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It also houses the Bingara Tourist Information Centre and is open to the general public for tours. Above all, it belongs to the community and is accessed by the community for numerous events and activities. Cultural activity plays a vital role in our lives, particularly for those who live in more remote, isolated communities.

Through theatre, music, dance, we are able to reflect the social and economic challenges that surround us. The arts give us a sense of identity and a sense of our selves. They are a key component in the livability of our communities and are vital in attracting and retaining people to these communities. A more recent photo of The Roxy. A museum celebrating Greek immigration to rural Australia will be incorporated into the project. It will pay tribute to the remarkable legacy of the Greek cafe by recognising the significant contribution Greek immigrants made to the changing landscape of rural Australia.

Very few Greek cafes operate as they did 50 years ago. It will provide opportunities for the celebration of Greek traditions that became embedded in Australia. The work carried out in the restoration will be undertaken to best protect the significant fabric of the place with minimal disturbance to ensure the culturally significant aspects of the place are respected, retained and preserved.

In a paddock not far from the shed, the original neon shop sign that hung under the awning was found, waiting for the day when it would light up once again and take its place at centre stage. Architectural firm Magoffin and Deakin from Armidale has been appointed to the project. Heritage architect Anthony Deakin was responsible for the restoration of the Roxy Theatre carried out in The refurbished Roxy Theatre is a multi-purpose venue and here it is used for a dinner.

The Roxy will become a place of great historical significance that exhibits local distinctiveness and a sense of place. Its civic pride and confidence in its heritage, in its cultural facilities and collections is destined to attract people from all walks of life, all wanting to share this unique experience. It is interesting to note that The Busy Bee in Gunnedah recently ceased trading and permanently closed its doors.

All contributions received will be acknowledged. Estimating the number of Greek Australian women around the country can be difficult. Those who have come from Greece, are of the Greek Orthodox faith and speak Greek at home are easy to find in the official statistics. After that, it becomes complicated — what about the women who have come from Egypt, Cyprus, Roumania and other Greek d. Current estimates put the number of Australians who either came from Greece or are of Greek descent at around , to , Put against these figures, the number of quilts registered to date, from Greek Australian women is miniscule.

For most of those which are included in the NQR, it has been my privilege to sit with the women, to record their memories and experiences, to try to understand their pain and share their gratitude for what their adopted country has given them. Most of the time the interviews have been on a one-to-one basis, but occasionally several women have come together as a group, bringing quilts, sharing stories and reminiscing about another life in another place.

They have been special times for all of us. Patterns of Migration Apart from the Aboriginal people who have always lived in this ancient land, every Australian, even with several generations in between, connects to some other part of the world. We could probably date the beginning of the ongoing relationship which Greek women have with Australia to when Katherine Crummer, nee Aikaterini Plessos, came here to live with her husband, James Henry Crummer, a captain in the British army.

They had eleven children, only two of whom were still alive when Katherine died in Indeed, it is not surprising that this is the period most represented in the quilts registered by Greek Australian women. Migration presented a very real opportunity to create a better life. Many of the women speak about the painful.

But they also express much gratitude for the good life they have been able to make here and for what they have been able to achieve.

In particular, the educational opportunities for their children — these would have been unthinkable had they remained in Greece. Indeed it has taken these last two generations or so for Greece to achieve economic and political stability, with the result that migration from Greece has now stopped almost completely.

Those who survived found their way to Greece and eventually many came to Australia. Those of us who are the children and grandchildren of that generation, have grown up with stories, incomprehensible when we were young — of jewellery being hastily sewn into the hems of skirts, precious icons being wrapped up and hidden under shirts; houses and possessions being left behind, not to mention the terrible human slaughter.

More Greek history emerges through the stories of quilts from various parts of Greece, particularly the islands: Ikaria, Kephallonia, Mytilini, Rhodes, Samos. The tiny island of Kastellorizo has an important place in Greek Australian history as one of the main sources of early Greek migration. We can speculate that this may be the reason why the quilts registered by Greek Australian women of Kastellorizian origins have been made here in Australia search under Conomos, Kazaglis, Kirke, Kyranis, Kyprios, Papalazaros, Penklis.

Australians will recognise the island of Limnos or Lemnos , where at least four of the quilts were made. Bonegilla was where thousands of now well-established Australians found themselves after WW2, having been driven from their homelands in central Europe.

Some of the quilt stories give us fascinating glimpses into how traditions and customs are not only maintained, but adapted to a completely new environment. The Greek word prika encompasses the meanings of the two English words, dowry — real estate, money or goods given at marriage, and trousseau — the collection of clothes and household items which most girls had in some form: handworked, embroidered, and crocheted pieces, tablecloths, towels, bedlinen, decorative bedcovers, and at least one paploma quilt.

Traditionally, young Greek girls and indeed thousands of Greek Australians, have grown up learning to embroider, crochet and sew items for their prika at a very young age. In the photo below, taken in the NSW country town of Cootamundra, circa Niki, Stavroula and Hariklea are all embroidering items for their prika.

Niki and Hariklea had recently arrived from Greece, Stavroula was born and grew up in Cootamundra. Stavroula, in turn, has made an identical one for her daughter-in-law, Stamatina. In this way, craft skills are passed down through the generations. But not so through quilt-making in Greece.

To date, most of the registered quilts made in Greece have been made by a man, the local quiltmaker in the village, or in a nearby town. Several women recall the paplomatas coming to their house to make their quilts and give interesting descriptions of a doxari , an implement used to fluff up the raw cotton used as wadding in the quilts. Many of these quiltmakers also came to Australia, bringing their skills with them, and thus assisting many women here with the problem of acquiring appropriate quilts for their daughters.

Migration often forces change to cultural practices, so in Australia many women, usually forced by their circumstances, made their own quilts. The quilt stories from Christiana Kazaglis and Ann Kyranis both reveal the resourcefulness and practicality which were such strong hallmarks of early Australian women. These two photos capture the transforming processes which migration has wrought in the lives of so many Greek Australian women.

Quilt Styles The subject of quilt styles is a very interesting one, which one day will probably invite further examination. Without exception, all registered quilts which have come from Greece are wholecloth, that is with one single fabric piece forming the top of the quilt. The majority of quilts are of richly coloured satin or cotton, with the pattern being formed by the quilting stitching.

The women who used this style when making their quilts here in Australia, have all come from Greece. The only example, so far, of a quilt influenced in style by Anglo-Australian traditions, is the one made by Australian-born Helen Varoxis.

As seen in this photo, her patchwork quilt is made from the velvet squares taken from a sample book of furniture fabric, a practice common in Australia, particularly in the more frugal times of the Depression and war. There is one quilt from Greece which tells a story through its quilting pattern. Giving and Taking The huge contribution made by Greek people to Australian life is well-represented through the stories from Greek Australian women.

The now well-documented occupations are all there: owning cafes, restaurants, and other food shops; but also there are those who worked in the sugar-cane fields, in the lead-smelters, who did dressmaking , owned barber-shops, worked on the docks, and in the building trades.

The hard work and sacrifice of these earlier generations have resulted in Greek Australians, women and men, now being present in just about every facet of Australian life, including academia, arts and culture, the judiciary, law, politics, medicine, teaching and other professions, and sport.

No other selection process was used. They make an outstanding contribution to our understanding of being Australian. Immigration by Greeks to Australia began in the middle of the nineteenth century. In Metropolitan Christoforos returned to his homeland, Samos. He died on the 7th August, By there were more than Greeks residing in Australia.

However, the only communities with churches were those of Sydney, Melbourne and Port Pirie. In Timotheos Evangelinidis was elected as the second Metropolitan of Australia and New Zealand, and arrived in Australia on the 28th January On the 22nd April of that year Theophylactos Papathanasopoulos was elected as the third Metropolitan.

On the 2nd August , Metropolitan Theophylactos was Killed in a car accident. He arrived in Sydney on the 27th April, The steep increase in migration created new needs and problems.

In order to deal better with these, new communities were created, new churches build, schools established, Philoptochos Societies organized and special care was given to the youth and the catechesis of children.

In the large cities there are, apart from the Philoptochos Societies, centres which provide for the general philanthropic and social problems of Greeks. For a more complete organization of the Archdiocese and the communities, the Archdiocese has held eight Clergy-Laity Congresses, the last of which took place in January Archbishop Stylianos arrived in Sydney on the 15th April and was officially enthroned on Lazarus Saturday on the 26th April The new Archbishop, respecting the work of his predecessor in erecting churches and other benevolent institutions, took on as one of his special concerns the social and cultural development of his flock with the systematic cultivation and promotion of the spiritual treasure of Greek Orthodox Tradition.

In order to achieve this, he created closer contact between Orthodox and non-Orthodox churches in Australia and with the universities of this country.

Appropriate restructuring of the services of the Archdiocese took place, and the Archbishop was officially appointed to the University of Sydney to teach Orthodox theology. Apart from this he continues to be a permanent member of various Christian Theological Commissions. The establishment of new churches and other benevolent institutions continue under the inspiration of the new Archbishop, however priority is given to promotion of the spiritual and cultural treasures of the Greek Orthodox tradition.

This was the aim also of the celebrations fro the 50th anniversary of the Archdiocese in , which included an entire range of events with positive repercussions not only within the Greek community but in the Australian society at large.

A decisive landmark for ecclesiastical matters occurred with the 4th Clergy-Laity Congress which took place in January Of equally great importance and success was the 5th Clergy-Laity Congress in Brisbane, in January , the 6th in Melbourne in January , the 7th in Sydney in January , the 8th in Sydney in January , as well the 9th again in Sydney in January This new and blessed period of our Archdiocese characterized, amongst other things, by the ordination of over thirty new priests, the sponsoring of spiritual fathers from Mt.

The climax of the work of our Archdiocese can be seen in the completion, after many long efforts, of the establishment of St. The College curriculum is recognized as equivalent to university courses in Australia and Greece. Important too are the National youth conferences held in Melbourne , Sydney , Melbourne and , Adelaide , Brisbane , Sydney and Melbourne , as well as the alternate State Youth Conferences, all of which were the outcome of the resolution of the 4th Clergy-Laity Congress.

During the anniversary celebrations or the year , the Archdiocese took significant steps to establish relevant institutions, councils and committees as part of its ongoing efforts towards spiritual development.

First of all, the Millennium Heritage Council was formed, comprising representatives of both genders from various States around Australia. Arising from that Council were the following initiatives:. The highly painful and responsible concern of this Foundation will be to offer every possible assistance to the growing number of victims of alcohol and drug abuse. For the time being, the newspaper shall be monthly.

Greg Gavrielides. Major events in the history of the Greek Orthodox Church in Australia As early as , a Russian Antarctic expedition pulled into the port of Sydney, where it remained for several months.

He inspired the Greek people celebrating the Liturgy, marriages and baptisms. Metropolitan Christoforos returned to his homeland, Samos, in where he died on the 7th August, By there were more than 10 Greeks living in Australia.

Beyond any doubt, in all of these Communities the church was the centre of stability and unity for the new life of the migrant in Australia. Theophylactos Papathanasopoulos was elected as the third Metropolitan on 22nd April He died in a car accident on 2nd August This was a period in history when the steep increase in Greek migration from war-torn Europe created new religious and social needs in Australia.

This increase was satisfied by the creation of new communities, churches, schools, and other social facilities to care for the young and old. Today the Archdiocese has over priests, churches and community organisations. Eight Clergy-Laity Congresses have been held since , to better organise the Archdiocese, the last took place in January He arrived in Australia on the 15th April and was officially enthroned on Lazarus Saturday on the 26th April Apart from this, he continues to be a permanent member of various Christian Theological Commissions.

This was the aim also of the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the Archdiocese in , which included an entire range of events with positive repercussions not only within the Greek community but also in the Australian society at large. A decisive landmark for ecclesiastical matters occurred with the 4th Clergy-Laity Congress, which took place in January Of equally great importance and success was the 5th Clergy-Laity Congress which for the first time was held outside of Sydney, in Brisbane, in January , as well as the 6th Clergy-Laity Congress which was held in Melbourne in January Zafeiropoulos accompanied by the Consuls-General Mr N.

Matsis, Mr I. Kampolis and Mr S. This new and blessed period of our Archdiocese characterised, amongst other things, by the ordination of over thirty new priests, and the sponsoring of spiritual fathers from Mt. Athos and other spiritual people from Greece. The College curriculum is recognised as equivalent to university courses in Australia and Greece.

Important too are the National youth conferences held in Melbourne , Sydney , Melbourne and , Adelaide , Brisbane and Sydney , as well as the alternate State Youth Conferences, all of which were the outcome of the resolution of the 4th Clergy-Laity Congress.

The minutes contain hundreds of names of early Greek settlers and through its pages we observe the history of the organisation as it evolved through its first two decades; the establishment of the first Greek Orthodox Church in Melbourne, the contribution of the founding members to the war efforts in Greece and the first constitution of a Greek organisation in Australia.

These rare documents are the very essence of our cultural heritage; intrinsically linking our history with the history of Melbourne and Victoria. Tony Apidopoulos created a business in Melbourne that became a much loved landmark. On the afternoon of 30 September, Tony Apidopoulos will close his simple shop at the usual time, 5pm, as he has done on most Fridays for the past thirty-five years. I explain the reason for my visit and apologise for my unannounced arrival.

Sunlight filters into the shop, which as I enter, appears almost timeless. A row of crisp police uniforms hang in an open wardrobe to the right of the counter. We sit and begin talking beside a row of treadle sewing machines, mounted on lacquered wood and cast-iron stands that first stitched hems before the Great War.

The infant Theo entered the world at a time and place of immense strife and hardship. His first steps were taken as his homeland became a battleground of resistance to Nazi occupation. Two years into the occupation, his father Pavlos, who had suffered wounds as a soldier in the Greek army, died of a related infection at the age of 26, leaving his mother Vassiliki and her four children to fend for themselves.

Though the civil war brought further danger when Florina became a battleground once more, Tony remembers a happy childhood. We had chooks, grew tomatoes, corn and other vegetables — to sell and to feed ourselves. Eager to learn, young Theodoros asked his mother if he could be one of them.

Despite their circumstances, he was passionately committed to the idea. As Tony recalls these far off days, his eyes soften and his gentle voice falters. He paid Zouzele two gold coins a year for tuition. The knowledge gained from his mentor would give him a first vital foothold in a new country. In , Theo and Vassiliki left Ammochori for Melbourne, following in the footsteps of his eldest brother Vangelis, who had found a house for rent in Richmond.

Within a few weeks Theo had found his first professional employment as a tailor. As we talk about the early years, Tony opens a large file of documents lying on a cutting table nearby.

He begins to leaf through half a century of dog-eared income tax notices. It identifies his first employer as Klein and Cowen, a garment manufacturer in Lonsdale Street. Was it love at first sight? That same year he and Christine were blessed with their first child, Vassiliki. A second daughter, Evangelia, arrived in A few years later, Tony went on a rare family holiday, back to Ammochori where his mother had returned to live.

He met again his mentor, Naoum Zouzele, and thanked his old teacher for the start in life. In , with a baby son, Gregoris, to celebrate, Tony decided it was time to be his own boss.

As always, he worked hard and long hours and established an appreciative and regularly returning customer base. Three years passed during which he was able to save enough to buy his own shop in the same street, at number The move coincided with a commercial opportunity that Tony was in an ideal position to realise.

The Victorian police were being fitted out for a new style uniform. Tony tendered for the contract and won it. I ask if Tony has fitted any officers who have been in the news recently, and one in particular who wore the uniform for a shorter time than expected. As we talk, the doorbell rings. As the days count down to 30 September, visits like this have been increasing; heartfelt and achingly sincere.

There will be no handover to the next generation for Tony the Tailor, no young apprentice to keep the thread intact. Dad you have a very big heart to be a tailor, my heart is too small. The footy fans, young mums with prams, the business types and the cafe crowd will still walk by. But who will know the story of what happened at this place, what Tony the Tailor achieved at this quiet landmark? Those who have the good fortune to have been a customer, a neighbour, a friend; we will know. Kala yieramata Tony.

You will be missed. George Apostolidis is just about to head to Bangkok when I catch up with the award-winning photographer at his home in the prosperous Melbourne suburb of Kew. A two-week shoot in Thailand will be followed by work in Paris and then Barcelona, all for the same client: Mandarin Oriental — the five-star luxury hotel group with whom Apostolidis has worked for over 20 years.

He will spend three months away with his producer-stylist, who just happens to also be his wife Cathy. With a reputation for professional integrity that matches his artistic prowess, Apostolidis exudes the quiet confidence of a man at the summit of success; the naturally modest artist is anything but ostentatious. Then they lost 80 per cent of their trade. Those villages became ghost towns. Dad came out [to Australia] in Dad had joined the railways as a labourer, worked for two years, then bought a house in Carlton and brought the family over.

Mum worked as a fabrics machinist. They worked day-in, day-out to finance our education. I loved animals, and I remember the first thing I tried to photograph was a canary. It was a point and shoot camera in those days. It would be the first of many accolades and from that point on he never looked back. Soon after setting up on his own business, big-budget clients, from luxury-end tourism to multinational mining corporations, lined up to hire him for the extraordinary images he could create.

Is there a formula for working with a brand like Mandarin Oriental? Every property is different. Barcelona is contemporary: hard, modern. Patricia Urquiola did the interior design. Capturing the essence of natural and man-made environments is his forte. For ten years Apostolidis shot for Tourism Tasmania. You have to shoot at the right time of day. In those days you had to construct in front of the camera, make it happen. You had to make sure it was pristine, from start to finish. He and Cathy will squeeze in a holiday too, in the foothills of the Himalayas.

One thing is for sure, though, clarity of vision is something George Apostolidis will never be short of. Photo: Mike Sweet.

Walls are piled high with shoeboxes, surfaces are covered with knives, pots of glue, tacks, hammers, heel pads and every conceivable piece of footwear in varying states of disrepair and salvation. His son Vassilios, the eldest of three children, arrived in Melbourne in and after working for General Motors, Bill opened the doors of Rekaris Shoes in in the heart of Melbourne. For the next 20 years, by dint of hard work, the business grew in its Exhibition Street premises, offering expert shoe repairs and hand-made footwear at a reasonable price.

Rekaris Shoes relocated to its current address in the Greek Community building just three years ago. The shoe business has changed too, says Steve. Men are buying more from the internet. Vintage is in vogue these days. Two generations of Melburnians have crossed the threshold of Rekaris Shoes, but perhaps its most famous customers are the professional cricketers from interstate and beyond, who have rocked up in search of match-winning footwear.

A lot of the Victorian players get them done here. What makes a sustainable business that can last three generations? The cobbler, who has always found his relaxation at Bells Beach, will be the last Rekaris to run the family business. Steve is unmarried and has no children. We might be here longer, who knows. No doubt wherever Rekaris Shoes opens its doors, customers wanting its time-honoured values of hand-made quality will follow in its footsteps. In a sport like football where the importance of team dynamics is instilled over the individual, and the quest for silverware is the team objective, it is rare for a footballer to be remembered amongst so many.

Yet Ulysses Kokkinos is a player and character that transcends time and fading memories. A God given talent to play football, he played the game like few others. It was not enough to play to win and score goals for Ulysses, he played to entertain and he played for the people.

They loved him and he loved them in return. He was famous for scoring goals for his beloved South Melbourne Hellas and equally famous for enjoying the company of beautiful women.

He went against the conservative theories of the time that suggested footballers should stay away from love making the night before the game by insisting a quiet night with a beautiful lady and a glass of wine was the tonic for playing better football.

This interview brought him on three television shows and print media all over the country at the time when soccer was not getting mainstream publicity. This helped create the playboy superstar footballer persona he has enjoyed his whole life but at times also struggled with. He is very conscious of the fact he wants his legacy to be of a great footballer and not as a sex god.

What must be remembered above all else is Ulysses Kokkinos was a seriously good footballer. Athletic, explosive pace, both feet, predator instinct and gifted in the air he was able to sign at Panathinaikos of Athens Greece in , the golden era for the club and Greek football.

At the time they were one of the strongest teams in Europe with legendary players like Domazos and Antoniou. Ulysses wanted to come home and his true love and passion was always South Melbourne Hellas. He had to do it his way, many would have sacrificed their game to be part of such a special team in Europe but it was not his way to compromise in anything in life. By his own admission he may have been able to achieve even more than he did in his playing career by being more disciplined outside the field but he had an insatiable appetite for life and people, he loved adventure and his free spirited nature unfortunately was not conducive at times for the life of an athlete.

His former team mate, the respected South Melbourne and Panathinaikos past champion Jim Pyrgolios described him perfectly. God gave him everything a footballer would want, he was a crowd favourite and the women loved him also off the ground. He was a star player but I believe if he was more disciplined with his lifestyle he would have enjoyed an even greater career but this was not his way.

He is a good loyal friend with a big heart and the game was better for having him part of it. This time was also the golden era of South Melbourne Hellas where premierships were being won in full stadiums with a fanatical Greek migrant supporter base that looked upon its players as heroes.

Ulysses was shocked to see so many great players at the club. Margaritis, Bedford, Ackerly, Mandalis, Mantarakis, Kambouropolos, Pyrgolios and Nestoridis created a super side and he knew then he wanted to be part of this amazing story.

Fame sat easily on his shoulders and he was comfortable amongst the people. He firmly believes that without the people there is no game. I played for a few teams but I just love Hellas. I am a Hellas boy. He candidly explains how he suffered a form of depression after he retired and at times still does today.

Gone was the adulation, gone was the great income, gone was the game he loved to play and was so good at. There was emptiness and a feeling of great loss. How does one assimilate into every day life when you used to send 20, of your fellow country men into raptures of ecstasy every time you scored in your beloved blue and white shirt?

Most players learn to move on but every player endures life after football as a compromise to the dizzy adrenalin of playing the game and when you are wired like Ulysses Kokkinos, a born entertainer, the task is so much harder. This may be the reason he chose to chase the fast life after his career and some of the troubles he encountered later in his life are well documented but sitting down with him this week I managed to see a man at peace with himself, a man not jaded with life, but a man still with a warm heart and a genuine zest for people and life.

You will be remembered as a South Melbourne Hellas player and for many of us, so much more. Whilst most of us read the news, you made the news, even though sometimes not always for the right reasons, but you never failed to remain relevant and attract publicity. He added further. I would be nothing without them!

His Greek name is unknown; though his Greek Christian name is thought to have possibly been Ioannis or Iakoumis. This portrait was found amongst his personal papers, and his descendants consider it to be of him. John arrived during either the mid or late s. He later worked as a shepherd on the Bedervale property, near Braidwood, NSW, and then became a gold prospector at nearby Little River.

He died in Sydney in and is buried in Rockwood Cemetery. Ayia Saranta, Ithaca, Greece, Her childhood was spent in Sydney. She and her parents remigrated back to Ithaca in Her parents intended to build a hotel in Patras with the money they had saved, but it soon ran out. They then returned to Australia without her — she never saw her father again died , and her mother did not return till They left me here in I stayed with an auntie…I always had the hope that one day I would leave from here…I lost my hopes.

Hollywood, California, USA, He came to Australia in , after three years in South Africa. After a period of professional acting and dancing in the United States during the thirties, he returned to Australia and toured with the Tivoli. Drama is quintessentially Greek and quite a number of Greek-Australians have undertaken acting either as amateurs or professionally since the early s.

Lambi, Kos, Greece, The rest of the family followed from the island of Kos in In George migrated back to Kos. As tourism was booming, he commenced building the Hotel Alice Springs. What the hell, am I a Greek or Australian? I bring my kids up as Greek.

But I treat Australia as my homeland up to this day. Coober Pedy, SA, We built our shed… We started digging. I was a pretty good worker. Sydney, NSW, She recalls that her first trip to Greece was as a young girl with her mother. Oh I loved Greece! I absolutely loved it! But then, it took four trips overseas…I was coming back the fourth time, the most beautiful thing I saw was the Australian coastline. Then I realised that Australia was the one I loved most. Yes, it took all that four trips overseas!

Newcastle, NSW, c. The study found that consuming added sugar, soft drinks, sweetened fruit soups or stewed fruit increased the risk of pancreatic cancer. The study concluded that "high consumption of sugar and high-sugar foods may be associated with a greater risk of pancreatic cancer". Prostate Cancer in Men Italy An Italian study examined the habits of men aged 46 to 74 who had prostate cancer and compared their dietary choices to similar men who did not contract the disease.

Colorectal Cancer in Women United States A study conducted by Harvard Medical School found that women who ate the most foods with high glycemic load — the glycemic index, or GI, of a food gives an idea of how quickly sugar more specifically, glucose levels in the blood rise after eating it — had almost three times the risk of getting colorectal cancer in the future, compared with women who ate lesser amounts of such foods.

Typically, processed foods made from refined grains and refined sugar, including candy bars, cakes, cookies and other snacks, are high glycemic foods "We find a very straightforward and clear association between high-glycemic foods and the risk of colorectal cancers," said lead researcher Simin Liu, MD, ScD.

This study involved some 40, American women. Colorectal Cancer in Men United States Another study at Harvard University found that middled aged men whose diets tended to increase blood sugar levels quicker, i. The study, which involved more than 50, men, also found that this effect seemed to be more pronounced in heavier men.

It now turns out that these sugar molecules are not only present but actually aid the growth of the malignant cells. In the long term this discovery is an important step towards a cure that can stop the growth of cancer cells. May the force be with you Increased uric acid also leads to chronic, low-level inflammation, which has far-reaching consequences for your health. For example, chronically inflamed blood vessels lead to heart attacks and strokes; also, a good deal of evidence exists that some cancers are caused by chronic inflammation.

See the next section for more about uric acid. Fructose tricks your body into gaining weight by fooling your metabolism—it turns off your body's appetite-control system.

Fructose does not appropriately stimulate insulin, which in turn does not suppress ghrelin the "hunger hormone" and doesn't stimulate leptin the "satiety hormone" , which together result in you eating more and developing insulin resistance. Fructose rapidly leads to weight gain and abdominal obesity "beer belly" , decreased HDL, increased LDL, elevated triglycerides, elevated blood sugar, and high blood pressure—i. Fructose metabolism is very similar to ethanol metabolism, which has a multitude of toxic effects, including NAFLD non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

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Exercise every day, stop smoking and lose weight if you need to. Eat plenty of almonds, seeds and loads of vegetables to get fibre as well as folic acid and magnesium. For omega 3 fats, think fish.

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Up to one-third of all pregnant and lactating women in the US may not be meeting their requirements for folate, despite mandatory folic acid-fortification of grain products. In a larger and more recent study, Harvard researchers enrolled 5, women who were at high risk for cardiovascular disease.

The women were given a placebo or 2, mcg folic acid, 50 mg vitamin B6, and 1, mcg vitamin B After seven years of treatment and follow-up, researchers recorded 55 cases of macular degeneration in the B vitamin treatment group and 82 in the placebo group. Investigators concluded that in women at high risk of cardiovascular disease, daily long-term supplementation with folic acid, B6, and B12 significantly reduced the risk of age-related macular degeneration.

The treatment effect proved successful in reducing homocysteine levels and migraine disability in study participants with the MTHFR CT genotype. Studies suggest that MTHFR polymorphisms may account for the genetic predisposition to migraine in some individuals.

Homocysteine, Stroke, and Folate Stroke is the third largest cause of death in the US, ranking behind cardiovascular disease and all forms of cancer. In addition, between and , there was an accelerated decline in stroke mortality in the US with 12, fewer stroke deaths per year compared with the established trend seen between and Similar data were also seen in Canada, where there were 2, fewer stroke deaths per year between and , while the decline in stroke mortality in England and Wales did not change significantly during this time period.

Researchers concluded that folic acid supplementation could effectively reduce the risk of stroke in primary prevention. The findings add to the growing body of evidence that supports the theory that folic acid effectively reduces stroke death by reducing homocysteine levels in the blood. Synthetic folic acid, as used in ordinary dietary supplements and vitamin-fortified foods, must first be converted in cells to active L-methylfolate in order to be effective. These steps require several enzymes, adequate liver and gastrointestinal function, and sufficient supplies of niacin vitamin B3 , pyridoxine B6 , riboflavin B2 , vitamin C, and zinc Wright The low dose requirements for 5-MTHF make it a relatively inexpensive supplement with superior clinical benefits over folic acid.

People who would benefit from taking active folate include: Those who desire to take advantage of 5-MTHF as a part of their anti-aging strategy due to its potency, low-cost, and bioavailability. Those with elevated risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Those taking drugs known to interfere with the absorption or metabolism of folate.

Individuals with the 5-MTHFR CT polymorphism are at higher risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, preeclampsia high blood pressure in pregnancy , and birth defects that occur during the development of the brain and spinal cord neural tube defects. This change in the MTHFR gene produces a form of the enzyme, methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase, which is thermolabile, meaning its activity is reduced at higher temperatures.

A daily dose of 0. In some cases, doses as low as 0. Cooking and food processing destroy natural folates McKillop Although red blood cells can retain folate for days following discontinuation of supplementation, synthetic folic acid is poorly transported to the brain and is rapidly cleared from the central nervous system Levitt Many people who take ordinary B-vitamin supplements are unable to sufficiently lower their homocysteine levels enough to prevent disease Schwammenthal One study found that giving L-methylfolate 5-MTHF; also called active folate to patients with coronary artery disease resulted in a percent higher plasma concentration of folate-related compounds compared to folic acid.

This difference was irrespective of the patient's genotype Willems Until recently, 5- MTHF was available only in prescription medicines and medicinal food products. Now, this active form of folate, which provides increased protection against homocysteine-related health problems, is available as a dietary supplement.

This form of the vitamin is unlikely to mask a vitamin B12 deficiency, a well-known shortcoming of folic acid. Researchers at Oxford University, UK randomized study participants to receive either placebo or a combination of folic acid 0. A subset of participants agreed to have cranial MRI scans at the start and finish of the study for the purpose of measuring the change in rate of atrophy of the entire brain.

A total of participants 85 in active treatment group; 83 receiving placebo completed the MRI section of the trial. TMG serves as a methyl donor in a reaction converting homocysteine to methionine. It is commonly used for reducing high homocysteine levels though it has yet to be effectively studied to determine its full cardiovascular benefits through its ability to lower homocysteine Lv A study examined the effect of betaine TMG supplementation on atherosclerotic lesion progression in apolipoprotein E-deficient mice Lv After a week treatment with TMG, analyses revealed that the higher dose of TMG was related to smaller atherosclerotic lesion area.

TMG supplementation also reduced aortic expression of the inflammatory cytokine, TNF-alpha, in a dose-dependent way. These data suggest that in addition to its homocysteine-lowering action, TMG may also exert its anti-plaque effect by inhibiting aortic inflammatory responses mediated by TNF-alpha. Data from the Framingham Offspring Study found that intakes of TMG and choline choline is metabolized to TMG in the body were inversely related to circulating homocysteine concentrations, particularly among participants with low folate intake or among those who consumed alcoholic beverages Cho Other studies have shown that choline deficiency in mice and humans is associated with increased plasma homocysteine levels after consuming methionine da Costa A Finnish study of TMG supplementation showed that a daily supplement of 6 g TMG for 12 weeks reduced blood homocysteine values in healthy subjects by approximately 9 percent Schwab He avoided care and verbosity.

He was a forgotten, humble and good monk. His poverty gave him a rich heart. Fault was found with Elder Ioakeim, but he never found fault with anyone else. He was the oldest child of eight. After leaving school, he worked for a while in a grocery store in Patras.

From Dafni, Kalavryta, he moved to Dafni, Athos, in He moved on to the skete of Kavsokalyvia, where, for a few months he stayed with the brotherhood of the late Fr. In , he moved to the kelli of the Birth of the Mother of God, which belongs to the Monastery of Pantokrator and had a tradition linked to the kollyvades [1]. Here he was tonsured a monk by Elder Onufrios. He worked hard for a decade here, his only consolation being his nightly studies.

In the neighbouring kelli of the Precious Cross, he acquired a small following. In , Elder Ioakeim went with his brotherhood to the kelli of the Saints Theodore Iviron and in to that of the Annunciation Simonopetra. Finally, in , he went to the kelli of the Ascension Vatopaidi where he remained until his departure from this life. In this he was accompanied by his faithful disciple, the monk Theodoros, who today is in the Monastery of Konstamonitou.

In the 73 years he spent on the Holy Mountain, he left only three times, briefly and at great need. He never went to his home village, nor did he have any correspondence with his relatives. Every day he would pray: Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, anything alien, anything illegal, anything unjust and anything harmful to the soul, remove in any way You want. Let them steal it, ask for it, if they need it, let it break or not work any more.

Just let it not take too much effort on my part if I really like it. He loved reading. He fell asleep in the Lord peacefully, with an expression of bright sadness. He had a marvellous memory that people found astonishing. We published his wonderful Athonite stories in book form twenty years ago, to the great joy of his faithful disciple Theodoros.

III, , Mygdonia Publications, 1 st ed. An 18 th century Athonite movement aimed at the restoration of proper practices in the Church and a return to frequent communion and hesychasm. At the same time, it also sealed and underlined the truth that those who assume any authority whatsoever have to be prepared to sacrifice themselves for their people or with their people.

He also refused to abandon the City, as the senators and patriarch advised him to do. After the death of her husband, Eleni retreated from her worldly palace and lived as a nun for 25 years in the convent of Lady Martha, under the name of Ypomoni Patience. She died a few years before the fall of the City and the Church honours her as a saint, celebrating her feast on 29 May.

Saint Ypomoni may have chosen the monastic cell, but she always inspired a bold, peaceable and sacrificial mentality in her children. She summoned the emperor and her other two sons to the monastery, together with senators and a mutual friend, Frantzis.

In other words, like a good governess and excellent mother, she achieved a meeting of minds. And this always happened, as Georgios Plithon-Gemistos notes. Anyone near her garnered spiritual fruits. Typical of this is what G Scholarios who became Patriarch after the capture of Constantinople reports: when a wise person visited her, they left amazed at her wisdom; if an ascetic met her, they would leave after the meeting ashamed at the poverty of their virtue; a prudent person would find their prudence enhanced; a law-maker would become more careful; a judge, in talking to her, would realize that he had a veritable manual of law before him.

Some fell out of favour or were deposed from their office and, rather than being sent to prison or into exile, were forced into an enclosed monastery.

One such was Saint Ypomoni, who proved to be a model wife and mother and an example of the blessed life. He was born in Vryoulla or Vourla in Asia Minor. As a seventeen-year-old, he and six other Christians were deceived and converted to Islam.

He left, greatly saddened and soon came to understand the harm he had done himself. In Smyrna, he confessed to an Athonite spiritual father, who advised him to go to the Holy Mountain. After his tonsure, at which his name was changed from Nikolaos to Nektarios, he gave himself over completely to the ascetic life. Every day he begged the Mother of God to allow him to end his life as a martyr. With the blessings of the holy fathers, and accompanied by his Elder, he went off to his martyrdom.

His eyes were trained on the heavens. In prison he gave advice to others and foretold future events, through continuous prayer and fasting. Finally, he was beheaded at the age of After the transfer of his relics, his Elder received his skull and took it back to the Skete of Saint Ann. Parts of the relics of the martyr were given to his devout mother, and they performed many wonderful miracles.

There is an icon of the saint with scenes from his martyrdom in the church of Saint George, Nea Ionia Athens, where his memory is honoured by his fellow-countryman families of refugees from Asia Minor.

The service and the story of his martyrdom are in a manuscript in the Athonite monastery of Saint Panteleimon and it is from here that information has been drawn for inclusion in the feast days of the Church.

Of course, we honour the known Saints especially on their own day of the year, as is evident in the Menologion. But since many Saints are unknown, and their number has increased with time, and will continue to increase until the end of time, the Church has appointed that once a year a common commemoration be made of all the Saints.

This is the feast that we celebrate today. In this celebration, then, we reverently honour and call blessed all the Righteous, the Prophets, Apostles, Martyrs, Confessors, Shepherds, Teachers, and Holy Monastics, both men and women alike, known and unknown, who have been added to the choirs of the Saints and shall be added, from the time of Adam until the end of the world, who have been perfected in piety and have glorified God by their holy lives.

All these, as well as the orders of the Angels, and especially our most holy Lady and Queen, the Ever-virgin Theotokos Mary, do we honour today, setting their life before us as an example of virtue, and entreating them to intercede in our behalf with God, Whose grace and boundless mercy be with us all. Reading: This divine Father, who was from Asia Minor, was from childhood reared in the royal court of Constantinople, where he was instructed in both religious and secular wisdom.

Later, while still a youth, he left the imperial court and struggled in asceticism on Mount Athos, and in the Skete at Beroea. He spent some time in Thessalonica being treated for an illness that came from his harsh manner of life. He was present in Constantinople at the Council that was convened in against Barlaam of Calabria, and at the Council of against Acindynus, who was of like mind with Barlaam; Barlaam and Acindynus claimed that the grace of God is created.

At both these Councils, the Saint contended courageously for the true dogmas of the Church of Christ, teaching in particular that divine grace is not created, but is the uncreated energies of God which are poured forth throughout creation: otherwise it would be impossible, if grace were created, for man to have genuine communion with the uncreated God. In he was appointed Metropolitan of Thessalonica. He tended his flock in an apostolic manner for some twelve years, and wrote many books and treatises on the most exalted doctrines of our Faith; and having lived for a total of sixty-three years, he reposed in the Lord in His holy relics are kept in the Cathedral of Thessalonica.

A full service was composed for his feast day by the Patriarch Philotheus in , when it was established that his feast be celebrated on this day. Since works without right faith avail nothing, we set Orthodoxy of faith as the foundation of all that we accomplish during the Fast, by celebrating the Triumph of Orthodoxy the Sunday before, and the great defender of the teachings of the holy Fathers today.

Reading: James was one of the Twelve, like his brother John celebrated on Sept. Reading: Saint Helen, the mother of Saint Constantine the Great, when she was already advanced in years, undertook, in her great piety, the hardships of a journey to Jerusalem in search of the cross, about the year A temple to Aphrodite had been raised up by the Emperor Hadrian upon Golgotha, to defile and cover with oblivion the place where the saving Passion had been suffered.

The venerable Helen had the statue of Aphrodite destroyed, and the earth removed, revealing the Tomb of our Lord, and three crosses. Of these, it was believed that one must be that of our Lord, the other two of the thieves crucified with Him; but Saint Helen was at a loss which one might be the Wood of our salvation. At the inspiration of Saint Macarius, Archbishop of Jerusalem, a lady of Jerusalem, who was already at the point of death from a certain disease, was brought to touch the crosses, and as soon as she came near to the Cross of our Lord, she was made perfectly whole.

The rest was left in Jerusalem in the magnificent church built by Saint Helen, until the year At that time, the Persians plundered Palestine and took the Cross to their own country see Jan. Late, in the year , Emperor Heraclius set out on a military campaign, retrieved the Cross, and after bringing it to Constantinople, himself escorted it back to Jerusalem, where he restored it to its place. Rest from labour. A Fast is observed today, whatever day of the week it may be.

Reading: This Saint was a priest of the Christians in Magnesia, the foremost city of Thessaly, in the diocese having the same name. At the time of his martyrdom the Saint was years of age. Haralambos is commemorated on February 10th, with the exception when this date falls on the Saturday of the Souls preceeding Lent or on Clean Monday the first day of Lent , in which case the feast is celebrated on February 9th.

Reading: Saint John was born in on the island of Cyprus in the city of Amathus; his father, Epiphanius, was a ruler of Cyprus. The Saint was consecrated Archbishop of Alexandria in A man of exemplary uprightness, in his zeal for Orthodoxy he strove mightily to fight the many heresies among the Christians in Egypt; but above all, he was famous for his singular generosity, humility, and sympathy towards all, especially the poor. His mercy was so great that the report of it reached the Persian invaders of Jerusalem, who desired to see him because of it.

Saint John reposed in , at the age of sixty-four. According to Heracleon, the Apostle died a natural death; according to other accounts, he was martyred at Meliapur His tomb was known by Saint John Chrysostom to be at Edessa in Syria, to which city his holy relics may have been translated from India in the fourth century.

Reading: This Apostle was an Antiochean, a physician by trade, and a disciple and companion of Paul. He wrote his Gospel in Greek after Matthew and Mark, after which he wrote the Acts of the Apostles, and dedicated both works to Theophilus, who, according to some, was Governor of Achaia. He lived some eighty-six years and died in Achaia, perhaps in Patras, the capital of this district. Reading: Saint Dimitrios was a Thessalonian, a most pious son of pious and noble parents, and a teacher of the Faith of Christ.

When Maximian first came to Thessalonica in , he raised the Saint to the rank of Duke of Thessaly. But when it was discovered that the Saint was a Christian, he was arrested and kept bound in a bath-house. While the games were under way in the city, Maximian was a spectator there. A certain friend of his, a barbarian who was a notable wrestler, Lyaeus by name, waxing haughty because of the height and strength of his body, boasted in the stadium and challenged the citizens to a contest with him.

All that fought with him were defeated. Maximian was sorely grieved over this, and when he learned who was the cause of this defeat, he commanded straightway and Dimitrios was pierced with lances while he was yet in the bath-house, As for Nestor, Maximian commanded that he be slain with his own sword. Reading: This Apostle, who was also called Levi, was the son of Alphaeus and had Galilee as his homeland.

A publican before being called by Christ, he became one of the Twelve Apostles, and an Evangelist. While still in Palestine, he wrote his Gospel first in Hebrew, being also the first of all to write the Gospel. When he is depicted in icons, there is portrayed next to him the likeness of a man, one of the symbolic living creatures mentioned by Ezekiel 1. He was instructed in the teachings of the Law, and devoted himself to the study of the prophetic books.

Reading: All the Angels, according to the Apostle Paul, are ministering spirits, — sent forth to minister to them who shall be heirs of salvation — Heb.

God set them as overseers of every nation and people, and guides to that which is profitable Deut. He commands them to guard them that hope on Him, that nothing should harm them, neither should any evil draw nigh to their dwelling Ps. In the Heavens they always behold the face of God, sending up to Him the thrice-holy hymn and interceding with Him in our behalf, seeing they rejoice over one sinner that repents Esaias ; Matt.

In a word, they have served God in so many ways for our benefit, that the pages of Holy Scripture are filled with the histories thereof. It is for these reasons that the Orthodox Catholic Church, wisely honouring these divine ministers, our protectors and guardians, celebrates today the present Synaxis that is, our coming together in assembly for their common feast to chant their praises, especially for the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, who are mentioned in the Scriptures by name.

At the age of twenty, he went to study at the school of the Monastery of Vatopedi on the Holy Mountain. Later, he came to the Athonite Monastery of Philotheou where he was tonsured. With the blessing of his abbot, he departed for Constantinople where he learned the art of rhetoric, and thereafter, he began to preach throughout all the regions of northern Greece, the Ionian Islands, but especially in Albania, for the Christian people there were in great ignorance because of the oppression and cruelty of the Moslems.

Finally, in , after having greatly strengthened and enlightened the faithful, working many signs and wonders all the while, he was falsely accused by the leaders of the Jewish people and was executed by strangulation by the Moslem Turks in Albania.

Reading: Spyridon, the God-bearing Father of the Church, the great defender of Corfu and the boast of all the Orthodox, had Cyprus as his homeland. He was simple in manner and humble of heart, and was a shepherd of sheep. When he was joined to a wife, he begat of her a daughter whom they named Irene.

When the First Ecumenical Council was assembled in Nicaea, he also was present, and by means of his most simple words stopped the mouths of the Arians who were wise in their own conceit. About the middle of the seventh century, because of the incursions made by the barbarians at that time, his sacred relics were taken to Constantinople, where they remained, being honoured by the emperors themselves. Travelling by way of Serbia, he came as far as Arta in Epirus, a region in Western Greece opposite to the isle of Corfu.

From there, while the misfortunes of the Christian people were increasing with every day, he passed over to Corfu about the year Truly wondrous is God in His Saints! Reading: This Saint had Rome as his homeland. Having been orphaned of his father from childhood, he was taken by his mother Anthia to Anicetus, the Bishop of Rome some call him Anencletus, or Anacletus , by whom he was instructed in the sacred letters that is, the divine Scriptures. Though still very young in years, he was made Bishop of Illyricum by reason of his surpassing virtue, and by his teachings he converted many unbelievers to Christ.

However, during a most harsh persecution that was raised against the Christians under Hadrian reigned , the Saint was arrested by the tyrants. Enduring many torments for Christ, he was finally put to death by two soldiers about the year As for his Christ-loving mother Anthia, while embracing the remains of her son and kissing them with maternal affection, she was also beheaded.

Reading: The holy Martyr Eustathios before his baptism was an illustrious Roman general named Placidas in the days of the Emperor Trajan. While hunting in the country one day, he was converted to the Faith of Christ through the apparition of an uncommonly majestic stag, between whose antlers he saw the Cross of Christ, and through which the Lord spoke to him with a human voice.

Upon returning home, he learned that his wife Tatiana had also had a vision in which she was instructed to become a Christian.

They sought out the Bishop of the Christians and were baptized, Placidas receiving the name Eustathios, and Tatiana the name Theopiste; their two sons were baptized Agapius and Theopistus. The family was then subjected to such trials as Job endured. Their servants died, all their goods were stolen, and on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem they were scattered abroad, each not even knowing if the others were still alive.

By the providence of God, they were united again after many years, and returned to Rome in glory. Nevertheless, when they refused to sacrifice to the idols-a public sacrifice from which no Roman general could be absent-the Emperor Hadrian, who had succeeded Trajan, had them put into a large bronze device in the shape of a bull, which was heated with fire until they died.

When their holy bodies were removed, they were found to be without harm. They suffered martyrdom about the year Saint Alexander prayed fervently that God might spare the Church; and as Arius was in a privy place relieving nature, his bowels gushed forth with an effusion of blood, and the arch-heresiarch died the death of Judas.

The Saint John commemorated here appears to be the one who was Patriarch during the years , surnamed Scholasticus, who is also commemorated on February He was from Antioch, where he had been a lawyer scholasticus ; he was made presbyter, then was sent to Constantinople as representative apocrisiarius of the Patriarch of Antioch, and was appointed Patriarch of Constantinople by the Emperor Justinian.

Reading: In the half-century after the First Ecumenical Council held in Nicea in , if there was one man whom the Arians feared and hated more intensely than any other, as being able to lay bare the whole error of their teaching, and to marshal, even from exile or hiding, the beleaguered forces of the Orthodox, it was Saint Athanasios the Great. He received an excellent training in Greek letters and especially in the sacred Scriptures, of which he shows an exceptional knowledge in his writings.

Saint Athanasios was to spend the remainder of his life laboring in defense of this Holy Council. In , before his death, Alexander appointed Athanasios his successor. But Athanasios, knowing well the perverseness of his mind, and the disease of heresy lurking in his heart, refused communion with Arius. But his enemies found an ally in Constantius, Emperor of the East, and he spent a second exile in Rome. It was ended when Constans prevailed with threats upon his brother Constantius to restore Athanasios see also Nov.

For ten years Saint Athanasios strengthened Orthodoxy throughout Egypt, visiting the whole country and encouraging all: clergy, monastics, and lay folk, being loved by all as a father. On the evening of February 8, , General Syrianus with more than five thousand soldiers surrounded the church in which Athanasios was serving, and broke open the doors.

When Julian the Apostate succeeded Constantius in , Athanasios returned again, but only for a few months.


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