Across Oceans Of Time - Mephistopheles - Songs Of The Desolate Ones (CD, Album)

Download Across Oceans Of Time - Mephistopheles - Songs Of The Desolate Ones (CD, Album)
Label: Last Episode - LEP 043 • Format: CD Album • Country: Germany • Genre: Rock • Style: Black Metal

Accept "Blind Rage" CD. Neopera "Destined Ways" CD. Halcyon Way "Conquer" CD. Hammerfall " r Evolution" CD. Eluveitie "Origins" CD. Temperance "Temperance" CD. Nightmare "The Aftermath" CD. Equilibrium "Erdentempel" CD. Xandria "Sacrificium" CD. Sinbreed "Shadows" CD. Sabaton "Heroes" CD. Scythia " Of Conquest" CD. Freedom Call "Beyond" CD. Mayan "Antagonise" CD. Tad Morose "Revenant" CD.

Noctum "Final Sacrifice" CD. Hell "Curse and Chapter" CD. Avatarium "Avatarium" CD. Onslaught "VI" CD. Running Wild "Resilient" CD. Kambrium "Dark Reveries" CD. Turisas "Turisas" CD. The project of Andrew Grant since , time has seen The Vomit Arsonist evolve into a major force, channeling aggression, negativity, and spite, and molding it into a focused, pinpoint display of barely restrained power and purely dark emotion.

The 7 tracks found An Occasion for Death encapsulate this to near perfection, blending bleak, atmospheric drones and ominous synth layers with distorted frequency grind, mechanized rhythms, looping pulsations, and vocals that cut through the mix with unbridled animosity and ferocity. A welcome, and perhaps overdue addition to the Malignant roster. In 6 panel digipak, mastered by Steel Hook Audio..

There is no reinvention of the sound and no veering off course, but rather a narrowing of the sonic palette, condensed into a continual free-fall of complete despair and nihilism. As Andy Grant described it, Meditations is a release about "futility, failure, and no longer being able to find even a shred of worth in humanity".

That mindset is perfectly captured and reflected in the stripped down, monolithic nature and sheer dense weight of the 7 tracks here, where distant furnace blasts and scraping metal abrasions churn amidst toxic fumes and opaque, polluted murk, the vocals roaring through the mix in thick sheets of distorted fury.

Those with a fragile mental state may want to steer clear of this one, but for those that find solace with the curtains drawn or at the end of a rope, Meditations on Giving Up Completely is unwavering in its direction and resolute in its approach.. Inspired and galvanized by Brighter Death Now's US shows in , Grant's latest takes on an even more visceral and dynamic feel than works past, and is unquestionably the heaviest thing he's ever done.

If An Occasion for Death showed moments of self discipline and hints of subtlety, no such restraint exists here, as everything about this record feels amped up to an entirely new realm of intensity. This is The Vomit Arsonist in full attack mode, as explosive and bludgeoning percussion loops emerge from a churning, monolithic pit of corrosive electronics, menacing transformer buzz, chain dragging atmospherics, and gasping machine exhalations.

Throw in a heavy dose of processed, acidic vocals and the whole record becomes an adrenaline fueled ride,wrought with tension, extreme nihilism, and palpable hostility. With Only Red, Grant has laid down a new flag at the summit of an already impressive catalog.

Final track is a remix of Go Without featuring Kristoffer Oustad. In 6 panel digipak, mastered by John Stillings. Toilet ov Hell.. Whatever it is, That Which Has Been Forgotten reaches a pinnacle of smoldering intensity and harrowing claustrophobia previously untouched, even by The Vomit Arsonist standards. Prepare yourselves, for the worst is yet to come. One long track of astral drones and deep space drift, with wispy tendrils of ice cold tones and floating textures..

The derelict mothership is massive, its silent shadow swallowing your cutter-ship as you connect with the airlock.

Inside, rusted bulkheads sing like whales from deep within as they reverberate with lumbering creaks. Your flashlight flickers in the dark as you wipe the smudge off a wall-mounted map.

Better get the power online or you'll never be able to access the backup logs. NG-section is two floors down. Time for another spacewalk. Your MD exosuit gets you climbing the ship's exterior with little effort. Parts of the ship have been blown off, scattered across space from the impact all those years ago, revealing the skeletal remains of the eco-hub and launch pad. Makes you wonder what happened to those left behind without food. The distressed messages coming out of there were censored, but it must have been bad for them to have brought in a black market contracter to wipe them from the mainframe before the repair crew arrives.

Recommended for fans of space journeys, supernovas and arpeggiated swells.. Built around field recordings that consist of cemetery desecrations, live crematory incineration's and disturbing, abandoned insane asylum ceremonies, everything is misshapen and deformed, twisted and crafted into harrowing episodes of hallucinatory, blood soaked rituals, demonic incantations, and waves of foul smelling textures.

Others, such as the tribalistic Vom Voodoo, Na La Gore Na, and Tribute to Hanhua, are drenched in unholy atmospherics, with buried rhythms, clanging percussion and deathchant vocalizations. Another strong and welcome addition to the growing Black Plagve roster and a resounding reason why T. Recommended for fans of MZ.

The pulsating art of Transmigrations binds you and still cross boundaries. If you dare. Trama Afona - Self titled Greytone: Grey First formal release for this Rome based project - well structured, melodic, and very cinematic and theatrical in a stylized, well produced way as opposed to a cheesy, horror movie soundtrack way , mixing ambient passages with gliding strings, field recordings, suspenseful atmospheres and just a touch of gothic sensibilties..

BACH pieces, and to some extent used live in different programs. General Comment Has anyone ever put on their head phones, and cranked up this song extremely loud. Did you ever notice the squeek in John Bonhams bass drum pedal.

Just an interesting little fault in a great album. There was an error. I've noticed it in a couple of other too since but i don't remember which ones Flagged Atticusjoe on March 01, Also on "Since I've been loving you" the most famous of squeeky bass pedal It was reportedly the hardest to record.

Audio engineer Terry Manning called it "The best rock guitar solo of all time. This recording was done using John Bonham's Ludwig Speed King model , the pedal he used for his entire career and which was known as the "Squeak King" because of the excessive squeaking that can be heard on some recordings, especially on this track.

It sounds louder and louder every time I hear it! That was something that was obviously sadly overlooked at the time. General Comment this is a song about Robert Plants 3 year old daughter. No Replies Log in to reply. General Comment The song isn't just about the crowds or his daughter, it's about both.

Plant narrates this exultant image of the crowds he sings to. He sang for the oceans and mountains of people, but now he sings for his daughter. Shows Good Morning America. World News Tonight.

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Touch and Go. Horse Stories Ocean Songs


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    Feb 20,  · “Oceans of Time” is a Progressive Metal Band from Norway. “Oceans of Time” was formed in by Guitarist Lazz Jensen. According to Lazz the band played a lot of gigs between which helped them establish themselves as one of the premier local bands this also helped them nurture and grow a faithful fan base between.
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    Sep 02,  · The best Depeche Mode album since 'Songs of Faith and Devotion'.6A risky album that dared to change the universally acclaimed sound that appeared on 'Violator' and explore a slightly rockier edge. On the whole it works rather well and even though it doesn't beat their late 80's highs, it comes damn close years in the music industry doesn't.
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    Nov 15,  · I have always loved the themes of water that can be found in the Bible. You have floods and rains and oceans and storms. It’s great. I compare grace to the ocean all of the time. It’s more than abundant, and both can sweep us away in one solid swish. We are drowning in grace. The cool thing about this song is that it takes it even a step.
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    A text driven dance, articulated through the body and accompanied by the panu drum and ipu gourd idiophone. CD 1 track 3. Single female voice, the Kilu is the high-pitched drum and the pahu is the low pitched drum. Four-pulse drum pattern.

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