it is still pretty solid. Belew later said that most of the tracks were actually soundchecks, and that is believable seeing that the audience is only heard on a few of them. His soberness while writing allowed Zappa to take a noticeably nuanced position in the socio-political debates of the Sixties. Though the film would never see the light of day, some of its test footage would eventually be released by Zappa himself in Hots Rats was the first album Zappa created after the Mothers broke up.

This change in circumstances, however, did not bring him to a standstill: it enabled him to dive head first into the jazz-inspired instrumentals that would become a core element of his most exciting work. Throughout the second half of the sixties, Frank Zappa proved he could rightfully be called an overnight sensation. The moustached maestro was not planning on leaving the music industry as quickly as he had conquered it. Perhaps the least weird thing about Over-Nite Sensation is that it features Tina Turner on backing vocals.


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